The Sun, The Solstice and the Christmas Spirit

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14th November 2017 / 12 comments

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The Day the Sun stands still

As the autumn days grow heavy with dark skies and longer evenings it’s time to consider the return of the light in the coming weeks. The lights are appearing in the shops and house reminding us of the coming of the light for us all.

Soon the Solstice will be upon us sharing the Light that has been denied us for so long . It’s apt that at Christmas time the 21 st of December gives us new hope. It’s as if a new light is brought to us on the day that the sun does stand still for a short time. It reminds us that even though dark days are ahead there is promise of a new season ahead of us.

The Star is a major card that traditionally symbolises the Christmas period and for me is also symbiotic of a new start for us all. When you wish upon a star you dreams come true? Maybe. And what a time for us to be looking forward as the New Year approaches. Spend time wondering what you want The Universe to offer you and what you to should be thankful for.

The Sun is also a card that reaches out to us throughout the year as is often a foreteller of the coming warmth that will be coming. To contemplate the Star and the Sun is to consider fresh hope and new hopes for the future.

As the Ace of Wands sets us considering what creative elements might be at paly then maybe we should look to the birth of ideas at this time of year. I don’t think it would upset the Universe too much if you spent time focussing on the Ace of Swords at this time of year as we contemplate new ideas for a New Year’s resolution.

As we approach that time of the year when new birth both physically and spiritually is close to us let’s spend some time considering the Sun and its special meaning to us both in the tarot reading and its place in our lives and do remember that on this day the Sun does stand still for us to enjoy her on this special day when in fact.

The Solstice and the New Year are like the Pages of cups and Pentacles. A message of hope and new light for us all.

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12 comments on "The Sun, The Solstice and the Christmas Spirit"

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    Loved reading this article 😊

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    Interesting the links here with tarot cards

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    Cool article

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    Great article to read

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    Fab read very interesting

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    Great article

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    ace of wands! one of my favourite cards

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    Awesome article

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    6 months till Christmas

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    This reading just made my day. Feeling positive...

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    An inspiring read.