Daily Horoscopes 22-10-2016

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

There may be some frustrations and irritations in your work or in the carrying out of ordinary everyday tasks and routines. Communications and journeys may be subject to disruption or sudden, unexpected changes. Or you may feel frustrated at having to spend time doing mundane tasks when you would prefer to be doing something more interesting or adventurous. Your mind may be full of interesting ideas and visions that seem worlds away from your work or the day to day responsibilities you have to attend to. However, to get the best out of today, you may need to try to find a way to somehow bring your inspiration and sense of adventure together with your work. For example: if you have to go grocery shopping, why not try a different store where you can discover new untried things to purchase; if you feel stuck in the kitchen and have to cook a meal, why not try an adventurous new recipe. Or if you are at work, why not try introducing new ideas or a different working method. You may need to make sure you do not overdo things today, as if you do, you could become stressed and this may not be good for your health. In the evening, you may feel best in the company of a partner. If you are single, the later part of the day could bring the most romantic opportunity.

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Pisces Daily Horoscope

For you, today is all about seeking fun, enjoyment and pleasure. You may want to spend time engaging in a hobby or spare time interest. Or you may enjoy going to the cinema, theatre, a concert or anywhere you can find entertainment. If you are single, you may want to go in search of romance. Whatever your choice, you may enjoy yourself more if you try something a little different from usual. You may also find most pleasure if you share the experience with another person and perhaps especially with children, if you have any. One possible drawback is that whatever options are on offer may seem to be beyond your budget or more expensive than you would like. And you may feel reluctant, or too proud to let others share the cost. However, the way to get the best out of today may be to allow everyone involved to play their part in creating a pleasurable, shared experience, whatever it takes. Provided you do not get yourself into financial difficulty, as this may take the edge off your enjoyment. During the latter part of the day, your focus may switch from play to work and can, perhaps, end the day more happily having dealt with any duties that need attention.

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Aries Daily Horoscope

Home may be where you are most needed today. But you may feel the need to escape the confines of domestic life and do what you want to do. Or you may find yourself clashing with a rebellious family member. However much you try, your mood may make it difficult for you to agree with others today. You may feel too emotional to accept their point of view, however rational they feel they are being. But the key to getting the best out of partnerships and family relationships today is by making an effort to understand others and communicating openly and honestly how you feel. Old memories and past experiences past may be colouring your perception of the present and affecting your expectations and reactions.  The evening may be more fun and may bring more opportunity to do something you enjoy, especially if it entertains you or gives scope for your creativity.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope

This could be one of those days where confusion and misunderstanding cause complications, especially in communication and journeys. Your feelings and mood may be at odds with the thinking of co-workers and you may be a little over-sensitive to what others say and do at work. Your own feelings may even be at odds with your rational thinking. You may think something makes rational sense and yet, instinctively it may not feel right. You may see others as wilful or perverse, especially if they are trying to change things or break with tradition. You may feel safer with what you know and feel familiar with today.  The key to getting the best from today is to try to listen to all viewpoints and try to balance the best of old, familiar and traditional ideas with the most interesting of the new, progressive, original thinking on offer. Your intuition is likely to guide you in this. Towards the evening, you are likely to feel most comfortable at home with your family, or in familiar surroundings with those you feel close to.


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Gemini Daily Horoscope

Financial affairs are likely to be your main focus today. You could find this a challenging day as you may have to work particularly hard to earn money and there may be considerable demands on your resources. You may also need to watch out for a tendency to overspend if you get caught up in having a good time. Or you may be tempted by friends or groups to part with more than you are really comfortable spending. The best way to achieve balance is to work out how to enjoy yourself and fulfil your sensual desires without compromising your financial security. You may find yourself making journeys to places outside you familiar surroundings and may feel a little outside your comfort zone. But this could be a positive opportunity to absorb new ideas and impressions that will feed your own creativity. As the day ends, you may feel the best place to be is wherever you can find fun and the friendliest, brightest conversation.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope

At work today, you may feel that bosses or authority figures want you to be something you are not. Or you may be asked to accept change in the way things are done that may affect the way you are able to work and pursue your goals and ambitions. You may prefer to rely on traditional or familiar ways of going about things, or stick to what is tried and tested. The odd thing is, this may not really work for you either today. You may need to work out a way to combine the old and new, the known and unknown today. You may find that elements of both reflect who you really are and can allow you to be true to yourself. Towards the end of the day you may feel a desire to enjoy your home comforts and might enjoy having objects and possessions around you that are of sentimental value and awaken happy memories.

