Weekly Horoscopes 17/10/2016

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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

As the week begins, you are likely to feel you have lost a lot of your energy and drive and may feel tired. You may feel a lack of motivation and personal ambition. However, if you are acting charitably or devoting energy to help others or fight for a cause, you may find you can reconnect with your energy. As if it is only available to you if you use it to benefit someone else and not just yourself.  You may find enjoyment in spending time with friends or engaging in group activity or meeting with like-minded others. Your thoughts may turn to the idea of travelling to new, unexplored places or learning new things. But you may need to watch out for an impulsive desire to cast off all your old knowledge and experience in favour of the new. It may not be necessary to reject all the experience and information you have gathered. As the week ends, you are likely to turn your attention to pursuing your ambitions and seeking public recognition.

The line between friendship and love could become more blurred this week. If you are single, you could find yourself developing more romantic feelings for someone who has so far only been a friend. Or you may find an opportunity for romance in any setting where you share activity with a group, association or organisation. If you are in a relationship, you may find yourself more interested in spending time with friends or in a group setting than with your partner. Or you may join a group with your partner and enjoy this as a shared activity.


At the end of the week, you are perhaps likely to give particular attention and energy to pursuing your career goals. Or, if you have been doing so every day, it may be at this time that you can shine most brightly and be noticed in a way that is likely to enhance your public profile and help you to make progress towards your career ambitions.

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Pisces Weekly Horoscope

You are likely to be radiating attractiveness and charm as the week begins and this is likely to spread to others and make both you and them feel good. You can achieve your best results this week by combining your personal power, energy and drive together with that of friends or like-minded others in a group effort. Your mind may be coming up with many new ideas that could be financially lucrative. But the pattern of your finances may be somewhat erratic at this time.  However, as the week ends, you are likely to be feeling philosophical about life, optimistic about the future and to have a sense that you are growing and expanding your horizons.


Romantic opportunities may be likely in the course of your work and career activity, so if you are single, this is where you may find yourself attracted to someone. You may experience a deep, intense meeting of minds with someone which could prove exciting and could be the springboard for something more intimate. But friendships and group activity are be a possible area where passion could rear its head and relationship dynamics could be subject to change. If you are in a relationship, unless you work with your partner, you may find your career leaves you little time to devote to partnerships, particularly at the beginning of the week.


At the beginning of the week, your good relations with co-workers, bosses and others people in general are likely to help make you popular in your work and public life. You may be noticed for your charm and attractiveness. If you are artistic you could receive acclaim for your creativity.
If you are waiting for news concerning financial support or backing from others for a business endeavour, you may receive a communication about this towards the middle of the week. However, you are more likely to be happy if you can conduct your business in such a way that you can avoid the need for financial support from others, be more self-sufficient and retain sole ownership of your work. You may have ideas about how you can attain this goal, or may receive some kind of news relevant to this.

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Aries Weekly Horoscope

Adventure is the keyword for you as this week begins. You may feel like opening up your senses to new pleasures and experiences, whether it be the art, music, or food and drink of a different country or culture or a moonlit walk in a previously unexplored place. You are likely to feel fired up with passion and energy this week and may need to find a healthy outlet for your intense energy and drive. Physical exercise or a competitive sport or activity of some kind may be especially suitable. You may need to think carefully before acting impulsively, especially around the middle of the week. However, you are likely to feel deeply engaged in all you do this week. And you are likely to succeed in your aims and be an effective force for change in your own life.

This week, you may find yourself drawn to people you may feel you don’t have much in common with or who may not be the type of person you are usually drawn to. But this is a good thing, as it is through your relationships with others that you are seeking new experience, fresh perspectives and the opportunity to expand your horizons. If you are already attached, you may feel a desire to do something new and adventurous with your partner. Exploring new territory together will help your relationship grow. Towards the middle of the week, you may find your ideas, opinions and viewpoints seem to clash with those of your partner. You may see your partner’s thinking as a challenge to your freedom and individual expression, while your partner may interpret your ideas and the way you express them as a lack of commitment or willingness to compromise. It may be best to try to avoid getting into arguments where one of you may say something that could cause hurt and to try to resolve any dilemmas of this kind towards the end of the week when you may both feel your needs and desires combine more naturally.


