Daily Horoscopes 29-01-2017

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

While your overall vision may be sound today, you may have too many ideas, some of which are not yet fully or clearly formed. This could be a favourable time to refine your plan and narrow your focus to choose which of a number of possibilities to focus on. You may have a penetrating insight into what lies beneath the surface of a situation and those things others cannot see.  You may find it hard to put your thoughts into words or communicate them clearly. Friends or a group you are part of may be able to offer you help you to clarify your thought and get things in perspective.

You may feel a desire to step outside your familiar everyday environment and seek out new places and new ideas and experiences that you feel might be more exciting than what is on offer where you are. Although this could be worthwhile and enjoyable and may teach you a lot about yourself. However, it may be beneficial for you to be accompanied by friends or associates who can help you to keep a sense of perspective.

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Pisces Daily Horoscope

In your work, you may be able to make money today, perhaps in an unexpected way or from an unexpected source. But you may not get the recognition or credit for your efforts. You may be able to achieve more professionally or financially by working closely together in partnership with someone who shares your beliefs and philosophy.

You may enjoy talking and exchanging ideas with friends or a group of people. You may be able to offer bring powerful ideas to any group activity. A group activity may enable you to look beneath the surface of a situation and unearth secrets or hidden facts. The insights you receive from others may change your perception of something. Personal relationships may be characterised by the unexpected and mysterious today.

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Aries Daily Horoscope

You are likely to be at your happiest in the company of others today, whether with friends or a partner. If you are single, romance may blossom in the company of friends or in a group setting. Even though the scope of your activities may be more limited than you might have hoped, others are likely to provide you with excitement, enliven your environment and bring out the best in you.

At work, you may have powerful ideas and views that you are likely to voice with force. Your ideas and the way you express them could have a powerful impact and may bring about change or make people see things differently. You may need to ensure that you use this power constructively.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope

You are likely to get a lot done today, in terms of everyday practical tasks or work, especially if you work closely together with others. You may be happiest today when you are out in public or on show, where you can make an impact and gravitate towards whatever seems most exciting in your environment. In romance and relationships, unexpected revelations and the open expression of feelings may enable you to make a deeper connection with someone.

Your mind may be searching for the deeper meaning of everything today. You may put forward your personal beliefs and philosophy with a strong voice and could have an impact on others. Your conversations with others may be profound and could also inspire you and help to expand your overall view of the world.

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Gemini Daily Horoscope

Friends, a group of people or your partner may provide you with an opportunity to go somewhere different or do something unusual, exciting and enjoyable. You may feel happiest in the company of others with whom you can really be yourself. But you may come into contact with ideas and opinions of others that change your perception of a situation.

If you are single, romantic opportunity is most likely to be found through friends, in a group situation and in places outside your usual daily environment. Conversation with others may be deep and a powerful meeting of minds could lead to a more intimate connection.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope

If you have work to do or practical responsibilities, you might feel a desire to escape these and do something more exciting.  However, your work may provide an opportunity to escape your usual surroundings and daily routine and do something unusual, interesting and engaging, especially if you are working closely together in partnership with someone else. Other people you feel close to may be able to help clarify your priorities and choose, clear achievable goals.

Relationships are likely to be deep and meaningful and your conversation with others may be profound. You may need to take care not to try to impose your strong views on others, about allow yourself to be receptive as well as expressive. Secrets may be shared and a powerful meeting of minds could bring you closer to someone. Relationships may also bring a break in the usual pattern of things and a happy balance between excitement and stability.

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Leo Daily Horoscope

The key may be to try to live in the moment and enjoy the spontaneity of relationships for now, even though situations may be changeable or unpredictable. It is likely that a relationship is deepening and progressing, although this may be happening more slowly than you had hoped.

Another person may bring an opportunity for you to explore new places and do something different today. Even if this is not what you would have chosen, it could prove to be exciting, inspiring and uplifting. At work, you may have strong ideas about how things might be done to improve efficiency and are likely to voice these with force. If you can ensure that you are not overly critical of those who don’t agree with you, your ideas are more likely make a positive impact.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

You may actually quite enjoy getting things done, especially if you are doing so in the company of someone you feel close to or with whom you can work together well. You may feel happiest at home today among family, even if you are busy there. Your mind may be powerfully creative today and you are likely to express yourself well, especially verbally.

If you are single, you may feel a strong desire to seek a new relationship. But you may feel uncertain about making an approach to someone or may not seem able to get as close to the object of your affection as you might like to. The best approach may be to be yourself. Your conversation is likely to be both playful and profound and could draw someone to you. Or, romance may blossom if you take a passive role and allow it to happen to you rather than to try to initiate it yourself. If you are attached, you may feel you have to put your own desires aside and go along with your partner’s wishes. However this may be how you will get the best out of your relationship today.

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Libra Daily Horoscope

This could be a favourable day for enjoying entertainment and spare time activity with friends, or your partner. Especially if you do something unusual or different together that breaks the familiar pattern. You may feel happiest in situations where you can be yourself, but also expand your self-expression to encompass newly awakening parts of your nature. Conversations with others may help you to break with past habits and conditioning and to feel renewed. Your conversation with family may be deep and profound today and secrets or hidden information may come to light.

If you are single, today may be a favourable day for romance. You may feel drawn to someone who seems exciting and very different from yourself. Part of you may feel hesitant about speaking to them but if you wait for the right moment, you may feel confident enough to approach them and romance could blossom.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Being at home, or with your family, may feel emotionally rewarding today, even if you are busy with everyday tasks. You may have work responsibilities which you need to attend to in order to make money or fulfil obligations. But any work you do, wherever you are, may bring surprises and could turn out to be more exciting than you had expected. You may have very strong ideas and views which you want to express with force today. What you may make a powerful impression on others and may change their perception of a situation.  Talking and exchanging ideas with others may be rewarding and you may unearth hidden or secret information or discover something new that changes your viewpoint on something.

If you are single, you may feel a strong desire for romance, perhaps with a particular person. But the object of your affection may be elusive. However, romance may be more likely to happen to you when you take a passive role than to be something you can initiate today.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

You may prefer to remain in familiar surroundings not too far away from home today. But friends, groups you are part of or children may prompt situations which require you to travel further afield. You may have powerful ideas today that could help you to make money. Or your penetrating insights and conviction regarding your values may help you to make important decisions about a financial matter. This may be a good day for buying and selling, especially if this is related to something that will bring about a big change in your life.

If you are single, romantic opportunity is more likely to be found in your own neighbourhood or local area, or in an environment connected to knowledge, learning or education. You could be drawn to someone whose ideas and conversation you find exciting or refreshing.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

You are likely to identify very strongly with your own ideas and opinions today and to express them with power and force. You may not be prepared to accept the viewpoint of anyone disagrees with you. You may be quite objective and may need to take care not to come across as overly dogmatic. But this may be a good day for any negotiations or for putting forward a convincing and powerful argument that may be difficult to argue against and which may sway others’ opinions.

You may have grand plans for your career and a desire to make money. You may be able to earn money in an unusual way or gain attention and recognition for your originality today. Your earnings or financial gain may be modest for the amount of work you put in today, but you may also be able to do something to help others and this may make your reward seem greater. Or you may be more in the mood to spend money, perhaps on something relating to making exciting changes to your home, or on a journey that may enable you to take a welcome break from your familiar everyday routine.

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