How to Know You’ve Found Your Twin Flame

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19th January 2017 / 8 comments

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The difference between soulmates and twin flames

For most of us, the ultimate aim in life – aside from career goals, or traveling the world, etc – is to find our perfect match, and live happily ever after. Many refer to this as your ‘soulmate’, but others believe that the person you are meant to spend your life with is actually your twin flame. It’s true that many people find their twin flame in platonic relationships, such as friends or family members (for instance, twins are often twin flames). However, for the most part, twin flames connect deeply on every level, and enjoy a long, romantic relationship.

Twin flames and soulmates have many similarities, and a twin flame can also be your soulmate, but the connection between twin flames is even more intense. It’s widely believed that twin flames are two halves of the same soul, and though they function well independently, together they are whole. It is understood then, that though you can have multiple soulmates throughout life – certain people you have strong connections with and help you grow – you only have one twin flame.

Many people wonder how you can tell the difference between the two. When you meet somebody, how do you know if they are a soulmate who is destined to play a (possibly temporary) vital role in your life, or the person you are meant to be with forever? Here we look at five ways you’ll know if you’ve met your twin flame.

  1. You will instantly feel a spark

An instant physical attraction to somebody is common, but true connection goes far deeper than looks. Though physical chemistry is somewhat important in a relationship, when you meet your twin flame, you will feel a spark deep inside your soul. You’ll instantly know that you and this person were destined to meet, and that you belong together. The earth will feel as though it’s shifting under your feet, and you will know that from now on, your world is forever changed. There is an instant bond that you both feel, one that can’t be broken.

  1. You will feel as though you have known each other forever

Though you may have never met in this life, you will feel as though you have known each other forever. It’s very common to get a strong feeling of déjà vu when you meet your twin flame; you feel as though you recognise this stranger, or that they’re not actually a stranger at all, and you’ve actually met somewhere before.

  1. Your intuition will heighten around your twin flame

Many twin flames feel as though they have an almost psychic connection, and it’s true that your intuition is heightened in each other’s presence. This is because your souls are connected, and they understand each other on every level.

You will not need to speak to your twin flame to communicate with them. You will both be able to pick up each other’s thoughts and emotions easily without you saying anything; you don’t necessarily even need to be together to feel it. If you feel yourself suddenly feeling an emotion unrelated to what you’re doing in the present moment, it is likely that you are experiencing what your twin flame is currently feeling.

  1. You will balance each other out

Many people wrongly believe that to be compatible you have to be exactly like, when in fact this is actually not the best thing for a relationship. It’s true that opposites attract, and the strongest relationships are a healthy balance between the two.

Though you share the same soul and have many similarities on a deep level, on the surface you will most likely seem very different. You will have different life experiences, different opinions and passions. However, this isn’t something to worry about; you will complement each other well, teach each other many things, and help each other grow. Often, twin flames meet in difficult times, and though this may seem inconvenient then, it’s actually the best time for it to happen; your twin flame will arrive and teach you how to move on from the difficult time, and onto the next stage of your life.

  1. You can be yourself completely without fear

In many of our relationships, we put on a facade to make people like us, because we fear that if somebody knows what we’re truly like, they won’t like what they see. However, when you are with your twin flame, this facade will fall away, and you will be able to be yourself completely, without fear that they will leave.

Your twin flame will understand and love you for exactly who you are, and vice versa. We all have things about ourselves that we would change if we could, but none of this matters to your twin flame. You will understand each other completely, and love each other unconditionally.

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    Do we always find our twin flame in this life or can it be in another life?

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    I never knew the difference between twin flame and soulmate until now