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How do I know if I’ve Had a Spiritual Experience?

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How to Tell if You’ve Had a Spiritual Experience

Think you’ve had a spiritual awakening, but not sure?

Everyone’s different, and there are many different kinds of spiritual experience. Often they’re difficult to put into words. Sometimes they’re hard to process or believe. They might last for moments, days, weeks or even months.

If you think you’ve had a spiritual experience, it’s likely that you have.

Our blog outlines some common symptoms experienced by many of our community members.

You feel different, but you can’t put your finger on why

It’s like something inside you has changed and you’re looking on the world with new eyes.

Perhaps you can sense material things becoming less important to you. Or you may find things that have previously defined you feel false. It’s common to yearn to break away from old habits or restrictive patterns.

In fact, one of the most frequent signs of a spiritual awakening is the feeling – sometimes welcome, sometimes disturbing – that you’re beginning a voyage of discovery to find out who you really are.

Your sleep patterns are changing

Perhaps you need more sleep that you have previously, or you struggle to get up. Maybe you’re waking every 2 or 3 hours during the night and finding it tough to get back to sleep. While at other times you’re inexplicably filled with energy.

Another common symptom of a spiritual awakening is a shift in your sleep patterns. Try to go with it. It’s a sign that your body is processing new energies.

You’ve experienced strange sensations such as buzzing in your crown and ringing ears…

Your crown chakra connects you to source energy. Feeling sensations – buzzing, perhaps – in the crown of your head is a sign that you’re receptive to the energy of the universe.

It’s also common to hear ringing in your ears. Your sensitivity to higher pitch sounds increases during a spiritual experience, and the ringing is often a sign that you’re in the process of ascension, or moving into a higher realm.

… and all your senses are heightened

It’s not just your physical senses (your hearing, smell and touch, for example) that may intensify when you’re going through a spiritual experience. You’ll also feel your spiritual senses – intuition, emotions, imagination, conscience and inspiration – become more sensitive as you become more willing to listen to your inner voice.

Don’t resist. You’re on the path to uncovering your hidden talents and gifts, and discovering the things that you’re meant to do.

Nature and natural products are becoming more important to you

You may well notice a change in the food you eat. You may be drawn to raw foods grown in the earth, and repelled by junk food and unhealthy eating.

You may also feel closer to nature and yearn to be outdoors, walking among big trees, through open meadows and across blustery beaches.

This is all part of being mindful, and it will help you to stay in tune with your feelings as your spiritual experience progresses.

Synchronicity is playing a bigger part in your life

Synchronicity is the simultaneous occurrence of 2 or more events, such as stepping outside your front door just as the sun shines emerges from behind ominous grey clouds. A wonderful feeling!

So maybe you’ll find yourself meeting the right people by being in the right place at the right time. Perhaps you think of someone, and they immediately get in touch. Or you’re seeing repetitive numbers, like 111, wherever you look.

All these little miracles are signs that your energy is positive and that there’s synchronicity in your life. It’s guiding you to make the right decisions.

You feel connected to everything in the universe

One of the most intense spiritual feelings is a deep knowing that we are part of everything and everything is part of us.

This can feel overwhelming at times as you experience the world’s sadness and suffering. However, it’s also an incredibly comforting emotion, giving you empathy and the powerful feeling of being connected to others.

And ultimately, it’s this part of your spiritual awakening that gives you a sense of oneness, and puts you on the path to inner peace.

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13 comments on "How do I know if I’ve Had a Spiritual Experience?"


This article is a very interesting read.


Yep I had a few experiences which have been said in this article


Great points here


I definitely have had. Loved reading this article

Melissa Soares

i have one every time i pray, its magical


Very interesting article with great points


I have had some of the experiences.


Great read, thank you.


Very intresting I do think some of these have applied to me.


I sometimes feel like i have had a spiritual experience because I'll ask my angels/spirit guides for a sign i.e for a white feather and then will soon see it. I keep seeing a lot of repeating numbers too, i have been doing my research and i do believe that is teaching me a lot


How do you distinguish between 'spiritual' ear ringing and tinnitus?


Really taken by this article.

Cheyenne Kai


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