Daily Horoscopes 15-02-2017

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

You may be more inclined to follow your beliefs and philosophical ideas than reason and logical thinking today. You may intuitively see the larger significance or meaning of what you perceive. This could lead to differences of opinion with those who perceive things in a more a scientific or rational way. You may find yourself in confrontations over religious beliefs or philosophy today and could feel you have to defend your own views and beliefs. But you may need to take care not to be overly forceful or critical of those who do not agree with you. Friends or fellow members of any group you are part of may help you to appreciate a balance between differing views.

It may be necessary to think along more practical lines where money and financial matters are concerned. You are likely to have a powerful presence and to shine in whatever you do today and may be noticed or recognised, especially in your career activity. You may judge the public mood well today.

You may feel a desire to break away from your familiar everyday surroundings and go somewhere new and do something different. But your response to this need may be exaggerated or driven by compulsive urges and impulses. This could make you feel extremely restless and impatient with anything you feel is holding you back from the new adventure you crave. However, the depths of your desire could teach you a lot about what it is you really need to explore and open yourself to in the name of growth and expansion.

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Pisces Daily Horoscope

No matter how tempting it may be to try to make money by acting independently, you may find you can do better professionally and financially by working together with others in a joint effort. It may be beneficial to take a look at the many people around you and consider which of them inspires the most confidence in you or who seems to have similar values to your own. Success in business or career activity may be moderate today but, by working together with the right people, you could make an impact and lay the foundations for future, or long term success.

You may enjoy going somewhere new or different or doing something inspiring that allows you to lose yourself or enjoy a temporary escape from the familiar pattern of everyday life.

Your relationships with others may be deep and intense and may blossom among friends or in group situations. Someone could have a profound effect on you today. You may feel compelled to relate deeply with others, but you may also find yourself in power struggles with them. You may need to take care not to give in too much to obsessive or compulsive feelings. Your interactions with others may teach you a lot about yourself. But you may need to take care not to allow others to use guilt or other emotions to manipulate your reactions or behaviour, or to be tempted to do this yourself.

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Aries Daily Horoscope

Today, your main challenge may be to balance your need for relationship with your career activity. You could shine at work today, despite possible professional differences with others. You may feel very driven to bring about change and to use your power to succeed. In your career today. But you may meet resistance from others, especially if they feel threatened by the change you are seeking, or feel you are being overly forceful or ruthless. You may be tempted to go your own way and risk whatever reaction you get from others. But you may be able to use your power more effectively and make an impact if you work together with, rather than against others. The key to getting the best out of work today may be allowing others to help you set yourself practical, achievable goals and trying to achieve them by working together.

In romance and relationships, feelings may be deep and meaningful, but also intense and you may want relating to be on your terms. This is likely to show, perhaps more than you realise and you may need to take care not to appear too dominant. A relationship could develop or progress today. But relationships and friendships may need to allow you some degree of freedom, independence and room for individual expression in order to feel comfortable.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope

You may feel ready to aim higher and go further in your work, or do something on a bigger scale. But you may be dreaming of so many exciting options and possibilities that you cannot decide which specific areas to focus on or aim for. You may desire a complete change in your approach, routine or even in the type of work you do. You may feel you need something that stretches you more and enables you to go further and aim higher. But not everyone in your workplace is likely to be receptive to this. It may be necessary to try to reach a compromise that retains the best of the old and allows room for growth. Another person or a group you belong to may help you to refine your plans and develop clearly defined goals. But even though your long term plans may still be in development, you could shine and be noticed in your work today.

You may need to take care not to overreach yourself physically today. You may also need to be careful not to be too extreme with any diets or exercise regimes.

If you are attached, you may find it difficult to get time alone with your partner. But your partnership is likely to be steadfast and emotionally rewarding. If you are single, you may feel torn between courage and self-doubt when it comes to approaching someone you are attracted to. But you are likely to find them more receptive to you than you might think. Romance may blossom among friends or in group situations.


