Daily Horoscopes 23-10-2016

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Whatever you do today is likely to get you noticed and gain you public attention. If you want to shine or seek the limelight, this is a day when you can make a powerful impression on others. This could particularly apply to your career and any ambitions you have. If you have not been sure what you wanted to do, you may suddenly feel clear about your vocation. Friends, associates and partners are likely to be very ready to offer you their support and practical help. This could be an excellent day to spend time with people you love, care about or feel an affinity with, and the bigger the gathering the better. You may especially enjoy going to new places or experiencing new things with partners and friends and are likely to find their company uplifting. If you are single, the best places to meet someone on you wavelength may be in a group setting, in places you may not normally go to or on your travels.


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Pisces Daily Horoscope

Work and ordinary, everyday routine tasks may be your main preoccupation today. This may not seem exciting and inspiring, but it could actually turn out to be more pleasant and uplifting than you think. You are likely to have the opportunity for company and support from others in your endeavours and this could be very enjoyable and positive. You may find more pleasure than you expected in joining with others to get things done, take care of all the small details and prepare the groundwork for projects. This could be especially the case if all this serves to lay the foundation for a larger plan or vision you hope to eventually realise or launch into the public eye. Whatever you are doing and however mundane tasks may seem, working with others may be fun, inspiring and may enable you to see the bigger picture or overall vision more clearly. Other people’s support is likely to give you greater self-belief and confidence in your ambitions. Similarly, you may have much that is valuable to offer others today.


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Aries Daily Horoscope

Today should be a very enjoyable time, best shared with those you feel closest to, seeking pleasure and entertainment. New adventure and may be the key to the best of today and you and your partner may especially enjoy going to new unexplored places, doing new untried things, or seeking new or more challenging experiences in some way. You are likely to find yourself in harmony and agreement on this and, although there may be some need to plan a little and some limits to what you can expect, you should enjoy a happy, expansive experience together. If you are single, there could be romantic opportunities to be found in places outside your usual surroundings. Or you may feel especially drawn to someone who is, in some way, different from yourself and can offer you a new perspective. If you are in a relationship, today may be the beginning of a period of greater or more intense closeness.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope

Home may be where your heart is today, and especially if your partner is there with you. You might feel a desire to stay in or retreat to the cosy comfort of your familiar surroundings today and spend time with your partner and family. Even if you feel industrious today, you may feel happier attending to domestic tasks and duties than any other kind of work. This should be a very happy and harmonious day for your relationships when you and your partner will both want to please each other. And you may find yourself in agreement about almost everything. If you are single, there could definitely be romantic possibilities today. These are more likely to be found in or around your home, in familiar places, or through a family member. There may even be an echo from the past in romance today. If you have been in a relatively casual relationship, today may be the beginning of a new level of mutual commitment, partnership and greater significance.

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Gemini Daily Horoscope

Work and everyday duties may be one of your main areas of focus today and this may be where you can shine most brightly today. You are likely to find others receptive to and appreciative of your ideas and you may feel able to be at your most creative and adventurous in the work you do, or the way you approach tasks and duties. Today is an especially favourable time for anything you do involving a business partnership. This is also likely to be a very beneficial day for personal relationships. If you are single, you may be likely to find the most pleasing encounters in settings connected with your work, via communications, such as or via a telephone, online or in person conversation, or in places connected with learning and the exchange of ideas such as a college, class, or discussion group. If you are in a relationship, you and your partner are also likely to feel very happy and contented in each other’s company.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope

It is likely that today, you will be more in the mood for play than work. You may want to spend the day being creative or doing something purely for enjoyment and fun. Yet there may also be work to do. If you have a creative spare time interest, this may be your source of both work and play and this may be an area in which you can show your potential and maybe even gain financial reward. If you are working today, you may have an opportunity to make a pleasing amount of money and enjoy a good, harmonious relationship with co-workers. Or it is possible that your daily tasks and responsibilities may be more centred around your domestic environment or concerned with attending to financial matters. Wherever you are today, you are likely to find others co-operative and friendly. If you are single, today could see the beginning of an enjoyable new romance, especially with someone you may meet through your work or while attending to your ordinary everyday tasks routine. If you are in a relationship, you and your partner may be able to both work well and play well together.

