Daily Horoscopes 17-11-2016

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Work is likely to be your main area of focus today. You may come at things from a practical angle and have a desire to get things done, increase efficiency and productivity, do better and achieve more than ever. But others around you at work may seem vague and dreamy or could seem to misunderstand you or undermine your efforts in some way. However, it may be that your co-workers could have some imaginative ideas and creative vision which could combine well with your practicality. Positive thinking and belief in yourself and an openness to new insights could all be key to your success. You may be able to make money seemingly effortlessly.

If you are single, you may be drawn to someone you meet through your work, who seems mysterious or glamorous. If you are in a relationship, you may need to take care not to have unrealistic expectations of your partner. If you can appreciate and recognise the true value of what you have today, you are likely to feel rich and fortunate in love.

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Pisces Daily Horoscope

Today, you may see yourself mainly in terms of your differences from others. You may want to express yourself, be unique and individual and not to run with the pack. However, others may seem to want you to discover common values with them and to join the gang or collective. It may be beneficial for you to try to find some shared values with others. You may need to relinquish a little of your individuality to merge with others, though not all of it. Joining with others may help you to become greater than the sum of your parts.
If you are single, you may feel attracted in a big way to someone glamorous or larger than life that you meet via a friend or in a group setting. Or, if you are ready to lose yourself and experience a deep level of sharing, your relationship with someone may grow and develop into something closer and more intimate. If you are in a relationship, being with your partner among a group of others may enable you to see how much they stand out among the rest for you. This could make you realise just how valuable they are to you and how much they mean to you.

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Aries Daily Horoscope

You may find your attention is needed at home or within your family today. Or you may choose to concentrate on domestic affairs. You may enjoy retreating to the quiet privacy and comfort of home for some of the time.

But you are also likely to crave the company of others in the outside world, including your work colleagues, partner and anyone you find stimulating and supportive. A useful compromise may be to invite people to your home to spend time with you there. Or you could try to create a homely, family atmosphere at work.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope

Wherever you are and whoever you are with today, you may be wishing you could be somewhere you imagine would be more exciting with someone more interesting. You are likely to have a restless desire to step outside the realm of your ordinary everyday environment, people and ideas and explore something different.

However, while you do need to acknowledge your yearnings, you may need to be careful not to take for granted all that is valuable in your everyday world. If you cannot go exploring, it may help to mix with others and try to create or discover something new where you already are.

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Gemini Daily Horoscope

Work, money or attending to financial considerations may be your main focus today. You may want to use your money to help you express yourself, to indulge in pleasure and enjoyment and to bring more beauty and glamour to your life. You may need to take care that your appetites don’t lead you to be over-extravagant or to overstretch your budget.

There may be differences to resolve in connection with something you jointly own with another person or a joint financial decision to be made. It may seem easy to earn money today. This would be an excellent time for applying yourself to creative or artistic work.

If you are single, you may pursue romance enthusiastically and could be tempted to spend money on entertaining someone or on making a romantic gesture. If you are in a relationship, you may need to ensure you are not overly possessive of your partner. However, you may become aware of how much you value them.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope

Today you may feel very in touch with your own emotional needs. You are likely to desire the freedom to do what makes you feel good. However, this may appear to clash with what your family and your partner, if you have one, seem to require of you. You are also likely to be sensitive to other people today and, if you favour your own desires at the expense of others’ needs, you may feel guilty or worry that others may not be happy. The answer may be to try to find a compromise where you can be with others and give of yourself to them while also making sure that you get what you need too.

You may find you attract a lot of romantic attention today and, if you are single, you may be receptive to getting involved with someone. However, you are likely to want it to be on your terms.

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Leo Daily Horoscope

You may be at your most imaginative and creative today. At work, you may have the overall vision and the grand ideas, but you may need the help of your co-workers to turn it in a practical reality. This may mean that you have to be prepared to create joint or collaborative ventures and to share the profit from these with others. But you are likely to be generous spirited and not mind this. In fact, you may even deliberately focus your vision and efforts on something that will help or serve a larger cause.

