Daily Horoscopes 17-10-2016

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Security is perhaps the keyword of today for you. Everything you concern yourself with today may have the central aim of making life more secure, both financially emotionally and for yourself and your family. Your imagination and vision may in some way help you to make money or increase your earning power and potential. Your instinctual feelings, caring disposition and past experience may also prove to be marketable resources. You are likely to feel particularly at one with family members today and may feel especially sensitive to their needs. Your nurturing instinct may be strong today and you may feel at your best looking after others. And making them feel at home. Quiet time at home with loved ones may be just what you need to calm any inner tensions. Greater closeness to others is also likely to give you a heightened sense of emotional security.

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Pisces Daily Horoscope

You are likely to find yourself very deep in thought today and may find yourself processing new ideas that reflect a change in your sense of identity. It may that what you think about is what you are becoming. Any changes in your sense of identity may be slight and subtle, but your vision of your new, altered self may seem to be growing clearer. You are likely to be especially imaginative at the moment some kind of creative mode may be the best way of expressing yourself and your ideas. Your sense of who you feel kinship with may be part of any personal transformation you may be undergoing. New friendships which feel especially close, deep or any new group involvement that feels particularly profound may be possible. These may provide fertile ground for the exchange of ideas you may find powerful and engaging. It is perhaps by combining your energy with that of friends or a group that you can clarify your own thinking and make more of an impact on your environment.

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Aries Daily Horoscope

Today, your focus may be mainly on money and how to attain greater financial security. But although this is a very practical area, it is your intuition that will be your best guide. You may get your best ideas on how to make money may come to you subtly through dreams or something you see in a film or hear in a piece of music. Your typical Aries courage, decisiveness and quickness of reaction will stand you in good stead today in work and business. This is an excellent day to share your creative passion and sense of ambition with your closest, most trusted business associates. If you are artistic or creative, these talents could be lucrative for you.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope

Others are likely to be feel especially drawn to you today because of your selflessness, compassion and empathy. Today is all about submerging your own needs to help satisfy needs of others, but this will apply more to friends, acquaintances and fellow group members, rather than intimate partners or family members. You may feel a close, intense, almost telepathic bond with friends, as if you can sense what they are thinking and feeling. Offering them the benefit of your wisdom, or even just a hug, could inspire them and lend them a feeling of strength and optimism. In any group activity you may be involved in, you may be able to offer leadership, especially if the way you lead benefits both yourself and everyone else.

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Gemini Daily Horoscope

Inspiration and vision are the keynotes for today, especially at work and in your career ambitions. This is an excellent day for working on career ventures that are a vehicle for your creative ideas, visions and perceptions. If you are ready to pitch your ideas to your boss, a potential source of funding or someone in authority this could be the time to be bold, take courage and show them how passionate you are. If you are about to launch a career project into public view, you may get off to an excellent start. Or even if you are quietly working on something behind the scenes, today’s efforts may be very effective in making it an eventual success. The intense passion you feel today is not all be for your work. You may feel a deep desire for sharing and intimacy and therefore, you may want to ensure you also have quality time to spend with the person you feel closest to.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope

Spending time with friends or groups of people you feel you belong among will help to make you feel good about yourself and the world. Especially if you are in a setting where you can give of your natural compassion and play the role of mother or caretaker. But you will also want to spend time with your partner today. The pleasing balance between give and take and the sense of shared goals and growing together with others makes for a very happy and harmonious day. While you may feel easy in the role of listener, this would also be an excellent time to tell others about how you feel and what you want and need too. You are likely to find others as receptive to you as you are to them.

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Leo Daily Horoscope

Your energy and ambition levels will be very high today, making this an excellent time to get work done quickly and thoroughly and make a really good job of it. You may also even enjoy dealing with ordinary everyday tasks and chores that usually seem mundane. This may be partly because you feel decisive and can take the initiative, lead well and complete tasks almost effortlessly. But it may also be because you have good support from others who also have a stake in what can be achieved. Your creative vision is likely to inspire others, particularly those whose financial or emotional support you may need in order to fulfil your ambitions. In matters of the heart, this would be a good time to open up and show someone you feel close to how much you care and how deeply you feel about them.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

You like to serve others and may feel particularly giving today, especially in your close personal relationships and working partnerships. Combining your own vision with that of another person may give you a great sense of meaning and enable you to feel you are growing and stretching your horizons. Although joint efforts may feel positive, it may be you who is called upon to lead. It is also important that that any shared endeavour allows plenty of scope for your own creative ideas and individual expression. Your desire for pleasure and enjoyment are also important today. Hobbies, romance or time spent with your children, if you have any, or even work involving children may be especially rewarding today.

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Libra Daily Horoscope

Whether it be those you are closest to or your everyday work colleagues, you may feel so closely attuned to others, you feel almost at one with them. Shared efforts, resources and creative vision should enable you to get work done efficiently and to feel you are opening up to and serving something greater than yourself. Your subtle perceptions of others and their needs are likely to be heightened today and this could make for great empathy. It could also foster a deep level of closeness and intimacy in your relationships. You may feel a deep connection with family members and time spent with them is likely to be satisfying. If you have felt that difficult experiences in the past have been holding you back or hindering you in the present, this may be a time you feel able to let go of past conditioning and step forward boldly and courageously, unhindered by the burden of history.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

The desire for companionship and pleasure are what may drive you today. In your relationships, there is likely to be a happy balance of sharing and individual expression. You may feel you can talk to others and communicate your feelings deeply, openly and honestly with others and receive understanding and empathy from them. This works both ways and others may be equally forthright with you. Aligning yourself with others is also the key to making progress with any ideas or creative projects you may be seeking to advance. Two heads may be better than one and two people’s combined passion and energy may prove more powerful, forceful and productive. Joining with another may bring double the pleasure too.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Although daily domestic chores and everyday mundane work tasks may not seem like the most inspiring activity, in some way, you may find attending to these particularly easy. Today, the ordinary and everyday could, in some way prove more meaningful, or even magical. You may find that the work you do somehow brings out your intuition, insight or fuels your visions and fantasies. Or the sense of a job done well and efficiently or a tidy, well-organised space may make you feel more at one with the world. Your home life and work are places where you may be able to release tension and pressure, leading to a greater feeling of calmness. Your home-making skills or something from your past experience may help you to make money or increase your earning potential today. In your family relationships, you may feel able to express yourself openly and honestly and let others know how you feel. This is definitely the best policy today and you are likely to find others sensitive to your feelings.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

This could be a very enjoyable day, when you can really express yourself with confidence but also feel sensitive to others’ ideas and viewpoints. In fact, it may be the insights you receive in your communications with others that help you to give form to your own creative vision. You may have a strong sense of what it is you want to do and not really want to have to compromise too much. But you are also likely to listen to others and take their ideas and needs into account. Sharing ideas could prove very fruitful, but you need to remain firmly in the driving seat. You are likely to express your feelings very powerfully and forcefully today, and your personal energy and motivation are likely to enable you to succeed in your aims. However, you might achieve more if your efforts also benefit others or serve a cause that is greater than your individual self.

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