Daily Horoscopes 17-10-2017

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Relationships with others may be a source of some frustration today. In groups or team settings, you could find it difficult to find shared values on which you can stand together with others. Or someone might seem to be going against your feelings regarding something you jointly own or share with them, whether this is a material or emotional matter. It may help to confront any difficult issues between yourself an others, rather than to ignore them. This may be what is necessary to preserve relationships, or group involvements.

You are likely to be noticed at work for your ideas and communication skills. Today could be a favourable time for making your ideas and opinions known or public. This might be a good time for any kind of public speaking, or just for getting your views out into the open. This may be a favourable time for talking to others, especially authority figures on your career plans, goals and ambitions, or for communicating with co-workers or clients. By pooling your resources and working closely together with someone you may be able to strengthen your financial position.

A relationship could deepen and become more passionate, today. If you are single, you may be drawn to someone you meet in a group setting, or through a friend. There could be some practical or emotional barriers that prevent you getting close to someone at the moment. But by first developing a relationship on a friendship level, your bond might deepen. If you are in a relationship, you may enjoy mixing in a wider group of people with your partner, even if this means you are not close by each other all the time. But opening yourself up to a wider circle of people could, ultimately, somehow bring you closer together.

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Pisces Daily Horoscope

The insights others have to offer you could be inspiring and might help you to learn new things, expand your mind and broaden your understanding. You may want to travel and take in more of the world, or begin a course of study that will broaden your intellectual horizons. Or you might be interested new knowledge or philosophies that could give you a sense of meaning and expand your understanding of life.

Feelings of irritation with others could lead to some tension in relationships. But you may be able to achieve more in a partnership with someone else than you could by yourself and are likely to be stronger together.

Your career is likely to be your main preoccupation today. Your relationships with others at work may not be easy and you could feel that others are an obstacle to your progress. You might want to change things in some way and others could be resistant. Even if changes do need to be made, this might not be the best time to introduce them. It may be more beneficial to focus on what common aims and ambitions you currently share with others. For now, focusing on these and working together to preserve what makes you strong together may be the best approach.

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Aries Daily Horoscope

Today, your communication and conversation with other people could have a more deep and profound quality than usual. Things people say might have a powerful impact on you and may make you think differently.

At work, you may feel bored with the same old daily routine and might wish you could do something new, different or more adventurous that could stretch you more. You may want to get things done things quickly and could feel impatient with anyone who cannot match your speed. You might work best on your own under your own initiative. If there are responsibilities to meet and things to be done, it may help to take a different philosophical approach of some kind to what you are doing, even if you cannot make practical changes. If you look at the bigger picture, you might realise that the work you do could be more meaningful to other people and the wider world than you think. Your ideas, especially those you come up with in partnership with someone else, could be profitable, today. You are likely to think and communicate well and this may be a favourable time to ask for funding or investment in a work project, or to conduct business deals.

Romance and relationships could have a deep, intense quality. You may feel totally involved with the object of your affection and bonds are likely to be passionate and intimate.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope

Today, you may enjoy talking to others and exchanging ideas. At this time, you are more likely to find yourself in agreement with others’ views and vice versa. However, if you need to talk to someone about a particular matter this might be a favourable time to do so.

At work, if you are working as part of a business partnership, or seeking financial backing from someone for a work or business project, you may feel others are not receptive to your needs or your creative ideas. However, if you can try to develop common values with others in the work you do, while still retaining a degree of creative expression, you may be able to secure what you need, even if this takes a little longer than you hoped.

In romance and relationships, you may find a meeting of minds with the object of your affection as well as mutual attraction or closeness. You may prefer to operate independently today and not want to have to compromise to please others. And yet you could have a desire for romance and passion as a way of fulfilling your own needs and desires. Your reluctance to compromise might be a potential problem in relationship, but your confidence, boldness and controlled emotion could prove to be attractive to others.

If you are single, you could have very deep feelings for someone you meet, or know through your work. But you may not know how to express how you feel, or could fear getting a negative reaction. You might, therefore, feel like keeping your thoughts hidden or private. It could help to try to share what you can with the object of your affection, wait until you are sure of what you want to say and then choose your moment. They may be more receptive to you than you think. If you are in a relationship, you and your partner might feel your practical responsibilities are limiting your ability to have fun and do things purely for enjoyment together.

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Gemini Daily Horoscope

You could be thinking about and planning ways to attend to ordinary, practical everyday tasks of life, or running errands in your neighbourhood or local area.

Today, there could be tension in your home life or between family members today. You may feel restless and impatient with your daily routine, especially if it restricts your independence and autonomy. The weight of domestic responsibilities could also make it difficult for you to find time to have fun, or to get together with the person you would really like to be with. It may be beneficial to work on finding a balance between home or family responsibilities and other people who are important to you. You might only feel like half a person if you favour one at the expense of the other.

This might be an ideal time to think about your work and planning upcoming projects. It may also be a favourable time for talking to your colleagues about work related matters.

Experiences you have had in the past could cast a shadow on your relationships today. You may benefit from confronting fears and worries that have their origin in the past, so you can deal with them, let them go, express yourself more freely and enjoy your relationships more.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope

Today, your thinking and emotional reactions are likely to be quick. You might not be at your most objective, but could speak with powerful emotion. Talking with friends or exchanging ideas with others could help you to clarify your own thoughts, ideas and opinions, or to reach decisions. You may have some differences of opinion with relatives or neighbours, and this could be an obstruction to your getting things done. But advice from an older person might help you to resolve any difficulties and be able to prioritise your tasks and accomplish what is most important.

You are likely to be at your most creative and this could help you with any ideas or plans to do with expressing yourself. You may enjoy spare time activities and hobbies that enable you to engage your mind as well as to have fun and enjoy yourself. You might enjoy chatting and exchanging ideas with others brings you pleasure and helps you to express yourself. 

