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Love and the Rules of Attraction

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“Be a Creature unlike any Other”

“From The Complete Book of Rules “

Fein and Schneider


If you have ever read the rules book then by now you would be a Rules player. The Universe is a complex and vast thing but has some simple and quite specific rules. So has the way we attract and be attractive to the man or woman of our dreams. If you’re a bit tired of flicking left and want to be a bit more in control and finding Mr Right then start by raising your own way of doing thing and most importantly put yourself at centre stage.

So you want me to tell you how to go about attracting a relationship…well…rule number 1 is

  1. Be a creature unlike any other.

What does that actually mean? Well if you come to me for a reading that’s what I most likely will tell you from the start. There’s no point is pussy footing about it…you have to be two things…yourself and like no one else. There is no point in aiming to be a Queen of Cups if you’re not going play by the rules. We all know that the Queen of Cups s is a sensitive and emotional woman (starting to ring any bells yet?) but she is also a separate person who keeps herself to herself and no none ever actually gets to understand her fully. She doesn’t need to be a copy of someone else she is herself. Any chaps this also includes you so be special and don’t be second guessed in any thing you do.

So if you’re out there ready to attract get ready to be you, like no one else and start feeling and vibrating at such a level that you ooze that personality and be the number 1 you really are.

You don’t have to be rich and beautiful to be a creature unlike anyone else but you have to have the attitude! It’s a confidence that brings out the best of you and remember He has to do all the work.

If it’s the Ace of Cups or the Knight of Wands you are looking for the first of all start preparing yourself to meet that Mr Right in your life. Let them come to you and never ever be the player .Your far too good for that and if he doesn’t ask for your number you never ask for his. If in doubt …next!


To be continued

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16 comments on "Love and the Rules of Attraction"

Mechelle Townsend

Spread as much love is possible. You are what you attract


Love yourself most importantly.


Loving yourself is the most important then rest will full into place 😊


So many great points in this article


Great post


Very interesting article will be using the tips in this article


Great article with fab points in it

Melissa Soares

love, one of the most amazing feelings


Love is such an amazing feeling great article


.. be in love with urself



We always forget to love ourself, great reminder!


I love love

Melissa Soares

Really not happy with love


Love and be happy with yourself and everything else will fall into place. Interesting article, thanks.


I believe in charity begins at home. We are only fit to look after the others if we are able to look after ourselves. So the morale is that we must take care of us in order to support others.

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