Daily Horoscopes 16-07-2017

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Today, you might learn a lot and absorb a lot of new information from what is going on around you in your environment. However, you may decide to avoid spending time with other people to avoid becoming overwhelmed by their thoughts and feelings. This could be a good day for planning or making a journey. You may be in philosophical mood. You may find you have a good grasp of the bigger picture or an overall plan of some kind, but may need to give some attention to the small details within it.

New ideas you have, or come into contact with today, especially at work, could change the way you express yourself.  You may also have ideas and plans you want to implement that are designed to enable you to get things done more efficiently. But your co-workers might not agree with all your notions. Good communication may help you to come up with a compromise. You are likely to have a hard-working but potentially productive day at work.

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Pisces Daily Horoscope

Today, your mind may be particularly on money and the material side of life. You may be examining your financial position more closely today, particularly any joint financial decisions that might need to be made or any matter linked to possessions or property you jointly own with another person or group of people. Others may want to be adventurous and try to find ways to expand or accumulate more, but you may feel more cautious and want to protect what you have. You may find comfort in having things around you that have sentimental value and hold memories for you. But this could also be a good day to have a clear out and get rid of any possessions you no longer feel the need to hold onto. This could be quite liberating.

You might be surprised at how driven you are to make money. But the main underlying desire may be your need to know you are secure. Deep down, you might want to take time out from working and earning and do something more fun and playful, but you may not have as much time for this as you would like. But by attending to financial and material concerns you are, ultimately, more likely to be able to enjoy the fun side of life.

Work related ideas you have, or plans you make today could prove to be very profitable, especially if you plan them carefully and make sure your aims and ambitions are realistic. You may make money today through something creative or expressive. You might have the opportunity to share in a business partnership or joint money-making venture today. However, you may feel more inclined to avoid financial commitments to others, preferring to maintain your own freedom and independence. The key could be to retain control over your own financial decisions, but to allow someone else to act in an advisory capacity, or as a mentor, so you can benefit from their valuable ideas and guidance. You may be more able to earn money by joining together in a group effort with others.

You are likely to feel confident in yourself today, but also down to earth. If you are single, you may find others will find this balance in your character attractive.

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Aries Daily Horoscope

Today you may feel you really know who you are and one part of you may want to express yourself with power. But another part of you may want to hide yourself away, or stay private. The key to getting the best out of today may be a happy balance between the two.

You may want to spend some time in private with those closest to you. Home and family life are likely to be important to you today and may give you a sense of purpose. You may want to do something to your home to stamp your own unique identity on it.

At work today, you may try to introduce change, or could have change forced upon you by others. Others may resist your suggestions, unless you can convince them to believe in your vision. However, you could have some professional allies who might join with you and be in agreement with the way you want to do things. 

In relationships, your own desires could clash with what seems important to others. Today, you may feel torn between what romances or relationships with others mean to you and your own needs.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope

Today may be one of those days where you might feel your life has got out of control or you have lost sight of your original purpose and begun drifting off course. Imaginative ideas and visions may be flooding into your mind and you may allow them time to develop and become fully formed. However, talking to others or just spending time among other people and absorbing ideas from them may kick-start your own thinking and enable you to find greater clarity.

You may be very emotionally sensitive today and your feelings could be quite intense, at times. You could be prone to misunderstandings or confusion, especially with co-workers who might seem tactless or over-zealous.

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Gemini Daily Horoscope

Today, if you are among friends, or in a group or team situation, you may want to express your own ideas and beliefs, in your own way. But you may find that the collective identity and consensus of the majority seems very different to your own. There could also be intense exchanges and disagreements between yourself and friends or other members of a group whose values may conflict. The key to getting the best out of today may be to work together to address everyone’s concerns, discover those values you have in common and try to work out where you can fit in, while still being true to who you are.

You may feel a desire to join with friends or a group of people and share activity with them, but your need to conserve your financial resources could feel a little inhibiting. You may need to find a compromise, which may mean changing your habits. But you are likely to be able to do this and still remain a powerful presence in any gathering of people. You may even lead the way in group involvement.

In your career, you may work hard for what you earn today, and could perhaps achieve more by working as part of a group or team. Your imagination and sensitivity is likely to help you make progress towards achieving your goals and increase your earning power. 

If you are single, you could feel a powerful attraction to someone you meet through a friend, or in a group situation. Or an existing friendship could take an unexpected turn and become more meaningful. If you are in a relationship, this could be a favourable day for communicating with your partner. In all personal relationships, a deep level of closeness and intimacy is likely.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope

Creative power and authority you didn’t know you had in you could be emerging and you may be coming out of the shadows. But you might need to ensure that you do not create a public image that is too different from the more private person you are inside. While you may not want every aspect of your life to be on public view, you may need to ensure that the way you project yourself to the world is true and authentic. You are likely to find it easier and more emotionally satisfying to be yourself in the eyes of the world.

At work you may have a strong desire to break with tradition or the way things have always been done and try something different. Others, who perhaps adhere more to traditional ideas, may resist your efforts to create change across the board. But you may be able to build good relationships with co-workers, by talking to them about your plans and ideas and how much you believe in them. You may be able to establish changes today or at least in your approach to your own work.  You could make a powerful impact on colleagues and your public and may gain attention and recognition for what you do. You are likely to shine in your career today and to achieve recognition from authority figures or the public.

If you are single, you may form a significant relationship today. If you are attached, your partnership could progress to a new level of closeness or commitment.

