Daily Horoscopes 18-05-2017

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Today you may put a lot of energy and drive into creative projects. You might want to express yourself to your full potential and are likely to be decisive and determined to make an impression as a unique, independent individual today. Friends or a group you are part of may bring out the best in you, while helping you to remain aware of your own limitations.

You may feel excited about ideas you have that are very personal to you. You might be able to express your views in a striking and original way that could make an impact, or change the way others think or perceive things. This could be a good day for talking and exchanging ideas with others and for learning new things. You may want to break with usual ideas and patterns of thought and could encounter new ways of thinking that you can strongly identify with. Your interaction with others and the insights you receive from them may teach you a lot about yourself.

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Pisces Daily Horoscope

Today, you may devote a lot of your energy to activity based in your home, especially helping family members, or supporting and caring for others, perhaps in a private, secret or confidential situation. Home may be a good place to rest and recharge your batteries.

You are likely to be rather subjective in your thinking, but you may also be very in touch with your own thoughts and sure of your opinions and views. You may also be particularly good at speaking your mind and articulating your thoughts and talking about yourself. This could be a favourable time for communication or anything which requires you presenting your ideas or viewpoints effectively and convincingly to others.

You could be at your most imaginative today and may find whatever is going on around you exciting and inspiring. You could soak up influences from your surroundings like a sponge. You may find material objects stimulating and exciting and may want to buy something you feel is of value. You may be drawn to anything that captures your imagination and appeals to your love of mystery or fantasy. But today may not be a good time to make large purchases, as your tastes and desires may be subject to change and based on fleeting feelings and impressions. You may be able to realise a dream you have, perhaps based on a desire for something different that brings change from your usual routine, or breaks the familiar pattern of life and makes you feel free.

In your work today, what you do may gain attention and could help to achieve an ideal. You might be able to give form to an imaginative vision that could help you to make money. Or you may be able to make money through work which helps other people or serves a larger cause. You may be able to make money from work that gives you a feeling of oneness and connectedness to all of life. You may not get the recognition or credit for your efforts, but you are not likely to mind this, as you may be at your most selfless. However, you could derive emotional satisfaction from helping others, or to serving a larger cause.

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Aries Daily Horoscope

Today could be an ideal time to make a journey, or attend to anything connected with writing, learning, education or an important communication. Combining your energy with that of friends or others in a group or team may help you to accomplish any of these things. 

You may get the opportunity to do something exciting with friends, or a group you are part of. Others may enable you to break free of your usual routine, or shake you out of a negative mood and could prove to be stimulating company. You might feel you can really be yourself with others today. You could also meet new people you can relate to and this could lead to new friendships or associations. Being part of a group might enable you to act as a more powerful force for change or reform than you could be alone. 

You are likely to be at your happiest in the company of others today, whether with friends or a partner, even though the scope of your activities may be more limited than you might have hoped.


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Taurus Daily Horoscope

This could be a favourable day for using your energy and drive to make an impact in public and earn money through career activity. At work today, you may feel a desire to break free of what you see as old, outmoded ways of working, shake things up and take a new approach or direction. You may have an exciting and imaginative vision for a new work project. Or you may want to bring about change and reform through your work, and to draw public attention to a cause that will help others. Someone you encounter in your work could appear exciting and may have a powerful influence on you. However, it is also possible that part of you may want to avoid work, responsibility and public attention and find a temporary escape. 

You are most likely to enjoy a productive day at work if you combine your energy with that of others in a joint effort.  You could strike just the right balance between wanting to get noticed and gain attention for your own work and being modest, or sharing the honours with others.

In romance and relationships, unexpected revelations and more openly expressed feelings could enable you to make a deeper connection with someone.

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Gemini Daily Horoscope

Today you may get the opportunity to travel, or venture outside your everyday environment and experience something new. This could be a day when you are able to use your energy and drive to pursue personal goals on a bigger and broader scale and become more than you are.

You may feel a restless need to break free of the same old everyday surroundings go somewhere new, do something different and more exciting or look for a temporary distraction. A friend or a group involvement may provide an opportunity for this. You could find friends or groups intellectually stimulating and may enjoy challenging philosophical discussions with them that could open your mind to new ideas, or different ways of thinking that appeal to you.

