ARIES INGRESS CHART – 16.15 Thursday 20th March 2018, London, UK.

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20th March 2018 / 14 comments

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At 16.15 today, Tuesday 20th March 2018, the March Equinox occurs. The word ‘Equinox’ means ‘Equal Night’. At this moment, the Sun, in its apparent path around the Earth. is on the Equator. Therefore, all places on Earth get equal hours of daylight and darkness. The Equinox marks the entry of the Sun into Aries. It also marks the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. The chart for this moment, known as the Aries Ingress, The word ingress comes from the Latin ‘ingressus’, which means to ‘go in’ or ‘enter’. The chart of the Aries ingress is drawn for the moment that the Sun enters the very first minute of that sign, which is the beginning of a new cycle for the Sun. This chart gives a general picture what we can all expect over the next 3 months.

Aries Ingress 2018

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The Ascendant is in Virgo and is, therefore, ruled by Mercury. In this type of chart, indicating national or worldwide trends, Mercury represents the literary world, news, the press, the communications industry, trade and commerce and local transport. Mercury is in the 8th House, which relates to death. Mercury is also square to Pluto, which relates to aspects of life that are hidden from public view – political undergrounds, espionage and organised crime. And the bringing to light of hidden information (through investigative as detective work. We can see the links inherent in this astrological aspect in the current investigation into the recent murder of a double agent in the UK and the government’s dialogue with Russia, whom it suspects of being responsible for the murder.

This matter and its larger significance for our relationship with Russia could continue to be a dominant theme in the next 3 months. There has been speculation that this event may herald the beginning of another ‘Cold War’, like that characterized by the political and economic differences which brought caused tension between the West and the Eastern Bloc between the end of World War 2 and the late 1980s/early 1990s. The conjunction of Saturn and Mars in the ingress chart could be seen as an apt significator for the term ‘Cold War’. However, Mercury is conjunct Venus, which represents peace and diplomacy, in the 8th House which also relates to economic relations with other countries. Perhaps this offers hope that we will be able to find peaceful and diplomatic solutions to resolve our differences and that harmony (Venus) can be brought about by communication (Mercury) Mars (the military, attacks and conflicts) and Saturn (defence, boundaries or sanctions and long delays) and are conjunct the Sun (the Prime Minister or head of State) in the 7th House (relations with other countries) This suggests that our national leader may need to be careful about using force and that resolution of conflict may take a long time and be hard won.

Pluto also represents transformation. One of the major patterns of transformation the UK is currently going through is the ongoing process of leaving the European Union and becoming more separate and independent. Pluto is square to Mercury (trade, commerce, communication and the negotiation of deals) in the 8th House (financial dealings with other countries) This reflects the fact that there are still huge differences over trade in the Brexit negotiations. However, Pluto is in the 5th House of individual expression and creativity and is also square to Venus (diplomacy and our relations with other countries) so perhaps through hard work a spirit of co-operation, the UK will find a way to reach mutually agreeable terms and develop creative solutions to matter of how to get on well with the other nations in Europe and the rest of the world and how to conduct trade and commerce, post Brexit.

In recent years, we have seen the growth of increasingly right-wing politics, particularly in the West. In the ingress chart, Neptune is conjunct the Descendant (other countries and our relations with them) Because of Neptune’s urge towards collectivism, in astrology it is often said to be connected with socialism, communism and left-wing political ideas. Although there is nothing in the ingress chart to suggest a change of government, it may be interesting to observe, over the next three months, whether other countries we deal with display more left-wing tendencies and whether we could be influenced by this and might reflect more inclusive values in our dealings with them.

In world astrology, Venus highlights issues relating to women as well as relationships and attraction. Venus is in the 8th House, square to Pluto and this combination suggests intensity and dark side of human interaction. We have recently seen the ‘me too’ movement create a vehicle for women to tell their story of sexual abuse or harassment and giving them a platform to talk about what had been a taboo subject. Pluto is in the 5th House, which relates to the arts and entertainments industry and this movement followed soon after the public revelations of sexual misconduct allegations against a prominent film director. As well as uncovering extreme cases of serious harassment, sexual violence and abuse (Venus in 8th House square Pluto) on a huge scale, this movement, which examines the coming together of seduction with violence or harassment has made us all think (Mercury conjunct Venus in 8th House, square Pluto) more deeply about what constitutes sexual harassment, assault and exploitation. Over the next 3 months, this could prove to be an ongoing conversation that continues to challenges our views about what we agree as acceptable behaviour.

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