Daily Horoscopes 27-02-2017

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

You are likely to be active in your neighbourhood and local area today. You may be at your most assertive and may strongly identify with your own ideas and opinions and put them forward forcefully. You might, therefore, feel reluctant to give way. This could potentially bring you into conflict with any neighbours or those you encounter every day in your immediate environment who do not agree with you. You may need to ensure you choose your arguments carefully and only be drawn into any which is important or worthwhile. You may find a more powerful vice and be a more formidable force when acting together with others in your neighbourhood than you could be alone.

You may feel a desire to explore something new and expansive. You may want to travel or might feel eager to learn something new. But you might be still trying to make a decision about what to choose from a wide variety of possibilities. You are likely to be feeling enthusiastic and excited, but there is a possibility your thinking may be a bit undisciplined and erratic. This may not be the best time to make a decision about a long term plan. It may be more beneficial to live in the moment for now and put your grand plan into action when you have a more clear idea what you want to focus on. 

You may feel inclined to spend time on your own today, either to work quietly behind the scenes on something imaginative and creative, or to establish inner peace and equilibrium. You may be at your most imaginative and may be able to give form to your dreams and visions in a way that could be profitable for you. You may have an intuition for what will make money.

What you have and what you can acquire may be particularly important to you today. If you are among friends or in a group, you may find yourself at odds with them over opinions about money, buying and selling, possessions or property. You may feel that others are a drain on your resources or place limits on your financial security in some way. But, in order to find the right solutions and security for yourself, you may need to work out a way to work together or compromise with others.

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Pisces Daily Horoscope

Interactions with friends or groups may be quite deep and profound today and may have a powerful and transforming effect on you. You may enjoy talking and exchanging ideas with others and conversation could be emotionally intense and revealing.  Insights you receive from others may enable you to learn a lot about yourself today.

You may be looking for something exciting in your work and business. You may get the opportunity to do business with someone or to enter into a joint business or financial arrangement of some kind. But this might not be the most favourable time to make a business deal, or decision. Things may seem exciting but are likely to be subject to change or the unexpected. And, although they may appear enthusiastic and exciting, potential business partners may not be as committed or reliable as they may seem. In your professional activity today, you may desire attention or reassurance from others or the public. But, whatever you do, you might find you cannot make the impression you would really like to. This could be frustrating. You may need to make changes of some kind, perhaps to your image that could enable you to make more of a powerful impact.

You may identify with what you have and could be drawn into disputes with someone over money or the ownership of property or possessions. You may go after what you want today and your desires and appetites may drive you to spend money. You may be in the mood for excitement and adventure and may be likely to spend money on having a good time and entertaining with others. You may need to take care not to make rash or impulsive financial decisions or purchases. You may benefit from keeping an eye on your spending, as your enthusiasm and sensual appetites may be large or varied and could lead you to overstretch your budget, if you are not careful. You may feel a need to make money, or to show off what you have in order to gain more of a sense of power and worth. If you use your power effectively and can avoid being overly driven by materialism or the illusion that money is power, you could earn well, make a positive impact and enhance your financial security. 

You may be looking for excitement and intensity in romance and relationships. You may have a desire to share something deep and meaningful with another person. But you may find that feelings and affections can be subject to change and you may not be able to rely on new relationships formed at this time to remain constant or endure.

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Aries Daily Horoscope

You are likely to feel dynamic and filled with enthusiasm for having a good time. You may be seeking the kind of new and unusual activities that keep life interesting and exhilarating. You may want others to share in your adventures and are likely to find they will, if they can keep up with you and match your pace. You may desire a change of scene, but today might not be the most favourable time for travelling or making a journey. You could find yourself subject to delays or problems if you go too far outside your familiar environment. It may be easier to travel in the mind and your imagination is likely to be very active today. You might feel there is too wide a gap between your dreams or fantasies and reality today. But you could find this a good time to work at giving practical or solid form to your own dreams and visions.

