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If you have any personal, individual goals you want to achieve, or any romance and relationship matters that need to be brought to some kind of a conclusion, it may be beneficial to try to accomplish these things by 30th January. 31st January is a date best avoided for any of these things, as it may be a day when things may not be satisfactorily be concluded or completion may not be reached.

If you hoping to meet new people or are thinking of starting any kind of new relationship, alliance or association with another person, if you are contemplating an important new chapter in a personal relationship, or if you are single, and hoping to begin a new romance, or if you are thinking of starting a business partnership, the best time for any of these may be on, or soon after February 16th. It may be wise to avoid initiating any new relationship or working partnerships on February 15th, as anything begun on this date may be unlikely to blossom or flourish.

May 15th looks set to be the start of a seven year period in which your career and public image could go through change. You might feel a desire to express your identity in public differently during this period and your social status and reputation may also change. If your work has become stale, or does not challenge you enough, provide you with sufficient stimulation or offer you enough opportunity for flexibility and new experiences, you could decide to break free of what you see as restrictions. You might experience clashes with authority figures. You may feel a need to be free to pursue new ambitions. But you might need to take care not to be too impulsive and do anything that might damage your job security or reputation. If you feel inwardly ready for change, opportunities are likely to come. You could get to work with new technology. Or you might have a sudden opportunity to go in a new direction. You may change your field of work completely. The important thing is that any changes allow you to fulfil your best potential in your own unique way.

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If you are about to engage in any charitable activity or anything involving your playing a behind-the-scenes type role, the best time to start a new project of this kind may be on or after July 14th. It may be wise to avoid starting anything new on July 14th, as your efforts may be overlooked or not yield a favourable result.

If a new romance is likely to become a steady, more committed relationship, this may be apparent by July 26th. Or if you are attached, and have any relationship issue which needs to be brought to a conclusion, it may be best to try to accomplish this by July 26th. If you are seeking to take a relationship to a new level, it may be beneficial to do this by this date. Or if you are thinking of bringing a relationship to an end, this may be the most apt time. It may be wise to avoid trying to conclude relationship matters on July 27th, as on this date, things may not end the way you hoped.

You may feel more outgoing and ready to meet the world head on and show others who you are and what you can do on or after August 12th. This may be the best time for adopting a new image or starting any personal projects. It may be beneficial to avoid any of these activities on August 11th as your efforts are not likely to yield a positive result on this date.

8th November could be the beginning of a period in which your creativity grows and develop in a major way. You may feel more confident about being who you are and free to express yourself to others. You are not likely to want to hide yourself from the world. If you are creative, you might produce more work than usual, or reach a wider audience. If you have children, your relationship with them is likely to be particularly positive. If you are single, you might feel enthusiastic about romance and ready to begin a new relationship, at this time. Love could bring you new experiences. You may be drawn to someone from a different country or background to your own. Through relationships, you are likely to see more of the world or view it from a different perspective.

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