You may feel a need to aim high, broaden your horizons and exceed your limits today. You may be able to do this in the company of others, who may be help you to stretch yourself while also keeping your goals realistic and remaining aware of your limitations.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope

You may be yearning for perfection of the kind you envision in your dreams and fantasies. And you might express this high ideal in your interactions with others.

You may be active in business or in your career today, or even just attending to everyday practical responsibilities. Other people you feel close to may be able to help clarify your priorities and choose, clear achievable goals. In your career, you may want to break with the usual way of doing things and take a new approach or change of direction. You may get the opportunity to do this by working together with someone in a working or business partnership. You could form an exciting new partnership that might help you to achieve your aims and ambitions and change or increase your public profile more than you could by yourself. A powerful working partnership with someone else could enable you to achieve more than you could on your own and could help you to realise a dream today. Your income could be somewhat erratic, but work done in partnership with others is likely to be more profitable. You may be attracted to new technology that you can use in your work.

You are likely to be much attuned to your own emotional needs today, as well as to those of others. A close, intimate relationship may make you feel emotionally nourished. Relationships are likely to be deep and intense, but could also give you a feeling of stability. If you are single, you may be intensely attracted to someone exciting that you may meet through your work, or in a public situation. Hidden or secret feelings may come out into the open that change the nature of your relationships with, or lead to greater closeness and intimacy. If you are in a relationship, you may want to do something different and exciting with your partner. You may want to be out and about together where you can show your partner and your feelings for them to the world.

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Leo Daily Horoscope

This could be an ideal day to combine your energy and drive with that of friends and others in a group effort. Your communication and conversation with other people may have a more deep and profound quality than usual. Things people say could have a powerful impact on you and might make you think differently. Another person may bring an opportunity for you to explore new places and do something different today. Even if this is not what you would have chosen, it could prove to be exciting, inspiring and uplifting. 

Today, personal relationships could prove to be a pleasant distraction from your ordinary, everyday routine. If you are single, you may feel a strong desire to seek romance today. You could meet someone new and exciting and romance could develop. You may be more likely to meet someone outside your own neighbourhood or local area. Or you may be drawn to someone who is very different from yourself and brings through whom you can encounter something now that appeals to you. A romance may develop among friends or in a group setting.  You may have just the right balance of being yourself and being attentive to others people need from you. If you are attached, you may feel your relationship is becoming more committed and progressing well, although this may be happening more slowly than you had hoped. You may want to spend time with your partner today, but you may want to do something different and exciting together that helps you grow together. You may be able to shake your partner out of a negative mood or breathe new life into a relationship that has become stale or predictable. You are likely to strike the right balance between being close to your partner and having enough room for freedom and independence.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

You may have a lot of work to do and practical everyday tasks and responsibilities to take care of today. However you may feel happiest at home among family, even if you are busy with domestic duties.

Today could be a good day to put your high level of energy and drive into any career projects, professional or public matters. You are likely to enjoy a steadily productive day and could have an opportunity to make money, especially if you work on your own under your own initiative. At work, today, you may feel like breaking with habit and making changes to your work routine, or taking a different approach to what you do. You are likely to find your co-workers receptive to this and ready to work together with you to get things done and achieve your goals. You may form an exciting new partnership of some kind in your work, or receive unexpected help from someone to move forward with a work project. You are likely to achieve more by working together with others than you could by yourself today. Your work could be unusual or unconventional or may enable you to act as a force for change or reform.

If you are single, you could be magnetically attracted to someone exciting that you might meet through work. Others may have a powerful influence on you and may help you to break free of the usual pattern of your life. If you are in a relationship, you and your partner might want to leave behind your usual daily routine and do something different that revitalises your partnership and brings you closer together.

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Libra Daily Horoscope

Today, travelling, studying or engaging in any activity designed to expand your mind and open you to new experiences could be energising, and could provide an outlet for you to express yourself creatively.

