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If you are distributing information of any kind, undertaking a course of study or programme of learning, writing something or have any local journeys to make or important communication to deal with, the most favourable time for all of these is the period up to 30th January. It may be beneficial to try to bring any of these things to a conclusion or to the end of a chapter or phase by this date. It may be wise to avoid doing a of the above on 31st January, as your efforts may not be likely to pay off on this date.

If you are planning to do any long distance travelling, embark on a new adventure of some kind, start a new programme of learning or education, expand an existing project and operate on a larger or broader scale, or if you are planning to have writing published, or launch your ideas to a wider audience in some way, the best time for a new start in any of these may be on or soon after February 16th. It may be unwise to start anything new on February 15th, as this is a day when your efforts may not lead to a favourable outcome.

May 15th could be the starting point of a period during which many things that have been hidden from your conscious view could erupt into the open. This might lead to a change in the way you see your relationship with the rest of life. You may realise that you have dreams and fantasies that you didn’t know you had. Or something previously hidden or secret could be revealed that might change your life, in some way. Parts of yourself you have not yet been conscious of could be awakened and need to be integrated into your expression, in order for you to feel more whole and complete. You may also gain a deeper insight into the more secret or hidden parts of society.

If you are intending to buy or sell something, or planning any exercise designed to save or conserve resources, or if you are planning a money-making project, the period on or soon after July 14th may be the best time to implement anything new or act on a new decision about any of these. It may be wise to avoid starting anything new on July 13th, as your efforts may be overlooked or not yield a favourable result.

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If you are undertaking anything to do with travel or a programme of learning this month, it may be good to either complete this, or bring the current phase of it to completion, if possible by July 26th. It may be wise to avoid any of these activities on July 27th, as on this date, your efforts may prove unfruitful or things may not work out as planned. Anything concluded or brought to fruition on this date may not end the way you hoped.

If you have any important communications to deal with, or any matters connected with learning, education, short journeys or local neighbourhood activity, the period on or soon after August 12th might be the most beneficial time to make a new start in any of these areas. It may be wise to avoid any kind of new start on August 11th, as anything this date is not likely to go very successfully or lead to a favourable result.

8th November could be the beginning of a period in which your interactions with other people are likely to broaden your outlook on the world and on life. It might be in your relationships with others that you find most meaning in life. You may come into contact with people whose experience of life has been quite different from your own and through your association with them, you might be able to expand your understanding of life and see things from a fresh, new viewpoint. If you are single, this may be a very good time to begin a new romance. Relationships formed at this time are likely to be especially meaningful. If you are already attached, your partnership could grow, become more meaningful, develop further or progress to a new level.

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