You are likely to be assertive and want to show the world what you can do. You may approach life with energy and fighting spirit.  You could accomplish quite a lot, quite quickly and make an impression on others, today. You may need to take care to ensure that you do not over assert yourself and come across as overly forceful or dominant, but you may be able to demonstrate leadership. At work, you may be noticed for your powerful imagination, intuition and emotional sensitivity. In the work you do today, you may be able to act as a force for change, help others or serve a larger cause.

You may be searching for adventure and excitement in romance and relationship. If you are single, you are likely to pursue romance with enthusiasm. You may be attracted to someone who seems to offer something different and refreshing and with whom you can explore something new. Your lively enthusiasm, intelligence and charisma may prove very attractive to others too.
If you are attached, there could be some tension between you and your partner over issues of freedom versus closeness, or personal needs versus sharing. But if you and your partner can find a way to balance these elements and to spend time doing something lively and exciting together, this could be a very enjoyable time. And you are likely to feel your relationship is growing and progressing quickly.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope

Today, you are likely to be feeling restless and ready for activity and excitement. You may feel a powerful need to step outside your usual everyday environment and do something different and emotionally engaging. You could get the opportunity to do this, through a friend or a group involvement. Or exploration of new territory may lead you to make new friendships and connections with others. You may want to be busy and are likely to be drawn to grand or unusual tasks. You may feel full of energy and have wide ranging selection of things you want to do. But you may need to take care that your energy and enthusiasm does not result in your getting carried away and taking on more than you can realistically manage.

You may be feeling enthusiastic about your future work plans. You are likely to have visions or ideas for projects that are bigger or broader in some way than those you usually work on. You may need to ensure that your idealism does not prompt you to overreach yourself and take on too much and that your goals are practically achievable. You may not be likely to get the credit for what you do and may need to be willing to play a behind-the-scenes or background role today. You may be required to be selfless, even though you might have been hoping to assert yourself and make an impression. However, you may be able to use your energy and drive constructively to serve a larger cause. 

Relationships with others could be a source of some frustration today. In groups or team settings, you may find it difficult to find shared values on which you can stand together with others. Or someone may seem to be going against your feelings regarding something you jointly own or share with them, whether this is a material or emotional matter. You may feel that something needs to change in order for you to preserve relationships or group involvements.

If you are single, you may be drawn to someone you meet in a group setting or through a friend. There could be some practical or emotional barriers that prevent you getting close to someone at the moment. But, if you first develop a relationship on a friendship level, your bond may deepen. If you are in a relationship, you may enjoy mixing in a wider group of people with your partner, even if this means you are not close by each other all the time. But opening yourselves up to a wider circle of people may, ultimately, somehow bring you closer together.

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Gemini Daily Horoscope

Career is likely to be your main preoccupation today. Your relationships with others at work might not be easy and may be intense, but could also be also productive. You may feel others are an obstacle to your progress. You may feel powerful and authoritative and want to use your energy as a force for change and others could be resistant. But, ultimately, you are likely to be more powerful and achieve more by working closely together with others today. Your work could involve asserting your energy and power in a sensitive way to help other people or further a larger cause.

Today, you may feel you prefer to act individually, rather than for or with others. However, it may be beneficial to try to co-operate with others and to find who you can best co-ordinate your efforts with. You are likely to feel most energised when among friends or a group of people, especially when pursuing fun, pleasure and excitement. Or a group of people may help to provide an outlet for your energy and drive. You could achieve more by combining your energy with that of others in a group or team than you could alone, today. You may and may lead others in some kind of collective initiative.

You may be feeling enthusiastic and adventurous when it comes to love and romance and relationships may be deep and passionate. If you are single, an exciting romantic opportunity could be found among friends or in group settings. Or your relationship with someone you meet or know through your work may change, deepen or become more intimate. There could be an element of the unexpected. If you are in a relationship, you may find it difficult to find a balance between your work commitments and your need to spend time with your partner. It would be beneficial to try to avoid putting emphasis on either one at the expense of the other.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope

Spending time with friends, groups of people or a partner may be deeply inspiring and uplifting for you, today. You may get the opportunity to travel or enjoy some kind of new experience with someone. Those you interact with today may open you to new learning, stimulate the expansion of your mind and help you to broaden your horizons.