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Leo Daily Horoscope

Today you may feel a need to stretch yourself, flex your personal power and become more than you are. The only thing that could hold you back is self-doubt or uncertainty about what you need from life. You may have a strong desire for a change of scene and may find an opportunity to explore somewhere or discover something new that changes your outlook. Exploring new places beyond your familiar territory, meeting different people and opening yourself to fresh experiences could help you to overcome any lack of confidence and to clarify your needs and feelings.

You are likely to maintain a healthy balance between philosophical or abstract thought and practical thinking, especially in the way your express yourself and your ideas. You may be able to take an idea or plan to a higher level, or implement it on a larger scale. Or what you have to say could reach a wider audience. You are likely to express your views and opinions forcefully and could make a powerful impact on others, particularly at work.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

Generally, your relationships with others might seem deeper and more significant today. Though there may be some clashes or differences which you feel the need to resolve. You may find your individual values differ from those of your friends, or a group and you could find it difficult to feel aligned with others. Yet you may still feel a need to be part of a collective, or group in order to feel a sense of belonging. The key may be to try to work out what your common values are and concentrate on these. You could also make new friends or allies today and associating with them may help you to discover more about yourself.

Someone you are in a financial or business partnership with, or a person with whom you jointly own something, may seem to be cautious and want to protect what you both have a stake in. You, however, may feel more adventurous and want to speculate to accumulate, or to change something about your joint arrangement. You may need to try to find a compromise that works for you both. 

If you are in a personal relationship, you may feel a deep connection with someone but you might also feel the atmosphere in the partnership is too serious, or may be stifling your individual self-expression and creativity. If you mix socially as a couple, you may find you both get on well with some of each other’s friends and associates but may possibly clash with others. If you are single, you may find it easier to bond with someone among friends or in a group situation. You may make a romantic connection with someone today that turns out to be more close or intense than you expected. Whatever your situation, it is important that there is room for fun, enjoyment and self-expression in your relationships today.

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Libra Daily Horoscope

In your work and career activity today, you may want to shine and do things your way. But your feelings and motivations could, perhaps, differ from those of co-workers or authority figures. This could place something of a strain on some of your professional relationships. If you try to find a way to co-operate and compromise with others, while staying as true as possible to yourself you are likely to improve relations in your career environment.

Relationships are likely to be important to you today. Though your individual self may be craving expression too. So it is important that partnerships leave you room for some degree of independence, privacy and enough space to pursue your own personal interests. If you are single, you may feel a powerful attraction to someone who is quite different to yourself. You could feel drawn to someone you meet through your work, or someone who might be able to help you advance in your career. Or someone from your past may come back into your life, but the situation may be somehow different than it was before. If you are in a relationship, you might feel that any differences between you and your partner show more publicly than you would like. You may need to take care to avoid emotional displays in public. You and your partner could benefit from going somewhere different together, away from your familiar surroundings. However, you may feel happiest spending time alone with your partner.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Wherever you are today, you may wish you could be somewhere more interesting, exploring new things. This could especially be the case at work.

You may feel that the tasks of the day do not stretch you enough or make you feel enthusiastic or fully involved. You may approach your work with powerful new ideas and a high level of imagination or sensitivity. You might want to introduce change of some kind or do things in a radically different way. But you may not have a clear vision to guide you in any particular direction. You might need to find a way to express yourself more through your work, so that you can feel more whole and work with a greater sense of purpose.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Being true to you unique self is likely to be very important to you today and you may not want to compromise to fit in with others. Your beliefs and philosophy could be at odds with what your friends, or other people in teams or groups seem to require from you. You may need to break away from something you feel an emotional attachment to in order to feel free to be yourself. Or you might need to try to find a way to be part of a group in which you are free to make your own individual contribution. However, if you are in the company of a group of people, you may be able to learn a great deal that will help you to define yourself and your own point of view more clearly and to progress as an individual.

You are likely to be at your most expressive today and may be able to earn money from a creative pastime. However, there could be changes of some kind in your working relationships, financial relationships, business partnerships or links to anyone with whom you jointly own money, possessions or property. This could take the form of a decision to separate or merge to a greater extent.

If you are single, you may find an exciting opportunity for romance through a friend or in a group situation. Or you may bond with someone while buying and selling something or in connection with a financial matter or a material possession. You may alter your approach in looking for a partner. If you have been in the habit of seeking fun, casual relationships, you may feel a desire to pursue something more serious. Conversely if, in the past, you have been overly intense in relating to others, you may decide to keep things lighter. If you are in a relationship that has been stifling your individuality, you may feel you need to address this and to allow more room for you to express yourself. Or if the relationship has been more of a casual one, you and your partner may progress to a new level of closeness and commitment.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Today, you may feel tempted to retreat to the comfort and privacy of your home and spend time with your family or those you feel closest to. However, there may be some emotional tension in your home or among family members today. Or unexpected feelings could suddenly seem to flare up that cause disruption. You may also need to give some attention to your career and public image or profile today. While you might feel enthusiastic about your work, you could feel torn between your professional and personal life today and might find it difficult to strike the right balance. The key may be to try to attend to what you have to in your career activity but to give more time, proportionately, to your domestic life and relationships with other people, if possible.

You might need to find a way to do things differently from how you have in the past. There could be parts of your nature that have been hidden from view which you now want to bring out. You may become aware of hidden facets of your own character by perceiving them in someone else and want to integrate these into your own self-expression. You may be able to make a big impression on others today. However, you may need to take care to ensure that your feelings and emotional reactions do not become too exaggerated in public or become more widely perceived than you intended.

If you are single, you may feel hesitant to show your feelings for someone. But another person may encourage you to be more open about how you feel. If you are attached, opening up and sharing your feelings with your partner and being receptive and willing to listen to them do the same may be the key to happy relationships.

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