You may feel especially driven to achieve your aims and ambitions this week and will be keen to show the world how powerful you are and what you can do and make happen. You could achieve a great deal if you can keep your energy controlled and watch out for a tendency to overdo things and burn yourself out. You may also feel fuelled by radical new ideas and views on how things could be changed and reformed in your workplace or field of work, although you may find some resistance from others in this regard. If others oppose your ideas, you may find yourself feeling angry and resentful. The possible danger this brings is that you could come across as overly forceful and may not succeed in getting your point across, no matter how much merit it may have. You may need to take care that you do not express yourself so forcefully that you find yourself clashing with authority figures or the public who you are seeking to impress. But at best, if you are planning a major career project that requires a lot of energy and stamina, this may be an excellent time and you could make considerable progress during this period.

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Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Transformation is the key word for you over the next seven days. Everything may seem to be changing from your relationships, to your ideas, opinions and beliefs about life and work. Generally speaking, you may not be keen on change. But if you try to resist it, you may attract it to yourself in the form of challenges posed by other people and situations. At times, you may find yourself arguing and fighting to defend your ideas and beliefs. Your energy and self-belief is likely to help you shine, especially as the week draws to a close.

If you are in a relationship, you may find yourself seeking a deeper level of closeness and greater commitment in partnerships. If you are single, you may crave intimacy and closeness and may tend to meet intense people who feel the same. To get the best out of this week, you may need to follow your urge for closeness and intimacy, but bear in mind that you also need to retain your sense of self and not become so fully submerged in love that you lose yourself. Towards the end of the week, you may feel a desire to reconnect with yourself as a distinct and separate individual, while still wishing to share that self with another.

You are likely to find yourself buzzing with new ideas at work this week. Fresh insights and sudden flashes of inspiration may seem to come to you, as if from nowhere. Your changing views may make you feel a bit bored, impatient or dissatisfied with the usual rituals and routines of your work. You may want to break free of restrictive timetables, working methods and plans and shake things up a little. While this might suit you, it is possible that you may meet some resistance from co-workers or bosses. It is important that you take the time to fully explain your reasons for wanting to change things and get others on side if you want to avoid confrontations and push forward with your ideas and visions. At your best, you are likely to inspire others with your vision and enthusiasm.

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Gemini Weekly Horoscope

You are likely to get on very well with those who are especially close to you this week. However, outside your close relationships you may find yourself at odds with others. The issue may be that you disagree with the group or majority view and may not want to agree or conform to this. You are have your own individual and unique ideas and will feel a need to be free to express them in your own way. If you can find a way to advance your ideas without alienating others you may be more likely to make the progress you seek to make and get things done efficiently. If you can be true to yourself and persuade others to accept change and reform but also allow them to feel involved and aligned with you, the best outcome is far more likely.

Relationships are a major point of focus for you this week. If you have been involved in a fairly casual, non-serious relationship, you may feel that it is developing into a closer and more committed partnership. If you are single, you may encounter someone new and there may be a feeling that it could have the potential to be a meaningful and lasting partnership. Any group interactions you engage in may provide the setting for romantic opportunities. Or it is possible that you begin to view someone you have previously regarded merely as a friend in a different light and a more romantic attraction may be awakened between you. Or if you have felt this way about a friend for some time, you may finally want to open up and tell them. Either way, there is likely to be considerable scope for intense passion, shared intimacy and deep relating this week.


For much of this week, it may be business as usual. But towards the weekend, you may feel able to express yourself more powerfully and show you’re efficient you can be at work. You are likely to feel pleased with your progress in any projects you are working on. Just as the week comes to a close, you may get your chance to shine and make a favourable impression on others that may change or enhance their view of you.

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Cancer Weekly Horoscope

If you have a sense of balance, harmony, peace and calm you will be able to function more effectively this week. Listening to your favourite music, eating your favourite food and surrounding yourself with things you find beautiful will bring the best out in you. You may have a sudden realisation that something from your past, such as negative conditioning may have been holding you back from achieving your aims in life. By becoming conscious of this, you may be able to break free of old patterns that hinder you and clear the way for a positive change in the way you see yourself and your potential to succeed. This week, you are likely to express yourself forcefully and powerfully in everything you do. You may also find that others ready to add their strength and energy to your own. It is perhaps in shared goals that you can make the most progress this week.