If you are single, you may be most likely to meet someone you are attracted to through your work. Signs may be subtle but you may feel a deep connection with someone. If you are in a relationship, you may need to take care not to over-idealise your partner or relationship and expect too much from them, as this may inevitably lead to disappointment. If you can focus on the reality of your partnership, this should feel more than enough to make you happy.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

You may seek out the company of friends, or find yourself in groups or teams of people today. While you may feel an affinity with the collective, there may be a part of you that would rather be with someone who appreciates your uniqueness and with whom you can really express yourself as an individual. You may, however, be able to make more money or profit from acting as part of a team today.

If you are among friends or associates, really you may feel you would prefer to be in a more romantic setting. If you have a partner, you may prefer to be having fun with them. If you are single, you may wish you were pursuing a romantic relationship instead. However if you are unattached, you may feel attracted to someone you meet via a friend or in a group setting.

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Libra Daily Horoscope

Your career may be the main attraction for you today. You may find it easy to get things done at work and may feel this is where you can most stretch yourself and feel powerful and useful. You could even gain attention and recognition for what you do today.  However, you relationships with co-workers may be a potential source of tension. Some may seem to have hidden motives that clash with your own ambitions.

You may find it difficult to balance work requirements with your home and family life. Your family may feel you are too focused on work. Or a part of you may really want to be with your loved ones, but your work may place too much of a demand on your time and attention. However, you may need to try to find a compromise rather than overlook one in favour of the other.

If you are single, you may feel a powerful attraction to someone you meet through your professional or public life. An attraction that has been hidden may come out into the open, or romance could be linked with the past, in some way.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

If you are in a relationship, you may find you have a thirst for different ideas, places and experiences, but your partner may prefer to stick with tried and tested information and familiar places. Or your travels and activities could take you away from your partner temporarily. If either is the case, you may need to find a compromise or a way to stay in touch and maintain your connection with each other over distance.

If you are single, you may be likely to feel attracted to someone in your known environment who comes from outside it, or who brings something new to your world. You may find them mysterious or exotic, yet feel you can be yourself with them.

You may have a feeling you want to go further and become more than you are. But you might not be sure how to achieve this. Maybe the problem is that there are too many options and you don’t know which to choose. The benefit of another person’s thinking may help you to make a decision or see things more clearly. Or following your intuition and instincts may help.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

For you, today is likely to be all about sharing and closeness. You may feel you want to get close to others and share what you have with them, or concentrate on what you share already.

If you are in a relationship, you may worry that your partner might not value you as much as you value them. This is not likely to be the case. It could just be that, for today, they may feel a need to focus on themselves and their own needs and cannot be as giving or immerse themselves in the relationship as much as you would like. You may find the same with friends and people you associate with in groups.

If you are single, you may feel a deeper attraction to others than they seem to show in return. However, your relationship with a friend or someone you met via a friend or in a group setting could develop into something more meaningful.

One place you may find the depth of closeness you seek could be at home among family members. This may be where you will find most contentment and emotional fulfilment today.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Relationships are likely to be your main preoccupation today. Although it may be difficult to balance your emotional needs with your desire to relate to others.

If you are in a relationship, you may feel a strong desire to express yourself and be loved for who you are as an individual. But you may feel your partner needs you to give up yourself in order to achieve closeness and togetherness with them. Or there may seem to be divide between nurturing and desirability. Talking about how you feel and bringing your feelings out into the open may help to promote a greater understanding between you.

If you are single, you may feel attracted to someone who is sensitive, nurturing and caring. You may meet someone you feel a connection with through your career activity.

In order to progress in your career today, you may need to create meaningful relationships with others who support your goals and direction. But you may need to make sure you don’t come across as too enthusiastic or over-confident to others who may have a more quiet, gentle way about them.

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