Daily Horoscopes 25-10-2016

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

In many ways, today could be more emotionally intense than the average day. Your connections and conversations at work may be deeper and more profound than usual, your relationships with friends may be characterised by stronger moods and more powerful feelings than is typical. Even your financial dealings may feel more emotionally engaging in some way than usual. Other may display feelings and emotions that are very different from your own, but which could affect you quite powerfully. This is because you are likely to be very sensitive to others and to emotional undercurrents around you today. In your career, you are likely to achieve more if you are working jointly with others towards a goal you all care passionately about. If you are single, you may encounter someone who holds an intense magnetic attraction for you, either through your work or through a friend or group you mix with.

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Pisces Daily Horoscope

Your close relationships are likely to be your main area of focus today. Those you love will feel important to you and make your life seem larger and more of an adventure. Your connections with others may be more emotional than usual and may teach you things about yourself that you didn’t know or were not conscious of. If you are single, you may make a meaningful and emotional connection with someone you meet through your work. Your relationships with others at work and with the public are likely to be very positive today. It would be beneficial for you to be around others as much as possible as they may be able to give you more confidence in yourself than you might otherwise have.

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Aries Daily Horoscope

This may be a day to attend to work and practical everyday concerns. You should be able to balance your duties, responsibilities and obligations to others and your own needs. You may enjoy talking to others at work and the conversation you share with them may be deeper and more profound than usual. You may feel a desire to support and look after others in a way that helps all of you further your goals. Your relations with others could awaken past memories today. You could be a bit emotionally sensitive today and should take care that confusion and misunderstandings do not result in your feeling upset or hurt. It may be best to avoid being around other people’s negativity as much as you can. If you are single, any romantic opportunities are most likely to be found through your work and there could be a link with your past.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope

You are likely to wear your heart on your sleeve today and others will see your true emotional self in your expression. If you are single, any romantic connections you make with another person are likely to have real emotional depth. You may feel more deeply about someone who has so far been only a friend. But you may need to be careful that you are seeing and understanding things clearly and you are not confusing sympathy with romantic affection. If you are in a relationship, this may be a very good day for talking and sharing conversation with your partner. You will be able to express your feelings well, verbally, today and this should make relationships quite harmonious. Your nurturing instinct may be strong and you may want to look after others. Your friends may benefit from your sensitivity and empathy today, but take care that you do not become emotionally overwhelmed by other peoples’ problems.

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Gemini Daily Horoscope

If possible, you may choose to retire from the demands of the outside world to the privacy and comfort of your home today. Whether your tasks and responsibilities lie there or at work, you may feel happiest attending to things quietly on your own and speaking only to those who you find supportive, sympathetic and friendly. Your deepest feelings, elements of your past or parts of your nature that are normally hidden from view could become more noticeable or somehow leak out and attract public attention today. You may feel you need to take stock of yourself and need to withdraw from the world, to some extent, to do this. But you and your partner are likely to give and receive support mutually. You may feel in sentimental mood today and memories of the past may be awakened in your work and relationships. If you are single, you may reconnect with someone from your past.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope

Your emotional mood could colour your thinking today and you may find it difficult to think objectively. However, if you can’t reason things out, the best way may be to go with your gut instinct. You may be able to express your emotions very well, especially if you do it through a creative medium. At work, you are likely to find others supportive. If you are single, romantic opportunities may be found either through your work or in settings connected with learning, knowledge or communication. You may be a little over sensitive and you may need to be careful that you do not get feelings, whether positive or negative a little out of proportion. But you are likely to be at your most perceptive and receptive to higher ideas and spiritual insights.

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Leo Daily Horoscope

There is a possibility that today you could tend to identify with your possessions and may feel very protective of them. If someone needs to borrow something, you may feel reluctant to part with it. But your instinct may be right and perhaps you would be wise, for today anyway, to keep valued things near you. You may enjoy being surrounded by objects that hold memories or meaning for you. It may not be the object itself that is important, but the emotion or idea that it invokes. Today may not be a good time to make financial agreements, decisions or commitments. But it is likely to be a very positive time for expressing yourself creatively and for seeking out fun and pleasure with family, loved ones and others. Keeping things between yourself and others light and not too emotionally deep might be more conducive to enjoyment.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

Your own personal feelings and subjective considerations may be most important to you today. But you may also feel a need for a sense of belonging among others. You may feel at your happiest in the company of a partner, family members or those most close to you who understand you and your needs well. You are also likely to feel the need for conversation and the exchange of ideas with someone who is on your wavelength. Others may be drawn to your emotional warmth and sympathy today and you may have much to offer to others in terms of emotional support. But you will need to ensure that your emotional needs are met too.

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Libra Daily Horoscope

Although you are normally sociable, you may find yourself wanting to withdraw and keep your feelings to yourself today. This could be because unconscious thoughts and feelings may be overwhelming you and you may not understand them yourself, let alone be able to communicate how you feel to anyone else. You may be reflecting on events from the past and may need to process your feelings in order to achieve peace of mind. The one exception may be in matters of business and finance. You may be inspired and able to make money today, especially by utilising your imagination and creativity. However it may not be a good day to make any new financial or emotional commitments.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Emotional contact with friends may be very important to you. You may be happiest amongst a group or friends or people you feel you belong among today. Exchanging ideas with others may help you clarify your own thoughts and ideas and understand yourself better. Joining your efforts with others may be emotionally fulfilling and possibly more financially lucrative too. You may feel you need to sacrifice your own individual expression to fit in or merge with others or the collective today. But a sense of belonging is likely to feel like a good enough reward for this. If you are single, you may find yourself attracted to someone you meet via a friend or in a group situation, but people and circumstances could be deceptive today and you may need to take  to ensure that you are seeing others and situations clearly.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Your career concerns and professional ambitions may be your major point of focus today. And you may feel more on public display than usual. However, despite your drive to succeed, you are likely to have empathy and be sensitive to others’ needs and concerns today. You may be able to win people over with your charm, values and sense of fair play. What you achieve could benefit others as well as yourself. You may need to take care not to let negative feelings that come via difficult past experiences influence your thoughts and actions today. If you can use the best of your past experience and try to progress with as much confidence as you can, you should be able to achieve a great deal. Romantic opportunities may be most likely to be found in a work or career setting today.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Getting away from the usual daily routine and environment and going somewhere new may be what you desire today. Exploring and experiencing somewhere or something different may be beneficial, rewarding and just what you need. You may not be consciously aware of this, but might feel restless if you are confined to the familiar and known. Being around friends or groups of people may feel expansive to you, as they may bring fresh insights or new concepts. In your communications with others, you may need to make sure that you don’t accidentally reveal more of what you are thinking than you meant to or make an indiscretion. In relationships today, you may find yourself taking care of others or having to sacrifice your own desire to give others what they need today. But you may find giving your affection selflessly quite rewarding.

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