Daily Horoscopes for 31-10-2016

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

In your career and public activity, you may find previously hidden parts of yourself or deep unconscious drives coming out in your actions and reactions. Parts of your nature you normally keep buried or fantasies about how you would like others to see you may burst out into your expression and be noticed. But this is likely to be a positive and cathartic thing and could help you to advance your career and public image. Others or the public’s perception of you could change and this may be helpful to your realising an ambition or making progress in your professional life. Your emotional sensitivity is likely to be on show in the best possible way. You may help someone through your work in a way that makes a profound difference to them. You may have an instinctive sense of the public mood today and this could prove valuable to you in the work you do.

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Pisces Daily Horoscope

You may want to escape the familiar and usual in favour of opening yourself to the new and unexplored today. Or you may want to leave the past or old habits behind in favour of a new forward-looking perspective. Your friendships or a group or organisation you belong to may help to provide a vehicle for this. You may visit new places or embark on a new experience of some kind with others. Or the input of others may come in the form of new ideas or beliefs you come into contact with which you feel you can relate to. The company of others is likely to bring you a feeling of optimism and lift you out of your usual mood or the confines of your everyday environment. You may feel more like spending time with friends and acquaintances than with your family, but perhaps only for today. Or, at this time, your friends and associates may feel more like a family to you. But the experience is likely to allow you to go back home to them feeling refreshed, renewed and more positive about your domestic life.

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Aries Daily Horoscope

In your work and professional activity, this is likely to be a day when you work very well with your colleagues. You may be especially closely united in trying to achieve goals, especially where this involves altering or transforming something. If you want to introduce change of some kind, this is, therefore, a good day to do so. Even if you are thinking of a change of career or workplace, today you may form good relationships with those who can help you facilitate this. A business or financial deal you jointly with someone else could help you make a major and positive impact on others and make a big difference in your pursuing your ambitions. If you are single, you could feel a deep emotional attraction to someone you meet through your work or hidden feelings could become openly expressed. If you are in a relationship, this is a good day for opening up to your partner about how deeply you feel and vice versa. This is likely to bring you even closer.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope

If you are in a relationship, your view of your partner may be enlarged in some way today. You may see them in a new light or discover more about them that makes you grow even more attracted or committed to them. Or you and your partner may plan a journey or a new adventure of some kind together which will help you enlarge your view of the world and could be life-changing. If you are single, you may meet someone with a magnetic quality that you feel powerfully attracted to. You may be more likely to encounter romance in previously unexplored places. Or the object of your attraction may be very different from anyone you have met or be involved with before and this could be part of the attraction. A partner may help you leave the past behind in some way and move on with a renewed and more optimistic view of the future.

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Gemini Daily Horoscope

Even if you spend much of today working or attending to ordinary every day, routine tasks and responsibilities, you may feel a deep sense of emotional contentment. This could be because you are sharing tasks with someone you feel close to, either professionally or emotionally. Another person may share insights on different ways of doing things that you find exciting, or just their company may make the whole, experience seem more profound. Also having someone else work with you is likely to cut the time it takes to get things done efficiently by half. If you are single, you may feel profoundly drawn to someone you meet at work or in the course of your everyday duties. If you are in a relationship, you may feel a deep sense of satisfaction with how well your partnership is working on a practical and emotional level. If you have pets, you may enjoy being around them today for the emotional comfort they bring you. If you are thinking of adopting a new diet or exercise programme that is likely to be demanding, this may be a good day to begin it.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope

If you are single, you may be looking for romance for the pleasure it brings you personally. You could possibly encounter romance in places linked with fun or spare time activity. However, you may find your feelings for someone are more than you thought. If you are in a relationship that had previously been quite casual, it may progress to a level of greater commitment today. If you are in a close relationship, this would be an excellent time to pursue leisure time activity, entertainment or something enjoyable with your partner. If you have children, spending time with them may be especially pleasant today. If you are involved in any creative activity, you may express yourself very powerfully today and could make an impact on others.