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Gemini Daily Horoscope

You may want to rebel against friends and groups, even if you are in the minority, explore your personal creativity and express yourself as an individual in your own unique way today. But another part of you may want to give up your individual self and merge with someone else to explore what you can be together. Even though you may find some of your interaction with others exciting and feel compelled to be seek out exhilarating company, you may be reluctant to compromise, or allow others to change you. This could place you on the outside of things a little, especially at work, where our differences with others may seem to block or slow down your progress. You may find you can be more creative and make more of an impact with your expression if you join together with another person in a creative or business partnership. But you may still feel you need to remain free to be creative and unique and to grow as an individual. 

In romance and relationships, you may feel both a need to be light and playful and an intense desire for deep closeness and intimacy. You may need to find a way to address both these needs in relationships today. If you are single, you may feel a reluctance to commit to anything too serious in relationship, but you may feel drawn to someone with whom you feel a deep connection. There may be a connection between romance and work. The key may be to be yourself, remain open to possibilities, but remain aware of your need to balance freedom with commitment. If you are in a relationship, you may find it difficult to balance your time between work and relationship today. But it may be beneficial to use what time you have with your partner to do something fun, playful and enjoyable.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope

Your challenge today may be to balance your responsibilities to your home and family life, work and relationships, all of which may place considerable demands on your time today. Your personal life may be where you heart is today. You may feel a need to retreat to the comfort of home and your family today, perhaps in a desire to hide intense feelings away. But these may surface as tension in the relationships between yourself and family members. Or you may feel a desire to make changes to your home, but may meet resistance from others. In order to get what you need today, co-operation with others may be necessary. And being at home with your family is likely to feel meaningful and uplifting. 

Romance and relationships may be deep and intense and offer great closeness and intimacy today. You may feel a strong desire to be with your partner, or to seek a partner if you are single. But it may be difficult to bring these parts of your life together and you may need to work out a compromise that allows you time for both. There may be hidden feelings or undercurrents which need to be acknowledged in order for relationships to function honestly.

Work is likely to be exciting and you may feel ready to aim high and expand. But the key to success may be to try to focus and direct your energy into clearly defined, practical and achievable goals and not to try to go too far too fast and overreach yourself.  You may be noticed for your originality and inventiveness.

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Leo Daily Horoscope

Today, you may feel a desire to break away from your usual everyday surroundings and abandon old ideas you see as small and uninspiring and travel somewhere or open your mind to broader concepts and inspiring new philosophies. This may be most apparent at work, where you may be inspired to do something bigger and more ambitious. Your mind may be buzzing with new, imaginative ideas that you feel enthusiastic about today. At work, you may have ideas about changes you would like to make in order to make things function more efficiently. You are likely to speak your mind powerfully and forcefully and with intense emotion. But you may meet resistance from others who do not agree with you, or who feel threatened or overwhelmed by your plans for change. However, you could have an impact on your work environment today if you apply your ideas with sensitivity.

You may be able to achieve something expansive today. But it may not be necessary to abandon your everyday environment, or all your established ideas in order to grow. It could be by bringing together new insights with tried and trusted thinking that you may be most likely to get things done and to shine at work today.

Romance and relationships may blossom most in your own neighbourhood or immediate environment. You may feel uncomfortable about having to give up your separateness and set your own needs aside in order to experience deep sharing and intimacy. But it is in relationship that you may be most likely to discover more about yourself.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

You may feel a powerful need to make money or to protect what you have today. You may have an exciting opportunity to join together with someone else in a business partnership or joint financial arrangement. But you may also believe that retaining financial independence and the freedom to be yourself and make you own financial decisions is preferable. You are likely to insist on doing things your own way where money or possessions are concerned. This might be because you have an emotional attachment to some of your possessions, or a need for security. While others may give you energy and may seem an exciting prospect, joint commitments may prove to be erratic and subject to change. It may be wiser to have faith in your own power to make money and act independently, if possible. It may take a little longer to achieve your aims this way, but what you do achieve may be built on a more solid foundation.  You may be able to make money by being creative today.

Romance and relationships may be exciting and intense. If you are single, you may meet someone you are attracted to in settings linked with entertainment, leisure and spare time activity. You may feel hesitant about making an approach and could be inclined to keep your feelings hidden. But a romantic connection may happen spontaneously. You may feel that a display of power or wealth may attract someone. But you may need to take care not to view romance as something can be bought or as a sign of power. It may be more beneficial to follow your values in the pursuit of relationship. If you are attached, you may benefit from breaking your usual routine and doing something exciting and different with your partner.

