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If you are planning any activity centred around your home and family, such as searching for a new home, moving home, decorating or renovating your home, a family holiday, visiting relatives, the most favourable part of the month for any of these may be the period up to 30th January. Also, if you are planning anything connected with history and the past, such as researching your family tree, studying history or visiting places of historical interest, the period leading up to 6th August is likely to be more favourable. The same may apply to any career projects that may have been prepared in private, which you plan work on, to launch or make public. If possible, it may be beneficial to bring any of these activities to a conclusion or to the end of a current chapter or phase by 30th January. It may be wise to avoid any of these activities on 31st January, as on this date, your efforts may prove unfruitful or things may not work out as planned. Anything concluded or brought to fruition on this date may not gain the attention you hope for.

If you are planning any activity which is likely to gets you , places you on display or in the public eye, the best time for any new start relating to this may be on, or soon after February 16th. It would be advisable not to attempt to start anything designed to gain you public attention or recognition on February 15th, as this is not a favourable day for beginnings and your efforts are be likely to be overlooked, to go unnoticed, on that date.

If you are considering starting a new career, moving to a new job, starting a new career project or launching something into public view, the best time for any new start relating to your career may be on, or soon after February 16th. It would be advisable not to do any of these things on February 15th, as this is not a favourable day for beginnings and your efforts are be likely to be overlooked, to go unnoticed, on that date.

May 15th looks set to be the start of a seven year period in which you are likely to radically redefine your sense of identity. You might change your image. You may break free of old patterns and others might see you differently. The old limitations you have placed on yourself, or accepted from others may now be unacceptable to you. Any changes you make could be driven by your need for greater freedom and independence.

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If you have any important communications to deal with, or any matters connected with learning, education, short journeys or local neighbourhood activity, the period on or soon after July 14th might be the most beneficial time to make a new start in any of these areas. It may be wise to avoid any kind of new start on July 13th, as anything this date is not likely to go very successfully or lead to a favourable result.

If you have any ongoing professional matter to attend to, such as a decision to make about your vocation, ambitions or career path, or if you are are working on a project or about to launch anything into public view, if possible, it may be desirable to try to bring these matters to fruition, to a conclusion or to the end of a current phase by July 26th. It may be beneficial to avoid anything relating to career or public life on July 27th, if at all possible. This is because you are not likely to be able to gain attention or bring matters to a satisfactory conclusion on this date.

The period on or soon after August 12th. could be an excellent time to start any new project connected with home and family life, such a move or refurbishment. It may be wise, if at all possible, to avoid any of the above on August 11th, as on this date your actions may prove to be somehow ineffective or you may not be able to bring things to fruition in the way you would choose.

8th November could be the start of a period during which you may learn a lot about your own psychological patterns and inner workings. Gaining a deeper understanding of yourself, in this way, might enable you to be able to make changes in your life, or make a new start, in some way. Your interaction with others is likely to be particularly meaningful and profound, at this time, and could change you in some way. At this time, you may benefit from other people’s resources. You might be able to attract money to yourself, or find others more willing than usual to help you, in some way. A change of some kind may make your life richer or more rewarding, in the long term. This might be a good time to attract funding for a work project, or to pool your resources together with those of another person in a business partnership. You may want to think big in work and business. You are likely to feel more confident and adventurous in business when working together with another person. If you are single, this might be a good time to form a close, intimate relationship with someone. Relationships you begin at this time may be particularly deep and meaningful and could become a very significant part of your life. If you are in a relationship, you may learn a great deal about your partner and develop a deeper understanding of them. This could bring you much closer together and enable you to experience a deeper level of sharing and intimacy.

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