Daily Horoscopes 16-02-2017

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

You may enjoy travelling to new places or doing something different today that contrasts with your everyday routine.

Your career and public life may be your main focus today. You are likely to feel ambitious and to be keenly aware of what you want to achieve.  You are likely to be attuned to the public mood today and this could help you in your work. You are also likely to be emotionally sensitive to your co-workers and to your public. You could be more on display than usual and might need to take care that people do not notice, or get to see more into your private life and personal affairs than you intended. There could even be a link between romance and work.

You may be eager to advance ideas that are very personal to you and are likely to speak and present your thought and opinions with energy and vigour.  If you have to defend your own viewpoint, you are likely to do this vehemently. You may enjoy an argument with competitive spirit, but are likely to find others respect you for being assertive and taking a stand. You may even win others over to your position.

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Pisces Daily Horoscope

You may feel a restless desire to escape your usual daily environment and routine. But you may not really need to get away. The real issue may be that you are bored with your life as it is, and this is what might need to be addressed. If you cannot physically travel or explore, you may be able to journey in your mind through study or new learning. Or you may meet someone who has a different nationality, background or belief system who can show you a way to look at life from a different perspective.

Your interactions with others may make a big impression on you or change you, in some way. You may be very emotionally open and ready to give up your personal needs and merge with someone else, so a deep level of closeness, sharing and intimacy might be possible. This is likely to be very positive for romance and relationships.

You may be at your most imaginative today. You may be a little immersed in daydreams and fantasies, but you may be able to make some of them real, especially those which might benefit others as well as yourself. You may have strong sensual appetites and may feel driven to spend money on having a good time. But you are not likely to overspend or over-indulge. In fact, you are likely to be very giving with what you have. You may not be at your most rational and objective and this may not be the best time for making purchases or financial decisions. But if you need to, your intuition and instinct may be your most reliable guide.

At work, you may have powerful visions, which could be lucrative for you, and may be able to give form to them. If you need to pitch a work or business idea to anyone this may be the time to do it. You may have an intuition for what will make money, at this time.

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Aries Daily Horoscope

Whether you are with friends, among a group of people or with a partner, you are likely to feel able to blend in with whoever you are with and show great sensitivity and empathy. This is likely to be positive for romance and personal relationships. Your relationships with others may be deep and profound today. Someone may have a strong effect on you and bring out feelings you don’t usually experience. You may almost feel as if you become a different person when you are with them. Your relationship with someone could deepen and become more intimate.

Today’s theme of sharing may bring joint financial issues or the shared ownership of something into focus.

You may be eager to talk about your ideas to friends and groups you are involved with. You are likely to speak and present your point of view with energy and vigour.  If you are challenged on your own viewpoint, you are likely to defend it vehemently. You may enjoy an argument or group debate with competitive spirit, but are likely to find others respect you for being assertive and taking a stand. You may even win friends or fellow group members over with your viewpoint.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope

At work today, you are likely to get on with others and to shine. You are likely to make a powerful impression on others with your strong ideas and your ability to speak your mind with power and force, but also with sensitivity and compassion. You may want to make your views publicly known and are make a convincing argument that could prove persuasive or may win over others. Others are likely to respect you for being assertive and taking a stand. You may be able to use your energy and ideas to serve a larger cause as well as helping you advance personally in your career.

You may enjoy very pleasant personal relationships today, as you may be able to balance your own emotional needs and desires with those of other people. You are likely to seek romance and the company of others today and to give most of your attention to your most close personal relationships.

You may enjoy the company of family members and feel a need to spend time with them too. Family members may bring out your nurturing instinct and you may enjoy having someone to look after.

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Gemini Daily Horoscope

You may find that by stepping outside your familiar environment and taking a break from your usual everyday routine, you can be yourself more and express yourself more creatively. People may see more of you today than is usually visible to them.

Today, you may put emotional considerations second to dealing with work and the practical necessities of life. However, you may find emotional satisfaction in getting things done and in your relationship with co-workers. If you do feel critical or uncomfortable about anything at work today, it may be best to try to express how you feel rather than repress your feelings. But you may need to be constructive and avoid the kind of criticism that upsets others or is counter-productive.