You may be feeling restless and wanting to venture out of your home, away from the familiar surroundings and everyday routine into the outer world in search of something lively and exciting that might bring out the adventurer in you.

You may feel bored with the same old daily routine, especially at work and wish you could do something new, different or more adventurous that might stretch you more. You may feel excited and enthusiastic about a new career project. You may be planning to do something quite different from anything you have done before. Or you may be planning to broaden your horizons by doing things on a bigger scale, or over a wider area. If there are responsibilities to meet and things to be done, even if you cannot make practical changes, it may help to take a different philosophical approach of some kind to what you are doing do,. If you look at the bigger picture, you could realise that the work you do may be more meaningful to other people and the wider world than you think.

You are likely to feel fired up and ready to use your energy and drive to get work done, get noticed and succeed in career your ambitions. You might feel driven to succeed in your career ambitions and to make an impression. You may want to and show the world how powerful and adventurous you are and what you can do and achieve. In your work, you may prefer to lead and do things your way. You are not likely to not feel willing to bend to anyone else’s will and may need to watch out for possible clashes with authority figures. It might be beneficial if you are able to work on your own or under your own initiative as much as possible. If you are not able to work alone, it may help to remain conscious of other people’s interests, try to avoid coming into conflict with these and work together with them. By combining your efforts with those of others, you may be able to achieve a great deal and make a positive impact today.

Romance and relationships may flourish outside your own neighbourhood or locality. Or you may be powerfully drawn to someone who brings a breath of fresh air to your own environment.

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Leo Daily Horoscope

You are likely to be feeling full of grand ideas and a desire for excitement and adventure. You may want to travel or learn something new that will enlarge your perspective and sense of meaning in life. You may put energy into learning and expanding your mind. Or you may feel an urge to take in more of the world by travelling.

You are likely to have strong ideas and to be able to express yourself powerfully and with force, especially creatively or verbally. You a might feel a desire to convey your experience and view of the world to others. You are likely to assert and defend your own beliefs and may need to watch out for a possible tendency to impose your beliefs, philosophy or overall view of the world onto others.  In your communications you could make a big impact with what you say. Your ideas and the way you express them could also be a force for change, in some way. If you are seeking to sway an argument or someone else’s opinion your way, this may be the best time to speak up.

If you want to make changes of any kind at work, this may be a good time to do so. Your co-workers are likely to be receptive to this and this may be a time when you can work together very well with others to achieve common aims and ambitions. You may be noticed for your ability to assert yourself and your power in a way that brings people together. 

An easy flow of affection and passion is likely to be very positive for relationships, today. If you are single, today you may have very deep feelings for someone, possibly someone you meet or know through your work. But you might not know how to express how you feel, or may fear getting a negative reaction. You may, therefore,  feel like keeping your thoughts hidden or private It may help to try to share what you can with the object of your affection, wait until you are sure of what you want to say and then choose your moment. The person may be more receptive to you than you think. Today, if you are in a relationship, it may be important for you and your partner not to allow your practical responsibilities to limit your ability to have fun and do things purely for enjoyment together.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

Today, you are likely to approach life with exuberance. You may be tempted to spend generously on doing something on a grand scale, especially if you are joining in with others to create excitement. You may need to take care to ensure that you don’t overspend impulsively or rashly, as your appetites and vision could possibly be larger your budget. You may have a strong sense of your own values, but may come into conflict with someone, or need to make a joint decision concerning a shared financial interest. Or you may disagree with a partner over how to use joint resources. This may not be a good time to take out a loan, or undertake financial negotiations.