If you are single, during the earlier part of the week, you may be likely to meet romantic opportunities through your work or in the course of ordinary, day to day routine tasks. However, towards the end of the week, you may be more likely to encounter a new love interest while pursuing a hobby, interest or leisure activity. Any new attraction could be a very powerful one. If you are already attached, you are likely to feel powerfully, intensely and passionately committed to your partnerships this week and it may seem enough just to spend time together doing practical everyday things. You and your partner may find particular pleasure in the feeling of working together towards some practical aim. The weekend may be an especially enjoyable time for romance when you and your beloved may feel more like doing something that is purely for fun and pleasure.


Your relationship with bosses, co-workers, customers and clients is likely to be very easy, agreeable and harmonious as the week begins. This could not only help you to get work done efficiently but could also have a favourable effect on your future career prospects. Towards the middle of the week, you may find yourself impatient or frustrated over ideas that, to you, seem dated or outworn. You may want to introduce new or fresh ideas that seem too risky or unfamiliar for the comfort of some. It may be down to you to use your tact, diplomacy and charm persuade others to accept some or all your new ideas. In some way, an old fashioned idea or an insight connected with history or a memory from your own past may inspire a new career project or help you to achieve a personal ambition.

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Leo Weekly Horoscope

You may start the week in a playful mode, especially in your social and leisure time. But you are also likely to approach the early part of the week with great energy and sense of purpose. Towards the middle of the week, your mind may be in overdrive. You may be absorbing new ideas and information that inspires you to think bigger, aim higher, and travel further. The philosophical side of your mind may be absorbing and formulating new beliefs and deriving significance and meaning from new insights. Towards the end of the week, having been so driven to spend time exploring new territory for several days, you may feel more like retreating to the relative quiet and comfort of home or places that are familiar to you. Spending time with family members or reconnecting with your past or with history in some way may be beneficial for you at this time.

Love is your adventure playground this week. If you are single, you may enjoy pursuing romance for the fun and pleasure it brings and for the way it makes you feel good about yourself. If you are in a relationship, this week is an excellent time to play together, and spend time doing fun things that give you both pleasure and enjoyment.


At the beginning of the week, you may feel particularly energised by your work, whether you are actively engaged in projects or tasks or planning new ventures. You may feel almost obsessive about planning and working out the right routine. If others at work don’t share your passion or feel engaged by the same things, you could find yourself at odds with them. However, you may be reluctant to challenge others in case it rocks the boat too much and jeopardises your plans and the efficient running of your work. Perhaps the best approach is to put your power, energy and passion into your tasks and work as consistently and thoroughly as you can. You and your co-workers may be surprised at how much you can get done, especially during the first half of the week.

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Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Apart from family members and those you are close to, you may not feel much like relating to other people, especially at the beginning of this week. You may prefer to seek privacy. Pursuing creative projects or hobbies may be the best way of using up your high level of energy. You may spend some time thinking about the issue of what provides you with a sense of security. Your attitude to this may temporarily change. You may normally be quite cautious and avoid taking any kind of risks or gambles which might threaten your security. But around the middle of this week, you may feel tempted to take a risk with money or something you value. If you do, try to make sure it is a calculated risk and that it does not threaten to undermine your security too much if things don’t work out the way you planned. As the week ends, you may still feel enlivened by powerful thinking and ideas. But you may feel surer of your thoughts and safer in the knowledge that you are being characteristically pragmatic and thinking with your whole self.

As the week begins, your experiences in love may reconnect you with the past in some way. If you are single, perhaps someone from your past may reappear in your life and present you with a romantic opportunity. Or someone new you encounter may somehow remind you of the past or evoke memories or nostalgia. If you are in a relationship, you may find an old pattern somehow repeating itself. Or you may consciously choose to revisit the past with a partner by visiting a place together that has special memories for you. Alternatively, you may choose to spend time with your partner in the quiet retreat and privacy of home. If you are unattached you may meet someone new in your neighbourhood or through a family member.  Or someone may even come to your door or into your home who sparks your interest. Passions run high this week, but may be best expressed playfully. Towards the end of the week, you may find yourself and your partner seem to have different ideas and values. It may be best to try not to focus on your differences, as this could lead to irritability or clashes and disputes. It may be more beneficial for you to concentrate your attention on and speak openly about ideas, both old and new, that you share and which bring you closer together.


