Weekly Guidance Cards – Week 35 (28th August)

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29th August 2017 / 13 comments

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Your weekly guidance cards for 28th August to 3rd September 2017

I have chosen four cards from different decks. The Romance Angel deck, Magical Messages from the Fairies, Messages from the Angels and Archangel Oracle Cards.

The first card is “Athena”. She is telling us that it is safe to be powerful. Not in a controlling way. In a way where your power comes from love. It is balancing your masculine and feminine energy and harnessing it for good. Centre yourself and feel your psychic awareness increase over the next seven days.

The second card is “Gifts from God”, which resonates with the first card. The gift we receive is the power to love, unconditionally. Sending out love can only open you up to receiving love. Like attracts like. Your enhanced intuitive skills will enable you to pick up on the pain of others that they may have hidden. Send love and healing to that person because during this week that love will be amplified.

The third card is “Be Yourself”. You can only truly be yourself, although there are those who pretend to be something they are not, and eventually, that lack of self-truth catches up with them. Be yourself at all times, be authentic and others will respond in kind. Be the same person now that you will be in ten or twenty years time. Don’t make changes to the real you. Love who you are. If someone in your life wants to change to fall into line with them, ask yourself this “Am I doing it for me or for them?” If you are doing it solely to appease them then over a period of time you could slip back into old habits. Do and make any positive changes for yourself and not to humor others.

The fourth card is “Flirt”. Extend your light and light hearted energy to others. Lift their spirits. A smile to a stranger can often make their day. It maybe the only smile they get. Tell someone they look nice. Spread kindness in a bright way and it will come back to you.

The cards are saying that this week we should be open to absorbing that love that only the Universe can give us and to act as a conduit and share and spread that love around. Be kind to yourself by being yourself and be kind to others unconditionally. It will come back to you ten fold.

Thank you.


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13 comments on "Weekly Guidance Cards – Week 35 (28th August)"

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    Lovvvvvve angel cards - they are such loving ♥️ cards

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    I loveee Denise

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    A very thought provoking article. If you smile at a stranger yo may make their day it's worth a go!

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    I would love to read guidance cards.

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