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Leo Daily Horoscope

You may feel more contented at home or in private today attending to ordinary everyday tasks and getting things done efficiently. If you are at work, you may prefer to work quietly on your own or among close, trusted colleagues you are most used to working with. Your work or everyday tasks may pleasantly evoke the past, memories or nostalgia in some way. If you are thinking of making any changes to work projects, methods and timetables or effecting some kind of transformation of your home or working environment, today may be a good day to implement this. You may find it easy to change things and encounter very little resistance from others. Family members are likely to be helpful to you today. Any changes you do make are likely to have a practical benefit and enable you to function more efficiently. If you have been considering a new diet or exercise plan or anything involving changing your past habits in favour of promoting better health or efficiency, today may be a good day to begin this.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

Others are likely to listen to what you say today, as you may be able to express your ideas powerfully with great emotion. Your expression may be so potent that it could say the opinions of others. So this may be a very good day to speak up and put your point across if you are seeking to make an impact. You are likely to be able to achieve this without being confrontational and meeting resistance. Others may be very receptive to what you say. You may inject humour and wit into your communications today that will help your expression and make others feel appreciative of your ideas. This is an excellent time for any form of creative expression which involves ideas or the spoken or written word. Generally, this is also likely to be an enjoyable day for chatting to and exchanging ideas with others. Secrets or hidden information could come to light and you may even discover something which changes your own viewpoint. If you are single, you could be powerfully attracted to someone you feel is on your intellectual wavelength.

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Libra Daily Horoscope

Today, you may feel very attached to your possessions and property, especially those which evoke powerful memories. If you are thinking of parting with a possession or asset that you have owned for a long time, but have found letting go of it difficult, you may be able to do so today. While part of you may be looking back at the past and what you value from that, another part of you is seeking to break free of the past in order to evolve or create something new. You may acquire something new today that will become an important part of your life. If you are planning a move of home, or some kind of change for you and your family, today may be a good day to make good decision based on a deep sense of your true values. This could be a good day for earning money too and your imagination, past experience and deep intuition could all prove to be helpful to financial reward or gain.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

You are likely to be radiating emotion from the very core of your being today. This, coupled with your sharp, insightful verbal expression will make sure that how you really feel will be clear to anyone who see you today. This would, therefore, be an excellent day to express something important to others or to make personal ideas and plans that you can really put your true self into. You are also likely to exude sensitivity today and others may seek you out for your empathy and caring nature. They may even tell you their innermost secrets and most complex thoughts. You will be at your most perceptive and able to sense what other are thinking and feeling even if this is unspoken. This could make you capable of giving great emotional support to others today without becoming emotionally overwhelmed or drained yourself.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Business and financial deals may be where you are at your most intuitive today. You may feel inspired or have instinctive insights into what will be most profitable. You may not know where this inspiration comes from or be able to explain it to others. But you are likely to just know what feels right. You may be able to make money from anything your imagination or your sensitivity to others.  You may even be able to generate financial gain for others or for a charitable cause rather than yourself. Generally, speaking, you may be more financially successful if you are working on behalf of something larger than just your personal self, though there could be some personal gain for you. You may also be able to make money from anything which involves transforming something or clearing away the old to make way for something new. You could make a purchase which somehow changes things in a big way for you. If you had lost a possession, you may find it or have an insight as if from nowhere into where it might be found.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Being in company or contact with close friends may be the most enjoyable thing you can do today. Your interactions with others may seem deeper and more profoundly personal than usual today. If you have anything important or personal to reveal to others, this may be the day to do so. And others may have an impact on you that teaches you something you didn’t know about yourself. If you are trying to effect change of any kind, you may be more likely to achieve it by combining your efforts with those of others in a group or team. As there is something of a theme of transformation about today, some friendships or associations may come to an end and new ones may be formed. You may be considering who you feel you really relate to as part of a friendship, alliance or group and which associations you feel have become outworn. But any endings are likely to be amicable and any new connections are likely to feel deep and personal to you.

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