Monthly Horoscopes

July 2019

Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

July 2019

Matters related to health, rest, and recuperation could become increasingly important this month. Although you may find yourself determined to ensure someone else is taken care of, it will equally as important for you to focus on your well-being. Many Water Bearers could find that communication or dealing with doctors, hospital staff, or anyone involved with healing increases. If you've tried to kick a bad habit recently, then the Solar Eclipse on July 2 could push you to do so. If it has been some time since you pampered yourself or focused effort on renewing your body, mind, and spirit, then you could find that events around the 16th make clear some reasons to do so.

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Monthly Pisces Horoscope

July 2019

A Solar Eclipse influences love and romance on July 2. This powerful and passionate event can bring an opportunity for love to form or an existing connection to be transformed. However, things become complex between the 7th and 31st, especially where communication between you and your paramour are concerned. You'll need to summon plenty of patience and sensitivity to overcome constant communication snafus. Further complications could arise after the 19th, involving your mind cast constantly to the past to an old flame – or finding yourself face-to-face with them! You also look set to experience a new level of workplace momentum until August 18. Significant and potentially thrilling strides can be taken with a work-related plan or project but be prepared to dial back your impatience or forcefulness at times. Neither will help you to gain support or cooperation where you need either or both.

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Monthly Aries Horoscope

July 2019

Effort could be divided between embracing the new beginning on offer with home or family-related matters, and whatever comes to an end or shifts on the career front. A Solar Eclipse influences your domestic set-up and emotional foundations on the 2nd, and the new chapter commencing brings new levels of security and stability. On the 16th, a Lunar Eclipse targets your profession and status. If current career circumstances are unlikely to help you achieve your goals, then it might be time to bid farewell to your boss and apply your talents elsewhere - or set your career aspirations higher. If you're prepared to knuckle down, then you'll achieve them.

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Monthly Taurus Horoscope

July 2019

A need to alter or remove yourself from usual surroundings can be the catalyst for new or improved connections with others. Even if you feel tense or awkward at the start of July, you'll be aware of how supported you are. The Solar Eclipse on July 2 urges you to apply your communicative talents in a new way, so don't suppress any need or desire to convey yourself. Emotions could run high, so ensure you do so sensitively. A Lunar Eclipse on July 16 encourages you to broaden your horizons, learn something new, take a course, or consider training in some way. A slow and steady approach to whatever-it-is guarantees long-term success!

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Monthly Gemini Horoscope

July 2019

You could feel that managing your finances is on par with trying to herd cats, as you become aware of how complex your pecuniary picture has become. Fortunately, you're helped to streamline your expenditure and experiencing a Geminain brainwave that can boost your earnings or bank balance will relieve much pressure. It's the Lunar Eclipse on the 16th that could reveal what needs to be released to create healthier cash flow. The decision might be a tough one, but it will be based on a practical and realistic assessment of your resources.

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Monthly Cancer Horoscope

July 2019

The Solar Eclipse in your sign on the 2nd is powerful enough as far as a new beginning is concerned. However, the fact that it's accompanied by other events heralding change means the new relationship chapter you probably sense has been unfolding will probably do so in a way that won't go unnoticed. For some Cancerians, it could involve finally putting a partnership plan in place that has been some time in the making. For others, it marks the end of a connection that has run its course. Whatever the outcome, it's positive. Trust that.

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Monthly Leo Horoscope

July 2019

From July 1 until August 18, your passion levels could soar, and it will be up to you to harness this fervent energy constructively. If you can ensure it's applied toward your most important goal or goals – and keep tension and your libido in check – then spectacular results await. However, the period between the 7th and 31st could feel as if progress is slow at times or for every step forward; two backward are taken. That's why it can be easy for that impassioned energy to turn negative or nasty. Take one careful and determined step at a time, my Leonine friend.

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Monthly Virgo Horoscope

July 2019

Your love life receives a serious shake-up - and could be transformed - due to the Lunar Eclipse on July 16. For a romantic or relationship situation improve, it might need to go through a 'deconstruction' process, and be rebuilt – and possibly from scratch or Square One. Whether this process relates to thoughts or feelings you've suppressed or you believe the end of your tether has been reached with a lover or love life situation, you won't be able to hide or run from this unrest or tension any longer. Fortunately, you can emerge through the other side feeling liberated, rejuvenated, or healed. This will become clear once the dust settles.

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Monthly Libra Horoscope

July 2019

A Solar Eclipse on July 2 urges you to look closely at your career, the current circumstances surrounding it - and what you can do to transform it. If a professional comfort zone has run its course or is no longer helpful, then that could become crystal clear. If career-related decisions are connected with tension during coming weeks, then it could be a development in your emotional world or involving a special connection that brings relief, a well-deserved smile to your face and puts a spring in your step. This sweet turn of events could also help you to confront and resolve a home or family-related issue that arises around the Lunar Eclipse ion the 16th. Prepare to experience freedom where you've wanted it.

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Monthly Scorpio Horoscope

July 2019

Your career aspirations receive a tremendous boost this month. If you've felt stuck professionally or effort invested in bringing particular changes has been in vain, then you could find you take significant strides where you've grown used to taking steps regarding career advancement. This is great news on one level but could pose problems on another if you receive a taste of success and decide to pull out all the stops to experience more. What may start as focused effort could become sporadic or reckless if you're not careful. Slow things down and see what transpires around the New Moon on the 31st. A fresh start or clean slate professionally is on offer.

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Monthly Sagittarius Horoscope

July 2019

Just as you managed to barricade your door to keep a certain Wolf or bank manager at bay, the money gods decide to give you a break with a windfall or financial benefit of some kind. Whether increases to your outgoings have been home-related recently or sudden expenses have caused more than a few swear words to be said, the Solar Eclipse on July 2 is a sign that the financial tide is finally turning. You also have a Lunar Eclipse on the 16th that targets your earnings – and possibly offers a harsh lesson about what you can do to ensure this problematic pecuniary situation doesn't rear its ugly head again.

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Monthly Capricorn Horoscope

July 2019

If your personal world or a close relationship have become painfully predictable recently, then you're about to receive a serious cosmic shake-up. The Solar Eclipse on the 2nd is as much about embracing a sudden and far-reaching change as it is releasing yourself emotionally from what has been draining or possibly upsetting recently. You're heading into unfamiliar territory and appear to have someone keen to join you on this journey. A Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 16 reinforces the need to let something or someone go, regardless of how difficult it may be to do so. This is a time of powerful new beginnings. Trust that the determination and strength you need to emerge through the other side will be available to you – in abundance.

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