During the middle of this week, you are likely to be brimming over with ideas and insights that could enable you to make money. You may be able to make money from buying and selling at this time. Or Time spent thinking carefully about what you’re most marketable resources are and engaging in new learning that may enhance your earning power is likely to pay off both this week and in the long term.

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Libra Weekly Horoscope

Relating to those you are closest to may prove somewhat problematic this week. However you’re more general rapport with less significant others could be quite beneficial, especially at the beginning of the week. Others may be a valuable source of new and exciting ideas. Talking things over and debating ideas with people may help you to clarify your own thinking. Your home and family life may demand a lot of your time and energy this week. Or you may choose to focus your attention in the domestic sphere, perhaps making changes to your home or using it as a base for your activities. You may want to spend time with family members and give of yourself to them rather than focusing your efforts in the outer world. However, towards the weekend, your attention may turn to financial matters and interests, at this time, you may choose to put your effort and energy into things which advance you materially or enhance your sense of security.

This may not be the most peaceful of weeks for you in your relationships. You may feel uncharacteristically single-minded and reluctant or unwilling to agree with anyone else’s ideas or see things from anyone else’s point of view. It may seem as if agreeing with another’s viewpoint would mean compromising your whole self and losing your individuality. If you are unattached, you may decide to avoid getting involved with anyone at this time, preferring to operate in single mode. If you are in a relationship, you may find yourself in disagreement with your partner. However, you may be able to communicate well with a partner, if you are not too stubborn to allow yourself to and this may help you find a solution to any relationship problems. If you can have as open and honest a discussion as possible, air both your views and try to remain objective as you can. Having heard each other out, it may be more possible that you can talk things through, work out what needs to be changed or done differently, if anything, and concentrate on what common ground you can find. Being in a relationship need not, of course, prevent you from having an individual sense of self. It may just feel like that sometimes, when your thinking has become somehow distorted.


Much of this week may be unremarkable, though no different than usual in career. However, it is towards the weekend that your earning power and potential may be at its greatest. Your sense of power, authority and leadership may be a marketable asset at this time.

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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Others may have a lot to offer you which could be valuable this week. But while you are likely to appreciate their desire to give, you will not feel wholly comfortable accepting too much from others. You may feel better about being able to earn and secure things for yourself and to give generously of your own resources to others. Your mind is likely to be in overdrive this week and you may feel mentally exhausted by your own thought processes and the relentless flow of ideas that come thick and fast. Insights may come to you so fast that you barely have time to take it all in. It may be helpful to write some of your ideas down before they become displaced by other thoughts.  You may be so sensitive to your environment that you absorb other people’s thoughts and could tend to confuse them with your own. And your mind may change like lightning as new insights flood in. You may find you need to spend some time on your own to sift through all the information, process it all and clarify what you really think. By the end of the week, you are likely to feel a strong sense of your own identity and purpose and others are likely to notice you as a powerful presence.

As the week begins, feelings of love may go together with material desires and sensual pleasures. You may want to show someone how much you care about them by bestowing gifts upon them. Or you may want to take someone out and spend money enjoying a drink or a delicious meal together or having a good time with them in celebration of your love for them. This could apply whether you are in a relationship or a single person planning a date or a declaration of affection. Or you may express your love for someone in a physical or tactile way such as giving them a massage. Whatever your chosen means of expression, the message you are trying to convey may be that you value the object of your affection and want to make them feel loved. You are also likely to receive and appreciate the same return.


Earning money is something you are likely to see as a priority as the week begins. Your potential for earn should be high at this time and your personal charm, agreeable manner and good relationship with others are likely to be valuable and marketable resources which will serve you well in work and  business. Towards the middle of the week, you may feel less agreeable with others at work. You may want to change your working routines, methods and practices in ways which you feel would increase efficiency. But other sin your workplace may not be in agreement with this. You may need to ask yourself honestly and objectively whether your ideas are based in reality and are not overly ambitious or idealistic. You may be seeking an impractical level of perfection or pursuing a vision that is not really possible to make real. Aiming for perfection could serve you well, provided you are willing to settle for less in the final outcome and see greater efficiency and accuracy as an acceptable reward.

