Daily Horoscopes 20-11-2016

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Your relationships with others may be the most important element of today. Your interactions with others are likely to bring you a great deal in terms of stimulating conversation, fresh information and ideas, new experiences and alternative viewpoints that help you to expand your mind. Your friends or groups of people you mix with may also help you to feel grounded in reality or to find greater stability and order.

If you are single, you may be attracted to someone you meet while travelling, or outside your usual daily environment. Or you could be drawn to someone you meet through a friend or in a group setting. You may find their thinking and conversation exciting and inspiring and may feel a significant connection with them.

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Pisces Daily Horoscope

For you, today may be centred around work and small or practical daily tasks. But in some way, your ordinary everyday activity might seem more meaningful. This could be because you might learn a lot through what you do. Or your work could bring you closer to other people, or someone in particular.

Your work might get you noticed today and your earnings may make a significant difference to your financial situation. What you do today could also bring shared financial benefits for yourself and others.

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Aries Daily Horoscope

Today, you are likely to be in a playful mood and ready to have fun and enjoy yourself, especially in the company of others. You may want to express yourself in a different and unusual way that gives you a sense of freedom. You may feel contented with how your life is and reasonably optimistic about the future.

If you are single, you may attract someone who is different in some way from your past partners.  This may be because you are seeking change and may feel they can offer you a different kind of experience. Or you may be seeing potential in yourself that you would like to explore reflected back to you by them. If you are in a relationship, this may be an excellent time for doing something fun, adventurous and exciting with your partner, perhaps on a larger scale than before.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope

Home may be where you really want to be today. If you are able to spend time at home, you may be quite industrious and get lots of practical tasks completed. Your loved ones may share the load and you could end the day with a satisfactory feeling that you have your life in order and under control. However, although all this could make it a mundane, routine kind of day, you may actually find it exciting and inspiring, perhaps because it gives you time to think creatively and to lose yourself in your imagination.

If you are at work today, you may benefit from finding a quiet, private place to be on your own while you perform tasks. Or it may help to try to create a homely, family-like atmosphere with your co-workers. Either of these approaches could help make today very productive and help you get things done efficiently together.

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Gemini Daily Horoscope

You may be feeling good about life and thinking very positively today. You are likely to express yourself very well to others, especially your partner, friends and any group or team you are part of, and to find them receptive to your ideas. You may even form new relationships or start a new group or group activity.

If you are single, you may find it very easy to develop relationships with like-minded people today. You may be drawn to someone who is different from yourself and find them exciting, but are likely to feel at ease with them. If you are in a relationship, you are likely to feel a pleasant sense of stability in your partnership. Your relationship may even progress to a new level of commitment.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope

Work and money may be your main preoccupations today. By using the benefits of your past experience, together with your originality, inventiveness and new ideas, you may be able to achieve a great deal. You could make money relatively easily today, or you may begin or develop new work projects that will be lucrative and get you recognition later.

You are likely to have a good sense of how to use resources conservatively but very effectively and to maintain financial security today. This could p in your personal lie as well as in your work. You could perhaps do some useful buying and selling. A new purchase could open up something new for you or somehow enable you to do something on a bigger or broader scale.

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Leo Daily Horoscope

Your ideas are likely to be big and broad ranging today. But you may also have the ability to communicate and express them in a clear and practical way that could inspire others. This could be a day when you can take the grandest of creative visions and easily turn it into a practical reality. This could, therefore, an excellent time for creative activity.

You may feel a need to get more out of life, but your goals are likely to be realistic and achievable. You could be travelling today, whether it be over a long or short distance. You are likely to enjoy this, especially if you choose to go somewhere you have never been before, or to a place that you find exciting and stimulating.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

You may feel like withdrawing from the outer world and being alone or in private today. But this is not likely to be because you are unhappy. You may simply prefer to be at home, or in a quiet, private place where you feel relaxed. Or you may enjoy being your own so you can lose yourself in your imagination, dreams and fantasies. You may even be working behind the scenes on something imaginative that is going to make money for you or improve your financial status.

If you are in the company of others today, you may enjoy being with your family most of all, and you may feel a need to look after them. Or you may utilise the caring, nurturing side of your nature to help and support someone else.

You are also likely to welcome the chance to spend time with your partner, who may bring welcome excitement to your day. If you are single, you may feel a deep, intense attraction to someone unusual or mysterious, or someone who needs your help.

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Libra Daily Horoscope

Being around other people, especially among friends or in groups may help you get a lot out of today. Others are likely to bring out the best in you. You may find some of the people you come into contact with today exciting and stimulating. This could be because, through being with them, you can get more in touch with parts of yourself you have not expressed before, or which have been dormant for a while. And this could help you release more of your own unique potential and feel more whole.

If you are single, you may feel attracted to someone unusual or exciting that you meet through friends or in a group situation. If you are attached, you and your partner may enjoy mixing socially with friends or in groups, and this could have an energizing effect on your relationship.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

You could achieve great things with relative ease in your career today. Your imagination and vision may be at a high, but you are also likely to have a good sense of what is practically achievable and profitable. You may take an unusual approach in your work today, or find yourself working on a project that is different from that you are used to.  Or you may bring about change or reform and make a difference in some way through your work.

Your professional efforts may get you attention and recognition today. But your emotions might also be on show. You are likely to be big-hearted and generous to others today and you may be willing to break your routine and go out of your way to help someone.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Today, you may feel a desire to step outside your usual surroundings or scope of experience and explore new places, different ways of expressing yourself and opportunities to exceed your personal limitations. You could get the chance to do this, especially through activity with friends or in groups of people. You may feel adventurous and want to open yourself to something exciting, but are also likely to know your limits and be able to avoid excess or danger and keep your feet on the ground.

If you are single, you may be attracted to someone who seems exciting and can show you new experiences or offer you a different perspective on life. Although they may challenge you to some extent, you are also likely to feel comfortable and at ease with them.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Today, your relationships with others are likely to be characterised by a sense of deep emotional connection. Boundaries that might normally keep yourself and others separate, or at a distance, may seem to dissolve and hidden feelings could be suddenly or unexpectedly brought out into the open. This is likely to enable you to share more and reach a deeper level of relating. You may feel closer to family members, work colleagues and those for whom you feel compassion. The result of this is likely to be a happy, comfortable atmosphere of closeness which benefits everybody involved.

In your career, you may share a closer working relationship with someone or may receive financial backing or support that opens up something greater for you. With another person’s help, you could achieve success or gain public attention on a bigger scale or over a wider area.

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