You may be thinking about and planning ways to be creative. You might feel a desire to express yourself to the world in a new or unusual way. Another person could help or encourage you to do this. You may be at your most original and creative and could use a creative medium to express rebellious feelings, or to provoke a reaction from others. You might want to break free of the usual pattern of your daily life and enjoy spending time with others engaging in a spare time activity that is new and different to you, or which brings you a feeling of excitement. Even if you cannot do this as much as you would like today, owing to duties and responsibilities, it may help to plan something that will bring you pleasure and fun in the near future.

This is likely to be very positive for romance and relationships. If you are single, you may pursue romance with a sense of excitement and adventure. You could meet someone through situations linked with entertainment, leisure activities or creativity. You may be drawn to someone who seems striking, unusual and whose differentness seems refreshing. Or someone from your past may re-emerge unexpectedly. Part of you may feel hesitant about expressing how you feel to someone you are attracted to. But if you wait for the right moment, you may feel confident enough to approach them and romance could blossom. If you are in a relationship, you may want to do something fun, playful and exciting with your partner that provides a change or temporary distraction from your normal routine.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Today you may achieve most and use your energy most effectively in joint financial partnerships. Money could come to you from another person or source that could empower you, in some way, or help your domestic life.

Your home and family life could be the setting for something exciting, or unexpected today. Or you might get the opportunity to choose to do something different with your family that provides a break from your familiar domestic routine and brings some much needed stimulation. You may have a feeling of leaving the past behind and moving on to a more exciting future. Being at home, or with your family, is likely to feel emotionally rewarding today, even if you are busy with everyday tasks.

You are likely to have work responsibilities which you need to attend to in order to make money or fulfil obligations. But attending to these could prove quite productive and enjoyable. Work could also provide a welcome opportunity for you to get away from home, or your usual environment and go somewhere new or do something different. You may want to break with traditional or commonplace routines and methods at work and take a new, more original or exciting approach. Your work could bring you more stimulation and feel more engaging than usual today. You may be able to act successfully as a force for change or reform in your work. You might get the opportunity to use new technology that could help you in your work. You may receive a positive financial reward for your efforts, too, even if you might have to wait a little while for this. Your workplace may have a family atmosphere, or your work may be of a private nature.

In personal relationships, if you are hoping to become more intimately involved with someone, this may be the time to openly express any hidden feelings and try to create a deeper union.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Emotionally, you may be able to assert your own ideas and opinions, yet also be receptive to what others say and think. Your mind may be buzzing with new, original and creative ideas today. Your thinking might be strongly coloured by your emotions and your decisions could be influenced by your desire for excitement and change. You are likely to express yourself well verbally. The ideas you put forward and the way you communicate them could have the power to make a serious impression on others. Or even change the way they think. You may want to break with usual ideas and patterns of thought and could learn something new, or encounter new ways of thinking that appeal to you. A creative medium could help you to express your ideas and feelings in an unusual or striking way that might make an impact on others.

If you are single, you could be powerfully attracted to someone who seems exciting and intellectually stimulating. You may find romantic opportunities in places connected with travel, transport, learning, knowledge or communication. A meeting of minds could lead to romance. Others may be attracted by your intelligence, wit and uniqueness. If you are attached, today, you may be able to create a balance between expressing yourself as an individual and being a partner.  You may find you can speak openly, honestly and directly with your partner and this is likely to help promote mutual understanding and empathy and strengthen your relationship.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Today, you may want to get out and about and spend money on doing something different or exciting with your family. You may be able to break out of your usual domestic setting and enjoy a refreshing change of environment. Or you may feel it is time for a change of some kind and decide to spend money on making some changes to your home. This may be part of a need to break free of the past and create something new that reflects how differently you feel in the present. Or a family member may be going through some kind of change that you can help to facilitate, perhaps through financial help.

You may be able to use your energy and drive to achieve a great deal very quickly and easily today, and could find your work financially rewarding. In work and business, there could be a change in the way you earn money, or you might be able to make more than you have previously. You may be able to release hidden potential that could help you earn money. Or you may have been working on a money-making project that you have kept private, but could now choose to launch it more publicly and commercially. Your originality and inventiveness could help you to earn today. Or new technology of some kind could help to boost your earning capacity. You may be able to utilise your imagination and give form to a dream or vision that could be profitable for you. Your role may be of a behind-the-scenes nature. Or your efforts may help to generate money or resources that could help others as well as yourself.

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