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Leo Daily Horoscope

Something that may happen today could throw new light on the past, in some way, and enable you to see a past event or experience in a completely new way. You may prefer to spend as much of the day as you can at home, with your family, or in familiar places and surroundings. You are likely to express yourself very well, especially if you do so through a creative medium. You may even want to use your creativity to beautify your home and make your own individual mark on your surroundings. If you are working on a creative project, you are likely to be overflowing with great ideas and are likely to make a good deal of progress today. You may enjoy spending time pursuing a hobby or seeking entertainment. If you are single, you may even encounter in settings connected with these. However, it is more likely that you will be very focused on yourself as an individual and more interested in what you want today. If so, this is likely to be a positive thing. In fact, by pleasing yourself, you may also please others.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

You may be especially sensitive to others and your surroundings today. And what you absorb and feel in your environment today is likely to be very pleasing and inspiring and to promote good relations with others. This is likely to be especially the case in your home and family. You may feel a desire to escape practical everyday matters and do something that gives flight to your imagination. If you are working on a creative project or idea, you are likely to be at your most imaginative and inspired today. Or, if you have been nursing a grand vision of some kind, your ideas may become especially clear today and you may be able to find a way to give concrete form to it or turn it into a practical reality. In cartoons, when someone has an idea, a little light bulb appears over their head. You may experience something like this yourself today, as if a light is suddenly switched on and an idea or concept suddenly becomes clear to you. Or some important or significant new information may ‘come to light’. Whatever you do today could also turn out to be financially rewarding, maybe in a big way.

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Libra Daily Horoscope

Today you may feel happiest in the company of other people, whether in a group or team situation or among friends, where you can talk and exchange ideas. This is likely to make you feel happy and contented, as your rapport with others is likely to be good. Discussing your ideas and plans with others and getting their input may also have the effect of making you feel more confident and positive about yourself. If you are single, there may even be an opportunity to make a romantic connection through a friend or a group of people. This may be a good day to launch or work on a new business project or money making-opportunity that could win you attention and recognition. Or it could simply be a positive day for making an important purchase, making an important financial decision or taking stock of material concerns and getting your finances in order.


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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

You will want to shine brightly today, whether you do so through your career, business or public profile or just in life generally. You may feel powerful and ambitious today and want to pursue your personal and career goals with vigour and hope of financial reward. This is a day when you are likely to make an impact on others. Your strength and air of authority may inspire their trust and confidence in you. And your sensitivity, fairness and grace is likely to make you popular and well-liked. If you are involved in any kind of creative project or business venture, this would be an excellent day to gain publicity for it or even to launch it into the public eye, if you are ready to. If you are single, the best opportunities for romance may be found through your work or in setting linked with finance. If you are in a relationship, or a business partnership, you are likely to find your partner very supportive of your professional aims.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

For you, today is likely to be a day when you feel deeply connected to, or at one with others and the rest of life. You may feel spiritually uplifted and elevated. Your sense of connectedness to other people may be powerful today and you may feel happiest and most fulfilled in the company of friends, groups of like-minded people or you partner. You may be able to make them feel more positive and optimistic about themselves and about life and they may have the same effect on you. Your openness and sensitivity may make you feel closely attuned to others. You may prefer to escape your usual everyday surroundings and explore different places. Or, if you are considering going travelling, you may want to think about and plan a journey. And your imagination may be flooded with creative ideas and visions. But such visions are also likely to be practical and achievable. This would, therefore, be an excellent day for working on any creative pastime or project or anything which requires inspiration and imagination. If you are single, romantic opportunity may be more likely to be found in unfamiliar places or while travelling.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

You may prefer to be with others today, and may seek the company of friends, associates and close partners. However, you will be at your happiest if you can be the team leader or if you can stand out in the crowd. It is not that you wish to be the odd one out. In fact, you may want to feel you belong as part of the group, focus on collective values and share your identity with others. But at the same time you want to shine individually and you are likely to do so. Others may seem to want you to lead or support you in coming to the fore. Being around others and receiving their input and impressions may also give you confidence and help you clarify your own personal goals and ambitions. If you are single, you may make a deep, intense connection with someone connected with your work. If you are in a relationship, you may enjoy a particularly deep level of closeness and intimacy with your partner today.

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