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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

You may tend to spend a lot of time this week trying to be what you think others may want you to be. Firstly, you may submerge your identity in relationships. You may also direct a great deal of your energy into earning money perhaps in order to show others how powerful you can be. You may even be willing to deviate from expressing your own unique ideas and creative vision in order to avoid clashing with the ideas prevalent among your friends or fellow group members, so you can enjoy a feeling of like-mindedness and belonging. The possible danger is that you may somehow be seen to be losing sight of yourself. This may be a deliberate means of temporarily escaping the burden of having to be and express a self. Or, perhaps it is more likely that you may be acting from a more altruistic position and sacrificing your own ego needs to experience greater unity with others and the rest of life and to serve and feel part of something greater for a little while.

Love is a great adventure for you this week. If you are single, you will feel a great desire to lose yourself in love and romance and are likely to pursue it with all of your being. You may feel you want to totally give yourself over to a relationship, as if the only point of being human is to love. And the universe is likely to send you romantic opportunities as if in answer to the question you ask of it. If you are in a relationship, you are likely to want to spend as much time with your partner as possible. You may feel an especial desire to do something adventurous together that promotes mutual goals and gives you a feeling of shared growth.


As this week begins, you are likely to feel especially driven to make money and this is where most of your effort will be directed. Your boundless energy and stamina may be valuable resources that should help you increase your earning potential. You could make money from any work activity that involves competing or fighting for change of some kind. You could be particularly compelled to make money because of the feeling of power and confidence it gives you.

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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

You may feel very powerful and strong this week. Your strength and sense of purpose could help you to achieve a great deal in terms of your individual personal goals. You are likely to exude power and intensity and may stand out as a powerful presence in any situation, especially at the start of the week. Despite your powerful sense of self and personal drive, you are likely to feel great sensitivity to others and may feel drawn to express your charitable impulses and compassion in service to others. In your mind, you want to leave behind difficult thoughts relating to your past and pursue your present life ambitions. Towards the end of the week, you may feel particularly drawn to group activity or feel a desire to spend time with like-minded friends. In group activity, you may be called upon to be a leader and this could help you to contact your own power and authority and give you confidence in yourself.

For you, love may go hand in hand with sensitivity and compassion this week.  But you may have difficulty reconciling the reality of your relationship with the ideal you would like it to live up to. If you are single, you may tend to be attracted to those who you feel sympathy for. You may want to show your affection by rescuing or nurturing another person. Or you may hope for someone to save you and look after you. But by casting yourself in the role of saviour or victim, you may only succeed in creating a relationship that benefits one partner more than the other and can never be equal. Alternatively, you may look at the object of your affection and see only a fantasy or a mythical image such as a princess or prince charming. This could lead to disappointment when the beloved is revealed to be just an ordinary mortal. Or the fantasy may be all there is and there may be no real relationship at all. Of course it may really be more subtle than this, but if you are single, you may in some way have difficulty creating real, tangible relationships this week. Perhaps the best solution is to take time out from actively pursuing a relationship and reflect on what you find yourself envisaging and dreaming of, so we you can learn from it. Or you could choose to give expression to your caring nature through some kind of charitable endeavour which gives practical and emotional help or support to others. In this way, you can love everyone instead of having to find love with one person.

Bosses, work colleagues and your customers and clients may be impressed with your original progressive thinking. But your desire to break with tradition in your working approaches, methods and ambitions may earn you some degree of opposition at work. It is possible that some of your thinking may be influenced by your own need or desire to break free of your past, family history, early conditioning or roots in order to connect with and explore your own uniqueness. The danger here is that this could make your thinking somewhat subjective and that is why others may not be able to see its merits. If you can formulate a more objective way of thinking that keeps the best of the old while embracing the new, you could perhaps persuade those you work among to accept and adopt your ideas. This, in turn could help you to achieve public recognition and further your career ambitions.

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