Daily Horoscopes 24-11-2016

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

You may be in philosophical mood today and are likely to use your energy and drive to chase your ambitions and personal goals but in a way that is morally sound. Others are likely to find your assertive, direct approach refreshing. This is because they may see you believe in yourself but also want your plans to benefit something larger than your personal self.

In any plans, especially those which are designed to bring about change, you may need to take care not to be secretive or try to hide anything in the shadows that you think others may disapprove or find unpalatable. This could undermine our success and others’ belief in you. Openness and honesty, however blunt, may be the best policy.

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Pisces Daily Horoscope

Your sensitivity to others’ feelings, together with your bold, direct approach is likely to enable others to know exactly where they are with you. In personal relationships, this is likely to lead to greater closeness and intimacy between yourself and others.

In friendships and group involvements, you may need to take care to ensure that you are not assuming a greater closeness of involvement than there actually is, or being overly forceful in your relating to others. An error of judgement could alienate you from a friend or a group.

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Aries Daily Horoscope

You are likely to approach friendships and romantic relationships with excitement, enthusiasm and energy today. You may feel confident, bold and assertive, but without being confrontational or selfish. You may be called upon to lead others today. This is a good day to take the initiative in making emotional contact with someone.

In your career, you may be very ambitious and want to achieve something big today. Others are likely to be drawn to you for your enthusiasm. But you may need to take care not to let your desire to achieve make you overly ruthless. You could succeed in any kind of work involving reorganising or reforming something.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope

At work today, you may feel driven to get things done.  You’re likely to be able to assert your power without others resenting it and your co-workers may appreciate your energy. You may understand what is needed and be able to unify your objectives with theirs.

Today may be a good time to start or work on a big project, especially if it requires broad vision and involves change or reform. You are likely to approach work with intense drive and enthusiasm, but may need to take care not to overreach yourself.


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Gemini Daily Horoscope

Today you are likely to express yourself in an enthusiastic and larger than life way. Whether this is via creative work or just by being who you are, others may be excited by your energy and confidence.

Your powerful creativity and self-expression could also make you money or win you financial backing from another. Or a bold romantic gesture may change the nature of your relationship with someone and bring you closer.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope

You may focus much of your energy on your home and family issues today. You are likely to be tackle large tasks with determination, especially those that involve bringing about change. You should be able to get family members to unify and help without needing to be bossy. Your enthusiasm and energy are likely to be infectious and could bring everyone in your household closer together.

In relationships today, hidden, secret or buried feelings may be more openly expressed, leading to a deeper, closer bond with someone.

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Leo Daily Horoscope

If you need to put forward a strong, assertive argument that you hope will prove persuasive to others, today may be a good time to do so. You are likely to have strong ideas and communicate them with force and power, but in a way others feel receptive to and feel comfortable with. This could especially apply in personal relationships.

At work, you may need to make sure your ideas are not too wide ranging for your co-workers to take on board, all at once. You may have an enthusiastic drive to bring about change which, if expressed too vigorously, may overwhelm others.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

You may feel driven to get work done and earn money today. You are likely to approach tasks with energy and drive and to be productive. Others may find your bold, assertive approach likeable and this may give them confidence in you. Your efforts should bring you good financial rewards today.

As well as making money, you are likely to enjoy spending it today and could make a big purchase that makes a major difference to your life, in some way. Or you may spend bountifully on having a good time. However, you may need to take care that your enthusiasm and desire for pleasure do not lead you to be over-indulgent or reckless with money. You should be able to have great fun without endangering your financial security.

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Libra Daily Horoscope

You may assert and express yourself in a powerful, authoritative way today. You may want to be the leader and instigator. But others might enjoy and appreciate this because you are likely to do so in such a way that makes them feel included and important too.

You may want to make changes to your home that make it feel more authentically like you want it to be. But you may need to take care not to be too forceful in your approach, as other members of your family may not share your enthusiasm for all your ideas and plans. You are more likely to succeed if you take into account the input of all members of your household, while still remaining true to your central vision.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

In family matters today, you are likely to be strong and sensitive in your approach. Family members may need your help or support. You are likely to give it, but you may be bold and assertive in imparting your wisdom. Or you may feel protective of your home and family, in some way.

If you are trying to implement a large plan or vision, you may benefit from taking a critical look at it, today. Your idea may be too ambitious, or strong in overall vision but vague in terms of detail. You may be able to analyse the overall picture and effect any changes that might be necessary to make it more practically viable.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Your friends and associates may be attracted to your bold ideas and your energy and directness in expressing your thoughts. You may be called upon to lead in groups today, or you might make a significant contribution to any group effort you are involved in.

The one area in which you could risk clashing with others today is business and finance. You may have an ambitious plan or vision that needs the combined effort of a team or group of people to accomplish. Or you may want to enlist the help of others to bring about change or reform of some kind. In either case, you may have your eye on a big financial prize. If you are to inspire others with your enthusiasm, you may need to take care not to be overly forceful or ruthless in your moral and financial methods and objectives.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Your career may be your main area of focus today and you are likely to pursue your ambitions and financial rewards enthusiastically and vigorously. Your confidence, energy and vision are likely to get you noticed today and to be marketable resources.

If you are seeking power or change that will further your own objectives, or looking to change the public’s perception of you it may be beneficial for you take care not to be too forceful or appear ruthless in your approach. You are likely to be a force for positive change, and to succeed in your personal goals if your approach is believable and magnanimous.

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