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We have a large number of articles on the many different aspects of spirituality, from dream interpretations to advice on how to add spirituality to your fitness routine. Many people are naturally blessed with spiritual gifts, but either don’t know how to use them, or are completely unaware that they possess them in the first place. Our spirituality articles look at these gifts and skills, and explain how you can easily develop them and connect better with your spiritual self.

Whether you have a particular skill that you are looking to sharpen or are simply looking for ways to incorporate techniques into your daily routine to add more spirituality to your life, we have a collection of articles just for you.

Learn How to Lucid Dream thumbnail

Learn How to Lucid Dream

Have you ever had a dream in which you were aware that you were awake? These are called Lucid Dreams. Most people begin having Lucid Dreams when something unusual or extraordinary happens in their dream that makes them question their reality, and they realise that they must be asleep. Though they may feel bizarre, confusing […]

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How to Improve at Meditation thumbnail

How to Improve at Meditation

Meditation has a large number of benefits, from helping  you to connect with your higher self or your spirit guide, to providing time to reflect, or even to simply take some time out of your schedule and relax. Our lives are often busy and many of us don’t get much chance to take time for […]

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An Introduction to Crystals thumbnail

An Introduction to Crystals

Crystals have powerful healing properties, and many psychic readers carry their favourite crystals on them at all times, or store them in a special place to be used when needed. Crystals are considered a very thoughtful gift, as you are also offering healing to the recipient. There are a number of different crystals and stones, […]

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3 Ways to be more Spiritual this Summer thumbnail

3 Ways to be more Spiritual this Summer

Summer is the season of spirituality, and is the perfect time to dedicate yourself to getting in touch with your spiritual side. During the summer months, the days are a little longer and we often find ourselves with a little extra time to fill, so why not take the opportunity to take up some new […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Reading Auras thumbnail

A Beginner’s Guide to Reading Auras

Every one of us has an aura, a field of energy that surrounds us and serves as a measure of our physical, emotional and spiritual states. Auras are made up of layers of colour that surround the body, but they are actually invisible to the naked, untrained eye. Reading auras is a psychic skill, and […]

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What are Tarot Cards, and How Do They Work? thumbnail

What are Tarot Cards, and How Do They Work?

The Tarot is a pack of cards that were created in the 15th century, intended as a form of entertainment. Tarot card games continue in many countries, France and Italy in particular, to this day. In the 16th century, the Tarot was discovered to be a powerful divination tool, and is one of the oldest […]

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What is Happiness? Read What Spiritualists Say thumbnail

What is Happiness? Read What Spiritualists Say

Ultimately, we all want to be happy. But how do you define happiness? And why, when nothing tangible in your life has changed, how can you suddenly feel as if it’s eluding you? We explore the beliefs of psychics and spiritualists through the ages to throw some light on this eternal question. True happiness doesn’t […]

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Should You Get a Psychic Reading? thumbnail

Should You Get a Psychic Reading?

If you’re thinking about getting a psychic reading, perhaps for the first time, chances are you’re grappling with some of life’s big issues. Maybe you’re feeling lost, depressed or out of control after a bereavement or break-up Perhaps you’re struggling to make a big decision about a relationship, a house move or your career Or […]

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