You may find talking and exchanging ideas with friends or groups of people intellectually stimulating. The insights you receive from others may help you to see the deeper meaning in things, or to grasp the bigger picture. Your thinking may be more philosophical than rational and you may be able to offer others the benefit of your wisdom. Joining forces with a group may help you to get your ideas across and enable you to put your case more powerfully and forcefully.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope

Today may be an excellent day for creative expression, hobbies, entertainment or any activity that is purely for pleasure and play. You may enjoy being at home, with your family or in private with those you are most close to.  You may feel especially close to family members. Your nurturing instinct may come out in your relationship with children if you have them and this may be a good day to spend quality time with them.


Ideas and insights you come into contact with through others may also make a powerful impact on you and could change the way you see things. Working together with others or in a business partnership is likely to stimulate your thinking and help you to come up with ideas that could make a positive impact and be profitable. You are likely to be noticed for your quick thinking and by joining together and pooling your ideas with those of someone else, you could advance your own ideas with greater energy and vigour.  By acting together with others or a particular person, you may be able to assert your ideas on how things should be done at work and those in authority may respect your taking a stand.

You are likely to express how you feel very openly and effectively, leaving others in no doubt. This could be a positive thing in your relationships with others, provided that you do not seem too self-centred in your approach. You may feel a desire to open up more about feelings you have kept hidden, secret or private. This could lead to greater closeness and intimacy with someone. Others may be attracted to the passion and energy apparent in the way you think and communicate.

If you are single, you may feel a powerful attraction and meeting of minds with someone you know or meet though your work. If you are in a relationship, you are likely to find your partner receptive to the way you speak openly, directly and honestly. This may make your relationship stronger.

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Leo Daily Horoscope

You may feel happiest at home or in a private place away from the outer world today. You may want to be alone and spend time in quiet reflection. Or you may want to be with your family in familiar surroundings where you feel comfortable and in control. It is possible you may find yourself looking back today, either reminiscing about past or considering how any habits you have formed over time or past conditioning might be affecting your life in the present. You may spend some time looking inward and examining the inner workings of your personality and recognising hidden or lost parts of yourself that you want to reclaim and give more expression to.

You may find that talking and exchanging ideas with others stimulates your mind and brings you into contact with new ideas that may inspire you. You are likely to express your own ideas powerfully and may enjoy a little good-natured verbal jousting. You may make an impact on others, who are likely to respect your assertiveness and find your arguments persuasive. You are also likely to gain insights from others that could help to expand your mind and broaden your understanding.

You are likely to communicate your thoughts and views with sensitivity to others’ feelings. If you are single, this may be a favourable day for initiating romance. You may be attracted to someone who has strong opinions and beliefs and is interesting and challenging to talk to. Others may be attracted to your quick mind and the energy and vigour with which you put forward your ideas. If you are in a relationship, you and your partner may enjoy talking about a wide range of subjects and are likely to be able to speak to each other in an honest and direct way.  You may feel you can talk to your partner openly about anything. This is likely to bring you closer.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

At work, you may be eager to assert your ideas about the way things should be done and what you feel needs to be changed in order for things to run more smoothly. But you may be able to do this in such a way that co-workers appreciate your viewpoint.  Even if they do not agree with everything you say or suggest, debate is likely to be good-natured. Many of the ideas you come up with, especially when working together with others are not only likely to improve efficiency at work, but could also be profitable for everyone concerned.  

Today may be an enjoyable time for getting out and about, seeing people and exchanging ideas and information and keeping in touch with what is going on in your local environment. However, your thoughts, perception and communication today may be very influenced by your emotions. So you may see and interpret things around you very subjectively. So this may not be the best time for decisions that need rational, objectivity. But this could be an excellent day for articulating how you feel about something or speaking with emotion. You could have a persuasive way in arguments today and may be able to sway others’ opinions.  You may also be influenced in your ideas by others you come into contact with who might make a profound impression on you.

If you are single you may feel powerfully attracted to someone you meet through your work. You may be drawn to someone who speaks with energy and intensity but makes practical sense. What may initially be a meeting of minds could become something more intimate. If you are attached, you and your partner may enjoy talking about your deepest thoughts and this may bring great closeness and intimacy.

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Libra Daily Horoscope

You are likely to feel happiest today if you can be in charge or take the lead. You are likely to enjoy hobbies or spare time activities which engage your mind as well as providing fun, pleasure and entertainment and feel like an expression of who you are. You may especially enjoy pastimes that allow you to interact and compete in a good-natured away with others. Or a creative outlet that enable you to express yourself with power and vigour may be beneficial at this time. You are likely to feel able to be your true self and may express yourself in a powerful way today. You could make an impact on others with your creativity.

