Daily Horoscopes 20-02-2017

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Today is an ideal time to make a journey, or attend anything to do with writing, learning and education, an important communication. Combining your energy with that of friends or others in a group or team may help you to accomplish this. You may seek out a group or friends or people to feel a sense of belonging among others. But, owing to your independent thought and philosophical differences, you may find it difficult to fit in with others. Yet, you are likely to enjoy the company of people you find interesting and inspiring. The key may be to try to find a way to be part of the group while still remaining true to your own views. By talking, exchanging ideas with them and absorbing new insights, you may learn more about yourself and may find yourself thinking differently.

You are likely to be may be imaginative in your thinking and have an intuitive feel for the right decision. You may have be able to communicate your ideas with emotional sensitivity today. This may help you to present a persuasive argument. You may inspire others with your original ideas and broad vision.


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Pisces Daily Horoscope

This could be a favourable day for putting your energy and drive to make an impact in public and earn of money through career activity. However, at work, you may feel blocked in your professional progress or under-appreciated by authority figures. But today could turn out to be unexpectedly profitable, especially if you get an opportunity to join forces with another person in an exciting business partnership.

You may find it difficult to reach a decision by analysis or rational thinking. This could be especially the case in your career activity. It may be more reliable and profitable to rely on your intuition in professional matters. In your work, you may be able to help people and raise awareness of important issues that could help a charitable cause today.

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Aries Daily Horoscope

Today you may get the opportunity to travel or step outside your everyday environment and experience something new. Doing something different and engaging in philosophical, meaningful conversation with friends or a group of people could help to provide a welcome escape from the familiar pattern of everyday life.

You may feel frustrated or confined within limits you would like to exceed.  However, if you use your originality and act as independently a possible, you may be able to make an impact. This is a day when you can use your energy and drive to do pursue personal goals on a bigger and broader scale and become more than you are.

Romance and relationships may be positive and could progress further today.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope

You are likely to be very attuned to your own emotional needs today, as well as to those of others. You may be yearning for perfection of the kind you envision in your dreams and fantasies. And you might express this high ideal in your interactions with others.

In romance and relationships, secrets and hidden feelings and thoughts are likely to be openly expressed, leading to a potential for deeper closeness and intimacy. A close, intimate relationship may make you feel emotionally nourished.

You may be at your most imaginative, original and inventive today. At work, you may be thinking in larger and broader term than usual. But in order to get a lot done, you may need to work within clearly defined limits. You may be able to achieve more by joining forces with others in a working or business partnership than you can by yourself. Working closely together with someone on an imaginative career project may help you to realise a dream today. You may be at your most perceptive and have powerful insight into what is likely to bring success and recognition and are likely to want to speak up and make your views known. Others you work with are likely to be receptive to this and could help to inspire you too.

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Gemini Daily Horoscope

This may be an ideal day to combine your energy and drive with that of friends and others in a group effort. You are likely to have great empathy with others and to be deeply attuned to other people’s thoughts and feelings. You may know just what to say and could make an impact on others with your wisdom and insight. This could foster closeness, togetherness and a meaningful connection between yourself and others today.

If you are single, a romance may develop among friends or in a group setting. You may be drawn to someone who inspires you with ideas that are different from your own. If you are attached, you may feel a deep level of closeness and understanding with your partner.  Good communication with your partner may help you to become closer and more committed to each other.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope

Today is a good day to put your high level of energy and drive into any career projects, professional or public matters. You may get a lot done quite quickly. You are likely to be intellectually engaged at work, even if you are carrying out relatively mundane, everyday tasks. You could be noticed for your imagination and empathy and may be able to inspire others at work with your originality today. The insights you receive from others may also expand your mind and help you to achieve your aims. You are likely to work well with your co-workers or a particular colleague and may share deep conversation and insights while working together. If you feel stuck in a rut, you may be able to achieve more by breaking away from your familiar and usual methods or environment and trying a different or unusual approach.