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Libra Daily Horoscope

You may want to leave behind your everyday surroundings and routine and seek a new adventure in unexplored places. Or you may feel a need to open your mind to new concepts and a broader way of thinking or searching for a greater meaning in life. Your work may bring an opportunity to stimulate your mind. Though co-workers with more traditional views and a preference for the ordinary and routine may help you to keep your thinking within practical limits. Today is a day when you can shine, especially for your creativity and you may earn well today too.

You may be very in touch with your own emotional needs today and very receptive to those of others. Feelings you may have kept private or hidden, even from yourself, may be quite apparent for all to see today. This could be an excellent time for breaking with old habits and conditioning and shedding the parts of the past that you need to leave behind, in order to express your unique self-more truthfully and authentically.

If you are single, you might tend to avoid pursuing romance today, in favour of being free to express yourself as an individual, make your own decisions and to do what you want to do. If you are attached, you may feel a need for relationship to be exciting and stimulating. But you may need to take care not to put pressure on your partnership to live up to your ideals.

There could be tension in your home or among family members today and you may be required to help others to bring intense emotions that have been bubbling below the surface out into the open and clear the air so that peace can be restored.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

At work today, you may want to break with routine and take a new, more original approach. You may feel you want to expand and do things on a larger or broader scale. But while your overall vision may be interesting, it may also be quite idealistic and perhaps a little unrealistic. Or it may take a lot of work and effort to turn it into a practical reality. You may find talking about your ideas to others could help to refine your overall plan and find a way to give your ideas form and making them profitable.

You may benefit from spending some time at home, with your family or in private today and this may give you a feeling of comfort and security.

You are likely to speak your mind powerfully and forcefully today. You may be at your most perceptive and sensitive to thoughts, feelings and emotional undercurrents in your environment. You may have a marked ability to spot or uncover anything dark, secret or hidden. You may need to exercise sensitivity in the way you respond to others in your local environment, as what you say may have a powerful impact on others today. Your words could also potentially hurt or wound others and have a profound impact on relationships and situations. More positively, what you say could potentially sway opinions and help bring about change.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Today, you may feel a desire to mix and blend in with a group of friends or like-minded people and take on the group identity, in order to avoid having to create something yourself or make your own decisions. In this sense, group activity could be liberating. But you may find it difficult to reconcile your own beliefs and values with those of others. Ironically, either by reflecting yourself back to you or helping you to define your own distinctness, being among other people may actually have the effect of making you feel clearer about what you want as an individual.

There could be power struggles in groups or differences over values or financial matters. A friend or a group you are involved with may have the effect of changing your point of view about money or material matters. You may need to take care to avoid compulsions to spend money or to allow yourself to be manipulated into making financial decisions you don’t want to make. This may be a beneficial time for using money to buy or make changes to property. Or you may put effort into changing your investments or source of income. But you may need to look deeply into yourself to ensure that you are basing your choices on your true values.

Home and family life may be challenging today and may seem to deplete your energy. It may be beneficial to try to spend some time, perhaps later in the day, alone in quiet reflection or chatting and exchanging ideas with people you feel comfortable with.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Today, you may not want to be hidden away at home, but are likely to feel a need to venture outside your familiar everyday environment and seek wider achievement and recognition. This could work well for you, and you are likely to be noticed for your enthusiasm and the right blend of confidence and humility.  In your career, you could be prone to power struggles, especially with authority figures. But any confrontations may really lead to you having to confront yourself. You could be a powerful presence and may get noticed, but you may need to take care not to be overly forceful or ruthless in pursuing your ambitions. Your earning potential may be good today.

Feelings you have kept hidden or suppressed may erupt today and this may be a good thing in some ways, as it may be better to express them than to keep them bottled up. However, you may be more noticed or on show today and you may need to take care not to allow your feelings to erupt or burst out more publicly than you intended.

You may enjoy spending time with friends or in a group of people with whom you temporarily lose yourself in lively conversation. Talking and exchanging ideas with others today may help you to get things clear in your own mind or to make decisions.

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