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If you have any joint financial issues to resolve or are considering buying, selling or dealing with something you own with another person, if you are hoping a relationship might progress to a greater degree of intimacy, or if you wish to bring a relationship to an end or if you have any joint business matters to attend to or are considering bringing a shared working relationships or business partnership to an end,it may be a good idea to do what you can to bring such matters to a conclusion by 30th January if possible. It may be wise to avoid any of the above on 31st January, as you may be unlikely to bring such matters to a satisfactory conclusion on this date.

If you are intending to buy or sell something, or planning any exercise designed to save or conserve resources, or if you are planning a money-making project, the period on or soon after February 16th may be the best time to implement anything new or act on a new decision about any of these. It may be wise to avoid starting anything new on February 15th, as your efforts may be overlooked or not yield a favourable result.

May 15th could mark the beginning of a seven year period during which you may seek different ways of being creative and expressing yourself. You might want to express yourself in a way that emphasizes your uniqueness. If you are involved in creative activity, you could take a different approach in some way. You might work with different media or techniques, develop a new style or become more original and innovative. You may explore new hobbies and spare time interests. You are also likely to develop different attitudes to romance and could form exciting, unusual new relationships. You may be attracted to people who are very different from yourself or your past partners.

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If you hoping to meet new people or are thinking of starting any kind of new relationship, alliance or association with another person, if you are contemplating an important new chapter in a personal relationship, or if you are single, and hoping to begin a new romance, or if you are thinking of starting a business partnership, the best time for any of these may be on, or soon after July 14th. It may be wise to avoid initiating any new relationship or working partnerships on July 13th, as anything begun on this date may be unlikely to blossom or flourish.

If you are buying or selling something to, from or together with another person, or are about to make an individual or joint decision about money, property or possessions, or if you are working alone or in a partnership on a project you hope will earn you money, the most favourable time for any of the above may be the period leading up to July 26th. It may be beneficial to avoid any of these activities on July 27th, as your efforts are not likely to yield a positive result on this date.

If you are seeking to enter a joint a financial arrangement, deal with an inheritance or legacy or seek financial support from another source, to begin a deep, meaningful relationship, or take an existing relationship to a deeper more intimate level, to form a business partnership or seek funding or financial backing from another source for a work project the best time for a new start of this kind may be on or soon after August 12th. It may be wise to avoid August 11th for any of these, as things started on this date may fail to have any real effect or to endure.

8th November could be the beginning of a period in which you develop a greater understanding of yourself in the context of the greater world you are part of. You may feel a greater spiritual connection with the rest of life. You might even come into contact with someone who acts as a spiritual teacher, or mentor figure for you. Or you could play this role for someone else. You might want to pass on whatever you learn in the coming months. You may feel great empathy with others who seem to be suffering and might want to do something to help others and bring about justice for them.

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