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I am passionate about helping others with the gift I have been blessed with I hope to connect with you to provide you with the accurate and detailed reading you are looking for :)

Call 0161 381 2233

(you can still call - there may be another reader available)

Welcome to Harmony's Psychic 2 Tarot profile. On this page you'll find a little more about Harmony as well as the chance to read genuine customer feedback. Harmony's reading skills include clairvoyancy readings, mediumship readings, angel card readings, spirit coaching, life coaching, healing and psychic readings.

An introduction from Harmony

I have been gifted from a very young age infact this is a gift I was born with. I have been working with this gift for over  4 years now but have much more experience as I’ve noticed the gift early. Spirits guide me by mostly allowing me to see your past, present, future threw my third eye. I have other skills besides this I can use angel guides to help you or even if you just wanted some life coaching I would be perfect for that as I am very experienced a lot is due to my own experiences.

What can customers expect from you?

If you have a reading with me you can expect it will be genuine and detailed. I will never provide anything other than the truth in order to guide you on to the path your desting to be on. I am caring, passionate and far from judgemental. I am here to listen and be your guide with the help of my guides (spirit world).

What skills do you use in your reading?

I am experienced In many different areas that will help guide you on to the right path. Overall I am a clairvoyant reader which is a French word for far seeing, I can see beyond the human into my third eye with the help of spirit world to guide lovely people like you.

What languages do you speak?


How to have a reading with me

If you would like to have a reading me, it's really easy.

Just call 0161 381 2233 and follow the instructions on the call. We can be talking within a few minutes. If you have any problems or questions, please contact the office on 01204 584 184

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