Today you may feel very protective of what you own, as you may feel emotionally identify more than usually with material possessions and material objects, especially those that remind you of the past or good memories. And you may feel sensitive about material security today. You may also feel in the mood for making or spending money. You might have an instinct for what will be profitable. But it may not be the best day to buy things, as your decisions may be coloured by today’s feelings and appetites rather than your real needs.

If you are single, you may feel eager to pursue romance and this may be a favourable day to initiate it. You are likely to be drawn to someone you can be yourself with and talk to in an energetic but playful way. You may find romance in places linked with hobbies, spare time activity or entertainment and may be confident and assertive in your attempt to win someone’s heart. If you are attached, you may enjoy doing something active and intellectually stimulating with your partner. Conversation may be playful and fun, but you may feel able to talk to each other about anything.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

At work, you may be eager to introduce ideas you may have been developing or might have kept private until now. Your ideas may enable work to be done more quickly or efficiently. You may put the case for your ideas with power and force and may speak with the voice of experience. Your thinking may be traditional or even old-fashioned. But others are likely to be receptive to what you have to say and suggest. You are likely to be able to use your energy to make money, today. However, as you do so, you may not be visible to the outer world. You may play a behind-the-scenes role.

You may be busy in your everyday domestic routine. Or you may be actively making plans for activity in your home or with family. This could also be a good day to buy something for a family member, or to show them how much you value them. This would be an excellent time to talk to others in the family about anything or make important decisions together. You and your relatives may speak openly honestly and directly and speak their minds, but are likely to be able to appreciate each other’s viewpoints and reach agreement easily.

You are likely to be very emotionally giving of yourself today and very sensitive to the needs of those around you. You may almost take on the colour and shape of your environment and fall in with other people’s rhythms. However, you are also likely to be keenly aware of what you want and need to feel emotionally fed and will look to your environment to provide you with this. You may, therefore, need to be careful that your subjective concern with your own desires does not make you too emotionally demanding. Overall, this could be a positive day for emotional relationships.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

It is possible that you could feel a little emotionally isolated today. But this may be of your own choosing. You might be tempted to withdraw from the outer world and be alone in private. Or, if you are among others, you may keep your feelings hidden or secret. This could be because your feelings might seem too complex or unclear to explain. Or you may not feel ready to open up to others about how you feel. Your feelings may be unclear because they are not yet fully formed and you are accessing your unconscious mind. Or you might just be feeling introspective. However, you may be at your most imaginative and creative and may enjoy working behind the scenes on an imaginative vision that you hope to give expression too soon.

Your hobbies, spare time interests may provide an outlet for your active mind. You may enjoy any activity that enables you to test your knowledge or mental agility, or to compete with others. You are likely to express yourself very well verbally and creatively. You may speak and put your ideas across with energy and vigour, but also in a fun and playful way. You may be able to express yourself verbally with emotion today. This may be apparent in your interactions with friends or in group situations. You may state your opinion with sensitivity and could contribute imaginative ideas to any group you are part of. You may also find you can be more powerful by joining together with others in a group effort.

If you are single, you may be attracted to someone you meet in your own neighbourhood, possibly a setting connected with knowledge, learning, communication or local travel. You are likely to be drawn to someone intelligent with a powerful, expressive mature a playful manner, with whom you can enjoy lively and stimulating conversation. A meeting of minds could develop quickly into romance.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

At work or in business, you may have ideas which could prove to be profitable for you. You may have been working on these for some time or have kept hidden or private until now. But you may feel the time is right to try to advance these and you are likely to be able to put them across in a positive way that wins the interest and approval of others. You are likely to make an impact in your career activity today. Your past experience is likely to be a strong and useful asset to you in earning money at this time. Your emotional sensitivity is likely to be apparent too.

You may have financial decisions to make, or may be planning to buy, sell or spend money on something connected with your home or family. This is likely, to be a favourable time for making decisions about money, property or possessions, as you are likely, to know your own mind and be sure of your true values. This may also be a beneficial time for talking about any financial issues you need to discuss with family members.

Friends may be very important to you today and your connection with them could be more personal and emotional than usual. If you have something important or deep to say to a friend, this may be a good day to do so. You might feel protective and supportive of friends and they are likely to be supportive to you too. Being among others in groups of like-minded people may also provide you with a sense of belonging that could be important to you today.

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