LIBRA INGRESS CHART – 22.01, Friday 22nd September 2017, London, UK.

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22nd September 2017 / 6 comments

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At 10.01 pm today, Friday 22nd September 2017, the September Equinox will occur. The word ‘Equinox’ means ‘Equal Night’. At this moment, the Sun, in its apparent path around the Earth is on the Equator. Therefore, all places on Earth get equal hours of daylight and darkness. The Equinox marks the entry of the Sun into Libra. It also marks the beginning of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and spring in the Southern Hemisphere. The chart for this moment, known as the Libra Ingress, gives a general picture what we can all expect over the next 3 months.

The Ascendant is in Gemini, which means the chart has Mercury, as its Ruling Planet. Mercury, in terms of world trends, relates to all forms of communication, such as speech and writing and information such as that found in newspapers, the media and the internet. Mercury is conjunct Mars, which is linked with aggression, war, military force, quarrels, disagreements and disputes. Looking around us in the world at the moment, we can see the leader of North Korea provoking the anger of other nations by testing nuclear weapons and hints of plans to use them in a warlike way. In the news, we also see the President of the USA responding to the aggression of North Korea with angry rhetoric and threats of possible military action. During the 3 month period beginning on 22nd September, perhaps we can expect more disagreements, angry words and spoken or written threats of war. But as Mercury is also square to Saturn in the 7th house of foreign relations, the verbal disagreements and angry talk might be tempered by reason from other world leaders. Legal restraints may also limit or frustrate the possibility of aggressive action. Mercury’s opposition to Neptune may also suggest that opinions could tend to fluctuate and there could be too much confusion and uncertainty over facts for action to be justified during this period.

Using London, the UK Capital, as the location for our chart the Mercury-Mars conjunction is in the 4th House, which represents the homeland of the UK and patriotism. Perhaps this means that in the 3 month period beginning on 22nd September, we may be hearing more tough talk over Brexit and what this might mean for British sovereignty. The conjunction is square to Saturn, which signifies law enforcement agencies in the 7th House, which relates to other countries and our relationship with them.  Perhaps one of the main talking points is to be our relationship with European Law in a post-Brexit UK. However, the square to Saturn and the opposition to Neptune suggest that some plans and ideas could prove to be overly idealistic and not possible or likely to be achievable. Discussion may be slow or unlikely to result in decisive action any time soon. The Sun, which indicates our leader or head of state.

Mercury can relate to transport systems, especially road and rail.  Its conjunction with Mars and square to Saturn could indicate possible disruption and delays in transport. As Mars is linked to aggression, sadly, this could mean that terrorist threats or action may play a part in this. Or there could be disputes between those who control transport and make decisions about how it operates. As the conjunction is in the 4th House, which can relates to the conditions of weather and the land itself, it is possible that weather conditions could be a factor affecting travel and transport. We have recently seen hurricanes and earthquakes elsewhere in the world. Perhaps in the next 3 months, the effect of weather patterns such as these might be worth watching out for. Mercury is also opposite Neptune, which is linked with the sea and water. This suggests that floods may be possible. In mythology, Neptune was the god of the Sea and was nicknamed the Earth-Shaker.

Another prominent pattern in the Ingress Chart is the opposition of Uranus in the 11th House to the Moon-Jupiter conjunction in the 5th House. The Moon is linked to women and issues affecting them. It is placed in the 5th House which relates to entertainment and the arts. It also rules the 2nd House, which is associated with money and how a nation handles it. Recently, it was revealed that the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) pay their female employees significantly less than they pay their male counterparts. This sparked a larger discussion about the differences in pay between the sexes in wider society. The Moon’s opposition to Uranus, which signifies radical reform to outdated concepts and the conjunction to Jupiter, which is linked with justice as well as increases and expansion could indicate that, in the next 3 months women might receive an increase in pay and enjoy greater financial equality with men.

As well as relating to women, the Moon also relates to the people or the masses and popular public opinion. The Moon’s conjunction to Jupiter and opposition to Uranus could indicate that the people may be more likely to stand up against what they think is unfair or unjust and demand radical change or reform. This could be in the form of peaceful protests, or something more dramatic such as strikes, riots or revolution. In the London UK chart, Uranus is in the 11th House, which signifies friends and allies of a nation. So the people of the UK may be doing their protesting in solidarity with other countries.  As the Moon rules the 2nd House, protests could centre on money and the economy may be an issue. Or its placement in the 5th House could suggest that matters centring on children could also be a relevant issue. As Jupiter is linked with Higher Education and Mercury which is associated with schools is conjunct Mars, there could be disagreements and disputes over education and this could perhaps be one of the areas that sparks protests.

There is also a conjunction of Venus and Mars in the Ingress chart. In terms of world affairs, while Mars can indicate power, aggression and war, Venus represents peace, harmony and diplomacy. Perhaps the conjunction of these planets gives us hope that, during the next 3 months, nations can resolve their differences and disputes through diplomacy, negotiation and the seeking of common ground. In the UK Ingress chart, this conjunction is in the 4th House, which represents the interests of the people and the party of opposition in politics. This House also represents hidden or private matters. Therefore, it is possible that amidst all the public disputes and aggressive communication, there may be diplomats trying to bring about peace in secret, or out of public view. This could involve both the government in power and its opposition.

This principle of the Venus and Mars conjunction may also have a bearing on us in our personal lives. Venus and Mars are well-known as symbols of male and female and their combination strongly suggests romance and passion. Therefore, maybe among all the talk of war, there will also be love for us all to celebrate. This could be an excellent time for anyone single to find love, or for those who are attached to enjoy a loving and passionate three months. So if you have feelings for someone, there may be no better time to act on them. More broadly, this could be a favourable time for ending disputes, resolving any differences and creating happier, more peaceful relationships  between yourself and others.

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