In personal relationships, you may feel able to share your innermost thoughts and feelings with the object of your affection. This is likely to make for great closeness and intimacy and make your relationship healthier.

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Leo Daily Horoscope

You may feel your duties and responsibilities limit your freedom to seek leisure activity and do things for pleasure. However, you may unexpectedly get the chance to explore new places or discover interesting new ideas. Travelling, studying or engaging in any activity designed to expand your mind and open you to new experiences, could be energising and could provide an outlet for you to express yourself and your creative ideas. You may be helped in this by others, or another person in particular, together with whom you can generate ideas and communicate them creatively.

If you are single, you may feel lacking in confidence when it comes to initiating romance. But unexpected romantic developments could occur somewhere outside your usual everyday environment or with someone exciting or different from yourself. Conversation may spark a romantic connection with someone. If you are attached, you may feel you can talk to the object of your affection about anything and reach a level of mutual understanding and closeness that shows your relationship to be growing.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

Today you may achieve and use your energy effectively in joint financial partnerships. Money may come to you from another person or source that helps to empower you or help your home and family life. You may get an unusual opportunity to use your energy to make money or to improve your financial situation. This may involve entering into some kind of joint arrangement or partnership with someone else. You may feel hesitant about this, especially if past experiences have made you cautious. But if you can balance your cautiousness with your sense of adventure, this type of venture could potentially be profitable. There may be an element of privacy or your work may involve something traditional or old-fashioned.

In personal relationships, hidden emotions may erupt unexpectedly into the open today and this could bring you closer to someone, or make a relationship feel more exciting. If you are hoping to become more intimately involved with someone, this may be the time to openly express any concealed feelings.

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Libra Daily Horoscope

Today, you may be able to create a balance between expressing yourself as an individual and being a partner to someone. If you are single, your ability to communicate how you feel may help you to connect with someone. If you are attached, you may find you can you may find it easy to be yourself and speak openly, honestly and directly with your partner today. This should help to promote mutual understanding and empathy and may strengthen your relationship.

You may feel hesitant about talking to or confiding in others today. But if you can overcome this and open up to others, this could have exciting results and this could give you greater confidence in yourself. You are likely to be imaginative and creative in the way you express yourself. What you may lack in objectivity, you may make up for in emotional conviction. You may be able to use your ideas and sensitivity to bring about change and help others.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

At work, you may feel you are not making as much money as you would like to or feel you deserve. But if you value yourself and your vision, there may be unexpected developments which enable you to do things on a bigger scale and this could lead to a moderate, if temporary boost to your financial situation. You may be keeping some of your plans private, but your intuition and experience may tell you how to make work projects profitable. You may be able to use your energy and drive to achieve a great deal very quickly and easily today, and could find your work profitable or financially rewarding.

In your home and family life today, you are likely to communicate well with family members and to realise how highly you value them.  This could be a favourable day for spending money on your home.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Today you may put a lot of energy and drive into creative projects. You may want to express yourself to your full potential and are likely to be decisive and determined to make an impression as a unique, independent individual today. You may find it very easy to express your feelings, ideas and opinions, which are likely to feel very personal to you today. This could be an excellent time for communicating and making an impact.

You may feel hesitant to connect with others today, especially romantically, as you may lack confidence in yourself. However, mixing with friends or others in a group with whom you can be yourself may give you more confidence and enable you to do something exciting and different.  You may know just how to show how you feel and what to say and could open up romantic possibilities.


Talking and exchanging ideas with others may be enjoyable. The insights you receive from others could teach you a lot about yourself.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

You may give a lot of your energy to activity based in your home, helping family members, especially or supporting and caring for others, perhaps in a private, secret or confidential situation.

Home may be a good place to rest and recharge your batteries.

You may be highly perceptive and very sensitive to feelings and undercurrents in your environment today, you may particularly have the ability to analyse a situation but also to use your intuition and instinct to discern which ideas may be the most profitable in work or business. Your work may take you outside your usual field of experience and open you to something new and different. While you may feel outside your comfort zone, this could be exciting and uplifting.

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