At work today, you could find other people stubborn and inflexible in their attitudes. You might feel that there need to be major changes of some kind, but others may seem too narrow-thinking or afraid to try anything new. It might help to talk things through with co-workers. It is possible they could be persuaded to take your advice, especially if you are able to show how your ideas may be more profitable.

In your interactions with others, you may feel able to express yourself particularly well and your conversation is likely to be entertaining and fun. This could help romance to blossom.

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Leo Daily Horoscope

For you, today is likely to be all about expressing yourself, whether it is through your style and how you present yourself, what you say and do or through a creative activity. You may feel you do not have a strong enough sense of who you are to express yourself in the way you would like to. But you could be getting overly self-critical, or putting pressure on yourself to be different. This might not be a time for change. Expressing yourself just as you are is likely to be the best approach.

You may feel more able to express thoughts which you have previously been kept hidden or private. You could feel more inclined to keep your thoughts private, or to share them only with those closest to you, such as family members. You might come up with ideas, or make plans for something to you want to do to your home or with your family.

Today, you might need to control your impulses and take care to avoid making rash decisions about money. You may fiercely protect what you own and see making money as an affirmation of your power. You could be trying to make money from a creative outlet or spare time activity. Today might not be the most profitable of days, but if you persist, work hard and keep your aims practical, you may achieve some level of financial reward.

If you are single, you could feel attracted to someone, but might feel reluctant to open up and show your feelings. This may be because you are not as confident as usual today and might underestimate you own worth. The key could be to consider what your true values are and what really makes you happy. This might help you express yourself better to others and attract the right person.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

You might tend to hide yourself away today, either at home or in any private place you can find. This could be because you lack confidence or feel unsure of yourself in the outer world. However, retreating to a quiet comfortable place and being with those you are closest to may help you to re-establish and strengthen your sense of self. However, you may feel the need for intellectual stimulation. You are likely to enjoy chatting and exchanging ideas with others who are on your wavelength. Having others act as a sounding board could help you to clarify your own thinking.

Home and family life is likely be your main area of focus, today. You might need to examine how your domestic life is practically managed, in order to balance your domestic duties with your own personal needs. Or a family member could have some kind of problem or difficulty. Having your support is likely to be very comforting for your family today.

Today, you are likely to be at your most independent and to insist on personal freedom. You may feel confident and could do well at achieving personal goals today. But you might need to take care not to act or react rashly, impulsively or aggressively.

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Libra Daily Horoscope

Today, your mind could be very coloured by your feelings and your sensitivity to your environment. You may feel as if your immediate environment is uncomfortable or even threatening. Or you might not feel very receptive to other people’s ideas, perhaps finding them dull and unimaginative, compared to your colourful inner world of fantasies and dreams. However, others, especially an older, or more experienced person may be able to help you find a balance between what you envision and what you can realistically expect to achieve.

You may be able to use your energy to help others, or serve a cause greater than your personal self. You could pick up the mood of your environment today and absorb other people’s feelings. It might help to avoid being around angry, irritable or aggressive people.

This could be a favourable day for buying and selling, or making decisions about money and finance. Today may also be a favourable time for earning money, or making business deals. Or it could be a good time to plan a project you hope will make you money. It might be worth exploring more than one source of income, at this time.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

You are likely to be rather subjective in your thinking, but you may also be very in touch with your own thoughts and sure of your opinions and views. You might also be particularly good at speaking your mind and articulating your thoughts and talking about yourself. This could be a favourable time for communication or anything which requires you presenting your ideas or viewpoints effectively and convincingly to others.

Today, you could experience disagreements and irritation with friends and in group activity and might prefer to act independently rather than agree with the majority. Joining with others may help you achieve your personal goals.

What you have and what you can acquire might be particularly important to you today. If you are among friends or in a group, you could find yourself at odds with them over opinions about money, buying and selling, possessions or property. You may feel that others are a drain on your resources, or place limits on your financial security in some way. But, in order to reach the right solutions and preserve security for yourself, you might need to find a way to work together or compromise with others.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Today, you may feel able to be open in your communication and be so attuned to your environment that you have an almost telepathic understanding of other people’s thoughts. You might uncertain of how to express what you are thinking, or what you want to say. You could be more inclined to dreams and fantasies than clear, rational thinking at this time. But you are likely to be in touch with your ideals and your imagination may teach you a lot about reflect how you would like your life to be. This may be valuable knowledge, even if it might not be easy to talk about, explain or act on at the moment.

In your professional activity today, you are likely to feel confident in your work, and could make an impact. You may desire attention or reassurance from others, or the public. But, whatever you do, you might find you cannot make the impression you would really like to. This could be frustrating. You may need to examine whether the public image you are projecting is a true and authentic expression of your real self.  Giving a true and honest representation of yourself is more likely to help you make a positive impact. You might feel impatient with others at work today, but you may need their measured approach to curb your impulsiveness.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Today, you might feel a restless desire to escape your everyday routine and do something more exciting. You may feel inspired to become more than you are, or aim higher in your personal goals. You are likely to put energy and drive into exceeding your limits. You may desire a change of scene, but today might not be the most favourable time for travelling or making a journey. You could find yourself subject to delays or problems if you go too far outside your familiar environment. It may be easier to travel in the mind and your imagination is likely to be very active today. You might feel there is too wide a gap between your dreams or fantasies and reality today. But you could find this a good time to work at giving practical or solid form to your own dreams and visions.

You may be happiest in the company of friends or groups of people with whom you can chat and exchange ideas. Or you might have good ideas you can contribute to group activity. This could be a good time for talking to friends about any important matters.

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