Weekly Guidance Cards – Week 36 (4th September)

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4th September 2017 / 9 comments

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Your weekly guidance cards for 4th September to 10th September 2017

This week’s messages are all about new beginnings.

The first card drawn is “Divine Order”. This is card says “Everything is how it needs to be right now. Look past the illusion and see the underlying order” All the things that you want to bring in to your life will begin to happen this week. All the wishes and prayers that you have sent out to the Universe will start to manifest. It is all about Cosmic shopping, sending your list out to the Universe with everything that you want to bring into your life. The process may feel a little slow at times but it is happening, just be patient.

The second card drawn is “Good-Bye to the Old. Hello to the New”. The card reads “You’ve finished one part of your life and now a new and even better part is beginning” This resonates quite nicely with the “Divine Order” card. All the new things that you want to happen are beginning to happen.

The third card drawn is “New Love” and this card reads “A new person has stirred your romantic feelings” True, a new person may have stirred something in side of you but it can also mean that if you are in an already established relationship the love can be rekindled. Remember as well that you can have a new love with and for yourself. You can be proud of who you are and pleased with who you have become.

The forth card is “Arielle” and this card states “New psychic and spiritual experiences are changing the way you view the world and yourself. Allow your spiritual gifts to open – through study, prayer and meditation” Again, this card goes very well with the “Divine Order” card. Opening up and believing in your heart that all things are possible. Feeling what it would be like to have all the things that you have dreamed of, the new car, the new house. You will be guided by spirit and the angels towards your brighter future.

This coming week is all about manifesting. That can be your mantra for this week…”Manifesting” Be positive when chanting your mantra and all that you send out will come back to you. You will see noticeable changes begin to happen as the week passes and keep the faith so that more and more wonderful things can be brought to you.


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