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Leo Daily Horoscope

For much of today, you may find yourself lost in daydreams and fantasies. This is a good thing on one hand, because this kind of surrendering to your unconscious mind might bring you inspiring images and visions and could be very valuable for any artistic or creative work you might be involved in. It could also help you learn a lot about yourself and especially your desire nature. However today may not be the best time to get yourself into a situation where you should be listening carefully and picking up information, as you may get somewhat distracted. And this may not be the best time for tasks that requires clear, rational thinking and analysis, as you may tend to lose concentration. However, in some ways, you are likely to be very attuned to your environment today and you may tend to pick up on other people’s thoughts, even when they are unspoken. You may find it difficult to talk about your own feelings. But, even if this is not the best day for absorbing and learning hard facts and information, you may be able to offer a kind and sympathetic listening ear to others and to offer emotional support. Towards the end of the day, you may find it helpful to spend time alone or focusing on your own emotional needs.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

You may feel the need to seek the company of others today, but are more likely to be drawn to friends and acquaintances or team activity that to people you are very close to. You may find others erratic and changeable today and feel frustrated or irritable when ideas or plans are changed. Their values may also seem to clash with yours at times and you may feel that you want different things. This could make it somewhat difficult for you to feel totally comfortable around others. However, despite such frustrations, being in the company of people and sharing in whatever the experience can bring is likely to be the most rewarding way to spend the day. If you are single, your relationship with a friend or fellow group member could unexpectedly become closer and may take a more intimate turn. Towards the evening, you may feel more comfortable spending quiet time alone to relax, reflect on the day’s events and process the feelings it may have evoked.

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Libra Daily Horoscope

Work, career projects and the pursuit of ambitions are likely to be your main area of focus today. You may feel you know what you want to do, but others may seem to present obstacles. This could be especially true of partners, bosses or and authority figures. Your partner may feel neglected or resent you centring so much of your time and energy around work. Bosses and authority figures may seem to require you to do things their preferred way and this might clash with your own ideas, thoughts and plans. You are not likely to be in the mood to compromise on your own self-expression or your own personal aims. But you may need to try to find a way to succeed in your efforts while keeping everybody else relatively happy too. If you are single, you could feel a sudden or unexpected mutual attraction with someone you encounter in the course of your work. As the evening approaches, you may feel at your best in the company of friends or a group of like-minded people.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Your broad vision, imagination and expansive mood are all likely to inform the way you approach everything today. This could be especially the case at work. The only possible problems you may have today are that others may find your ideas too unusual to understand immediately. Or they may be unable to yet see the bigger picture you have already formed in your mind. You are likely to feel fired up and want to press on with things and may feel frustrated if you have to take time to explain your thinking to others. To some extent, you may need to take an original approach in today’s tasks and a break from usual or traditional methods and routines could be beneficial. However, the more others understand what you are planning or aiming for, the more receptive they are likely to be. This is, ultimately, what may help you to get the best results today. Another possibility is that you may have so many ideas and be able to envisage so much that you yourself could become overwhelmed by the number of possibilities and feel unsure of what to focus on. If this is the case, the answer may be to follow your instincts and choose the thing that inspires you the most. Towards the evening, you may be likely to get public attention in whatever you do, so you may want to make sure you are prepared and ready to make a good impression.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Today is all about what you can give to, receive from and share with others, especially friends and groups or teams. If you are single, this could also apply to new romantic encounters, which could be quite deep, intense. If you are already in a relationship with someone, your bond may grow closer and deeper. You may feel that there are quite strong differences between yourself and friends, associates or romantic partners, but you may have to put these aside to enjoy the best of what the day has to offer. It may be by focusing on what you have in common that you can really share something meaningful and valuable. However, sometimes where there are differences between ourselves and others, there are opportunities for us each to give or offer something unique to each other that can help to make both feel more whole. This may be a possibility worth exploring in your interactions with others today. In the evening, you may feel a desire to open your mind to new ideas, or extend your understanding of something whether by reading, having a philosophical discussion with others or attending an evening class or lecture.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Relations with others and especially partners are the area that will require your attention and energy today. Though you may find there are some challenges in your interactions and relationships. You may feel a desire to escape home, your usual surroundings or familiar territory and go somewhere new or do something different and adventurous together. But your partner or others may want to stay at home, involve more of the family or do something more familiar, tried and tested. You may also find yourself thinking about work and coming up with interesting ideas about your career projects. But your partner and others may not seem to be interested in or receptive to these. So, there may be some need to find a balance between differing interests. However, true sharing and partnership means that everyone should have equal consideration. Therefore, your challenge may be to try to find a way to make everyone happy without compromising your own needs too much. If you are single, you could discover romantic opportunities in settings connected with your work, in your home or through a family member.  As the evening approaches, you will want to be with the person you feel closest to and may find sharing and intimacy much less of a challenge.

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