CAPRICORN INGRESS CHART – 16.28, Thursday 21st December 2017, London, UK.

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18th December 2017 / 10 comments

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At 16.28 on, Thursday 21st December 2017, the December Solstice occurs. The word ‘Solstice’ means ‘Stationary Sun’.  At this moment, the Sun in its apparent path around the Earth, reaches its lowest or southernmost point in the sky and appears to stand still before ascending North again. The word ‘Ingress’ comes from the Latin word ‘ingressus’ which means to ‘go in’ or ‘enter’. The chart for the moment of the Solstice marks the entry of the Sun into Capricorn It also marks the beginning of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer in the Southern Hemisphere. The chart for this moment, known as the Capricorn Ingress, is thought to give a general picture what we can all expect over the next 3 months.

The Ascendant is in Cancer and is, therefore, ruled by The Moon. For us, as individuals, the Moon represents our emotional reactions and what we need to feel secure and emotionally nourished. The Moon, which represents the people of a country, or the world, is in the 7th House, which is associated with a country’s relationship with other nations. This is likely to be a dominant theme and the focus of public attention during the next three months. For us in the UK, this, of course, relates to Brexit, which is still the issue which seems to dominate the country’s news and political debate. The Moon is square to Mars, which relates to disputes as well as war, terrorist attacks and the military forces of a country. So perhaps these and the nation’s security are issues that will be debated in Brexit negotiations and in our talks with other countries outside the EU. The Moon is also square to Jupiter, which relates to a country’s law and justice system. Therefore, the issue of British law and its connection with EU law is likely to be another topic of discussion.

The Moon I 7th House (relations with other countries) square to Mars (war/disputes) in 4th House (land) and Jupiter (religion/spiritual values) suggests that the feelings of conflict, competition and territorial or religious differences with other countries are mainly prevalent in the attitudes of the people. But the conjunction of the Sun, which signifies our Prime Minister, Monarch and Cabinet ministers or people in authority with Venus gives hope that our leaders are looking for peaceful and diplomatic solutions that will improve our relationship with other nations. However, the fact that the Sun and Venus are also in conjunction to Saturn suggests this will not be achieved quickly and that the solutions might contain more limitations than we might have hoped for.

In the astrology of the collective, Venus is associated with women’s issues and equality.  Recent news has highlighted the fact that the UK still has some work to do in terms of equality for women, such as equal pay. Venus in the 6th House (work and employment matters) in conjunction with the Sun (those who govern) shows that this could be an area the government will be required to focus on, over the next three months.

Venus also relates to a country’s artists and the arts and entertainment. Its conjunction with the Sun (those who govern) suggests that, over the next three months, artists and entertainers may highlight values and political issues that the government might have preferred not to be challenged on. The chart implies that artists could potentially have a powerful influence on government policy. The conjunction of The Sun and Venus with Saturn, the planet of limitation, also suggests that the efforts of artists may limit the government’s power to exert their own will without giving due consideration to others and to fairness and justice.

The Sun’s conjunction to Saturn, which is associated with the elderly people of a nation in the 6th House (health, sickness and the health service) may also suggest that how the country cares for its elderly people is another issue the government might be forced to pay attention to. Hopefully, the Sun-Venus-Saturn conjunction will see the government forced to have to look at all the ways it may be failing to promote equality and well-being in all social groups.

The position of The Sun (head of state) conjunct Venus (relations with other countries) may bring other countries’ heads of state into the spotlight in the UK. It has been mentioned that American president Donald Trump may visit the UK ‘early in 2018’. But the Sun’s conjunction with Saturn may signify that this will be delayed, or subject to some kind of limitation. So perhaps we will not see him visit the UK in the next three months. Or, he may visit, but the event could be lower key than what might normally be expected. It has been suggested that, as the heads of state of the UK may be somewhat reluctant to roll out the red carpet for him, his arrival in the UK may be treated as something less than a state visit.

In the ingress chart, Neptune, which can be can be associated with loss or sacrifice, is culminating on the MC of the chart. The MC is associated with authority figures such as the monarch, Prime Minister or government. Could this signify that we might see the Queen abdicate or be succeeded, the Prime Minister leave office, or a change of government?

In the astrology of world events, Mercury is associated with a country’s communication, trade and commerce, local transport and the way it conveys information through news and the newspapers. In the Capricorn Ingress chart, Mercury is square to Neptune, which can relate to secrets, confusion and deception. It may be interesting to observe the way the nations press, media, transport networks retailers and commercial outlets behave and conduct themselves during the next three months.

However, more positively Neptune signifies our search for the ideal and for collectivism rather than division. When two planets are square to each other, there is conflict between the two planetary principles, but the fact that they are connected also shows that there is an opportunity, through hard work and effort to reconcile those principles. Therefore, over the next few months, we could conclude that there is a potential for the country’s press and media to focus less on division and try to bring people together in a more united way. This could also apply to the world of trade and commerce. With Mercury in the 6th house (work and trade) and Neptune in the 9th House (long distance or international communications, philosophy, morals and ethics, could this, perhaps, be an ideal time to argue, throughout the world, for a more ethical capitalism?

Although, as in any chart, there are areas which suggest conflict and challenges, as always there are other features that seem to offer hope and the potential for positive things. The conjunction of the Sun, which could be seen as the heart of any chart with Venus (fairness, justice, affection and unity) hopefully indicates that, at this time of year, the spirit of goodwill toward all others is still present in most of us.

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