You may be eager to start new enterprises and make money. You are likely to express yourself well creatively today and in a powerful way. Creative endeavours may work out particularly well if you join forces with another person or others in a partnership. You could have an exciting opportunity to enter into a business partnership with someone. However, you may need to choose business partners carefully. It may be beneficial to look beyond your enthusiasm and optimism and examine whether you find the other person likely to be reliable or consistent enough to want to make any kind of joint commitment with them. You could also potentially earn well in your own right, at this time.

You may encounter someone who could have a powerful or transforming effect on you, either through attraction, competition or conflict. You may be in a playful mood, but are also likely to be passionate in your feelings for others. You may need to take care not to be overly assertive or dominant in romance or relationships. But you may be intensely attracted to someone, today, and a deep, powerful connection may be possible. If you are single, you may seek a romance with emotional depth and potential to grow and develop. You may feel attracted to someone who seems exciting and intense. Romance may be possible but circumstances could prove to be subject to change and it may help not to count on consistency or depth today. If you are attached, you are likely to enjoy a deep level of closeness with your partner. If you are in a relationship, you may want to do something different, exciting or adventurous with your partner.

Experiences you have had in the past may cast a shadow on your relationships today. You may benefit from confronting fears and worries that have their origin in the past, so you can deal with them, let them go, express yourself more freely and enjoy your relationships more. Today, the weight of domestic responsibilities may also make it difficult for you to find time to have fun and leisure time, or get together with the person you would really like to be with. It may be beneficial to work on finding a balance between home or family responsibilities and other people who are important to you. You may only feel like half a person if you favour one at the expense of the other.

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Libra Daily Horoscope

You are likely to be looking for excitement and adventure and may well find it. But what is on offer could prove be erratic and you may need to take care not to over-extend yourself and allow your appetites to lead you too far down the path of excess. You may have some differences of opinion with relatives or neighbours, and this could be an obstruction to your getting things done. However, both at work and home or among family today, whether you are engaged in everyday routine tasks and something different and more profound, you could accomplish a great deal. Your interaction with co-workers and family members may seem to bring closer and deeper connections.

At work today, you may find other people stubborn and inflexible in their attitudes. You may feel that there need to be major changes of some kind, but others may seem too narrow-thinking or afraid to try anything new. It may help to talk things through with co-workers. It is possible they could be persuaded to take your advice, especially if you are able to show how your ideas may be more profitable.

You are likely to use your energy most effectively through a partnership today. You may feel a powerful desire for romance or relationship today. But at the same time, you are likely to be very self-assertive and want to do things your way and not have to give in or compromise. This could potentially manifest as conflict with others, if you come across as over assertive or dominant. But if you need to stand up for yourself in a relationship, this may be a good day to do so.

If you are single, you may feel an enthusiastic desire to pursue a new relationship. Your powerful presence may be attractive to others today and, if you can devote your energy to fulfilling others’ needs as well as your own, this may be an excellent time to begin a new romance. However, although there may be romantic opportunities at this time, situations could be excitable and subject to fluctuation and change and you may not be able to rely on a relationship developing into something consistent. If you are merely looking for romance as an adventure and are able to accept whatever happens, you may find enjoyment at this time. If you are attached and there is harmony in your relationship, you are likely to be a powerful force together.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

You may be dreaming of excitement and adventure, today. But opportunities for this could seem elusive or erratic. It may be because you are not quite sure what you are looking for and lack direction. But you are likely to carry on in pursuit of something interesting with boundless optimism. For you, today may be all about expressing yourself whether it is through your style and how you present yourself, what you say and do or through creative activity. Your mind may be full of profound ideas, but you may feel you do not have a strong enough sense of who you are to express yourself in the way would like to. However, with effort and confidence, you may be capable of expressing yourself emotionally, creatively and verbally with power and force but also with sensitivity. This could also be a day when you can make an impact on others and help to change people’s perception of something. You are likely to work hard and get a lot of things done quite quickly today, especially practical, everyday tasks, both at home and at work. Physical activity may help you to release tension that is best not frustrated or bottled up and could be good for your health. 

