Daily Horoscopes 22-03-2017

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Today, you may be extremely sensitive to your immediate surroundings and your feelings may be intensely coloured by what is going on around you. In your environment, there could be an atmosphere of restlessness, irritability and disagreement about all kinds of ideas and beliefs. Some people around you may have very different ideas from your own and you may need to be careful not to be swayed unduly into agreeing with opinions and views you do not really share.  Intense emotions expressed forcefully by others which could make an impression on you or feel overwhelming. It may be wise to avoid making decisions today and you may benefit from quiet time alone to reflect and separate what you have absorbed from your own thoughts and feelings. You may be at your most imaginative and in touch with your ideas, dreams and fantasies.

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Pisces Daily Horoscope

Friendships and group situations may give you a sense of belonging among others, but could also prove to be the scene of emotional intensity. You may be imaginative and your mind may be full of idealistic visions. But you may benefit from talking and exchanging ideas with friends or groups of like-minded people. In turn, you may be able to offer inspiring insights to others in a group. If you are single, romance may be found the company of friends or in group situations.

However, you could face a dilemma over whether to be part of a joint business or financial arrangement or to retain the freedom to be financially independent and make your own decisions. The key may be to see who you most relate to in a group situation when choosing who to align yourself with in business.

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Aries Daily Horoscope

You may feel quite emotionally intense today, especially at work. You might feel your progress is blocked and you cannot seem to achieve the success and recognition you desire. You might want to make major changes to address this. But you could meet resistance from co-workers or those in authority who are not comfortable with this. Your desire for change should not be ignored, but you may also need to ensure that you proceed in a fair and just way.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope

Today you may feel that there must be more to life than what your current situation offers you. You might feel an intense desire to step outside your everyday environment and have a complete change of scene. You may have a powerful desire for new learning, new experience and adventure. You may seek to become more powerful by broadening your horizons. 

You may dream of many new, different possibilities but might feel unsure of which particular goals to focus on or how to realise your vision. This could be particularly the case at work.  However, the key may be to keep reflecting on the possibilities you envisage until you feel inspired and find direction. Meanwhile, the seemingly ordinary tasks you do today may help you to find meaning in your life. This may be an ideal time to attend to ordinary everyday tasks or problems that need a common sense practical solution or attention to detail.

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Gemini Daily Horoscope

Today, if you are among friends or groups of people, you could find yourself in disagreement with the majority and might want to break away from the collective position. You may feel more confident and sure of your own position and might prefer to express yourself more individually. However, among a group, there may be one other person whose viewpoint makes a profound impression on you and which could even sway you a third way. It may be in a partnership that you can be most powerful today, whether in your career or in more personal relationships. Whether in what you gain from joining together with another person may be particularly meaningful.

Romance and relationships may bring great closeness and intimacy. Another person could make a profound impression on you. If you are single, there could be a link between romance and working partnerships, friends or groups.  If you are attached, you may feel that your relationship needs to leave you more room for independence and freedom of individual expression.


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Cancer Daily Horoscope

Your relationships with others may be quite emotionally intense and could also be subject to excitement or disruption today. Sudden or unexpected feelings may come out into the open or hidden truths may be revealed that change the nature of things between yourself and others, or a particular other person. This could be a possible source of tension in your career. However, it is what unites you with others that you may need to focus on today, as you and the others who have significance in your life are likely to be more powerful, go further and find more emotional fulfilment by working and being together in partnership.

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Leo Daily Horoscope

The atmosphere in your work environment may be somewhat emotionally intense today. You may want to make changes in the nature of your work or in your approach to tasks or routines. It is also possible that others may want to make changes at work. You may have sympathies with these or could be caught in the middle and feel critical of others’ suggestions. The most beneficial way to respond to this could be to try to get things done as best as possible in a way that seems natural to you. The insights you receive from talking to others, may stimulate your thinking and inspire you in your work.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

There could be emotional tension over business or financial matters today. On one hand, you may feel excited about a joint venture which means working closely together with someone else and sharing the proceeds. On the other, you may feel a desire to work independently, have more freedom to do things your own way and have the profits to yourself. You may feel a need to express your true self in a powerful way.  The key to choosing may be to consider which gives you the most room for creative self-expression and allows you to be a force for change. Working in a partnership may be rewarding and could offer you the creative freedom you seek. But it may be important to choose a partner you can get on well with. If you do feel critical or uncomfortable about anything at work today, it may be best to try to express how you feel rather than repress your feelings. But you may need to be constructive and avoid the kind of criticism that upsets others or is counter-productive.

If you are single, romance may bloom in settings connected with entertainment, creativity or leisure activity and could be intense and passionate. You could form a deep, intimate bond with someone. If you are attached, you may enjoy engaging in a hobby, spare time interest or creative outlet with your partner.

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Libra Daily Horoscope

There may be some emotional tension in your home or among family members today. Those around you may become irritable if they cannot have their own way. Or unexpected feelings could suddenly seem to flare up that cause disruption. This could prompt you to want to escape your domestic environment and seek out other company. It may be difficult for you to balance your family life with romance or relationship today. The key may be to try to unite the family and also look at what changes you can make in your home life and domestic routine that might help you manage all the relationships in your life more effectively.

If you are single, romance could bloom suddenly or unexpectedly but people, situations and feelings could prove to be erratic. If you are attached, feelings that have been hidden or kept below the source may be revealed leading to changes in the dynamics of your relationship.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Today, especially at work, your thinking and communication is likely to be may be razor sharp and your emotions very intense. Your mind may penetrate right to the core of an issue and see what needs to be changed or reformed. You may speak and communicate very forcefully and others are likely to take notice of what you say. You may need to be aware of the power what you say might carry. 

Today, especially at work, you may have ideas about what you think needs to change in order for something to function better. This could make you very productive and you may be able to turn grand visions into practical reality. However, you may feel very impatient or critical of anyone you do not agree with or who cannot match your mental agility and insight. Developing ideas that give everyone what they need may be the way to get the best out of yourself, others and your work today.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Today you may be focused on making money or personal financial issues. Your earning power could be considerable today. But there may be a clash between yourself and others over the issue of how much freedom you have to be creative and expressive and how much you have to bend to others’ will in order to achieve financial gain. There may also be the issue of whether your own creative expression is reliable at the moment, as you may be in a process of personal change and this could make your expression somewhat erratic. Perhaps the best approach today is to use your past experience and the wisdom you have acquired through this to make business or financial decisions that are a true reflection of yourself and can help you to be secure the rewards you need.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

You are likely to be very in touch with your own deepest feelings today and may feel determined to have your emotional needs met. You may almost feel ruthless in pursuit of your own desires. However you may have to be prepared to encounter differing feelings, even if these seem to have previously been hidden from view and emerge unexpectedly. You may also need to consider whether you are expecting too much, or if what you desire is really practically achievable, especially in your career. Having empathy and listening sensitively to all viewpoints, while also not compromising too much on your own needs may be the key to success today.

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