March Equinox

20th March 2017 / 9 comments

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At 10.28 today, Monday 20th March 2017, the March Equinox occurs. The word ‘Equinox’ means ‘Equal Night’. At this moment, the Sun in its apparent path around the Earth, is on the Equator. Therefore, all places on Earth get equal hours of daylight and darkness. The Equinox marks the entry of the Sun into Aries. It also marks the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. The chart for this moment, known as the Aries Ingress, gives a general picture what we can all expect over the next 3 months.

The Ascendant is in Cancer and is, therefore, ruled by The Moon. The Moon represents our emotional reactions and what we need to feel secure and emotionally nourished. The Moon is in the 6th House, which is associated with work and health, but is conjunct Saturn, the planet of limitation and collectively, in this chart, cast for London, which is the capital of the UK, this placement suggests that the people of the UK may feel concerned and uncertain about their ability to find and satisfactorily carry out work that makes them feel useful, valued and secure and about how much the nation will take care of them. They may also be worried the future of their jobs and also about the UK’s National Health service, which may be severely overstretched, particularly because of epidemics or the huge demands of caring for the elderly.

The Sun, which in individuals, represents our sense of identity, is in the 9th House, which is associated with the expansion of personal boundaries through travel or education, ruling the second house on money, resources and values.

In the astrology of the collective, the Sun represents a country’s leader. Its placement in the 9th House relates to our international relations and how we identify ourselves in the wider world. This clearly relates to the ongoing matter of Brexit. The issue of how we see ourselves in relation to the other countries of the world is likely to continue to be a dominant theme in the coming quarter. The Sun’s square to Saturn shows that we as a nation and our Prime Minster are currently still uncertain about this and may face more obstacles and delays before finding a solution. The 9th house is also associated with law and the country’s legal system. We have already seen the government being blocked from acting as it wants to by the courts. Problems with the legal implications of how our leader negotiates our relationship with the rest of the world is likely to continue to delay the outcome of Brexit process over the next 3 months.

The Sun’s ruler ship of the 2nd House also suggests that matters of the nation’s wealth and trade are likely to remain a prominent issue. The Sun’s conjunction with Mercury, and square to Saturn suggests that the Prime minister and those close to her may continue to try to advance their own personal ideas and to limit communication about these. Mercury’s square to Pluto could indicate that they might try to keep their talks about Brexit secret or hidden. But in doing so, they may be blocked and limited by the legal consequences of this. The Sun’s square to the Moon-Saturn conjunction suggests that the people’s feelings of insecurity may also be a problem the government will need to face up to. The problems of the health service and the nation’s health may also require their attention and this could also delay and inhibit the process of Brexit.

Pluto’s position as the focal point of a T-square with Jupiter and Uranus points to the fact that the World is currently in a state of change and old structures are being torn down to make way for new ones. Pluto’s placement in the 7th House shows that this is largely to do with a re-examination of our relationship with what we see as ‘others’, or people who are distinct from ourselves. Pluto is square to both Jupiter, which represents the religious and judicial world and unity with the rest of the world and Uranus, which represents the desire for freedom and independence and the potential for political tension and the feeling of upheaval that comes with radical change. Therefore, as things continue to change and the argument for international unity versus independence and freedom from the established order looks likely to rage on. This clearly refers to Brexit. But Mercury’s links to this T-square also suggest that the matter of schools and education are likely to be another area of disagreement and debate

Looking at the implications of the Aries ingress Chart for us as individuals, Uranus’s placement in the 10th House, Jupiter’s position in the 4th House and Pluto’s tenancy in the 7th House show that as individuals, all of us are likely to be concerned about how what the larger pattern of change in the world means for our jobs and careers, our home and family life and our personal relationships. It may seem as if anything and everything could change at any minute. In all of these areas of our lives, there may be a feeling of instability, or the needed to balance conflicting needs. In our personal relationships, as in our international relations, we may all need to address the balance between each partner’s need for closeness and unity and their desire for some degree of freedom and independence and l expression.

One thing worth noting is that when the world is in a state of change and nothing is certain yet, it may be up to all of us to play our part in creating the world we want to see. The planetary forces at work over the next three months suggest that things will continue to be unpredictable and to constantly change before settling into a new, stable order. It may be up to all of us to play our part in determining, within the astrological parameters that indicate what is possible, what that new order will be and helping to create it. Even if we cannot determine what happens on the world stage, we are each the leading actor in our own lives. What kind of world do you want to create for yourself in the next 3 months?

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