You may feel eager and enthusiastic about new work projects you may have planned. Work may also be an ideal outlet for your energy and drive you may be thinking of doing something new and exciting and working on a grander scale than usual. This could well be possible, though a lot of effort might be required and situations may be subject to change. You may prefer to do things your way at work and, as you are likely to identify with what you do, you may want to get credit for your efforts. The best scenario for you may be to work for yourself, or to work independently under your own initiative. You may not feel much like being a team player today. But if you have to work with others, you may need to take care to avoid being competitive or critical of others who cannot match your pace and productivity. You may also need to ensure that your vision is not too grand or too abstract for you to really be able to turn it into a practical reality. You may be able to make money from a creative outlet or spare time activity. Today might not be the most profitable of days, but if you persist and work hard, you could achieve some level of financial reward.

If you are single, romance may bloom in your own neighbourhood or local area, or in places connected with knowledge, learning and communication. Your understanding and ease of conversation may be very conducive to fun, enjoyment and a meeting of minds in relationships.
If you are single, you may feel attracted to someone but might feel reluctant to open up and show your feelings. This could be because you are not as confident as usual today and may underestimate you own worth.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

You might tend to hide yourself away today, either at home or in any private place you can find. This could be because you lack confidence or feel unsure of yourself.  However, your home and family life may be an appropriate area to focus your attention today. You may need to examine how your domestic life is practically managed in order to balance your domestic duties with your own personal needs. Or a family member may have some kind of problem or difficulty. If you have children, you may find you have a clash of wills with them. Having your support may be very comforting to your family today. You may enjoy buying something for your home. You may be able to make money today by utilising a domestic skill, doing something you have not done for a long time or by using the benefit of you past experience.

You may be looking for fun, pleasure excitement and something unusual or adventurous that you can do in the company of friends or a group of people. You may feel determined to be yourself and to express who you are, in a different and unusual way.  You might choose to do this via a creative medium, which may be an excellent outlet for your energy. Or you could express yourself through a hobby or spare-time activity, or something playful or in the spirit of healthy competition. You are likely to put energy into things you do for your own enjoyment today.

If you are single, you may seek romance, as your desire nature may be strong. You may need to take care not to seem overly forceful in your pursuit of romance. However, your energy could be attractive to others today. You could discover romantic opportunities through friends or in a group setting. But you may need to be prepared for things to be spontaneous and subject to change. There may be more fun and excitement to be found in romance than commitment and lasting affections.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Today, your thinking may be strongly coloured by your feelings and your sensitivity to your environment. You may feel as if your immediate environment is uncomfortable or even threatening. Or you may not feel very receptive to other people’s ideas, perhaps finding them dull and unimaginative. However, you may find yourself able to communicate your ideas and deepest feelings very effectively and with power, force and emotional depth.  Talking and exchanging ideas with others may bring you a deeper understanding of yourself.

You may work hard and accomplish a lot at home today. You may identify with your home base and want your domestic surroundings to be just how you want them to be. If someone else in the family, or a landlord or neighbour does not approve of this, there could be a potential conflict. In this case, you may need to find a compromise that allows you to be as true to your own desires as possible. If united, your family could be a powerful force and you may achieve more together with them than you could alone. You may be doing some unusual, lively and exciting things at home and with your family. Or these could be changes or unexpected occurrences in the home and family life that might require you to be spontaneous and adaptable. This could be connected with work or public engagements.

You may find it a challenge to balance your work or professional and public life with your home, family or private life. You may feel you want to give energy to both and feel excited by what each offers. However, you may need to take care not to over-extend yourself and do justice to neither.

You may see work as a way of breaking away from home and the familiar routine and may be planning something on a large scale. You may need to watch out or hidden and unexpected factors that could be disruptive to your overall plan. But this could force changes that in the end, are likely to be beneficial.

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