Daily Horoscopes 14-12-2016

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Today may be a good day to try bringing any creative projects to fruition, or to exploit the way you express yourself to its full potential. This could be especially the case if you are doing this as part of a group, or trying to find the right balance between individual expression and group identity. You are most likely to be decisive and determined to make an impression as a unique, independent individual today.

You may also be preoccupied with work, everyday practical duties and finding a way to be useful and to serve today. Getting things done and organising your life efficiently may make you feel more emotionally fulfilled.

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Pisces Daily Horoscope

It may be beneficial to try to bring any matters connected with your home, family and private life to a conclusion today. This could be especially the case if you are trying to achieve the right balance between domestic affairs and work, career ambitions and public life. You may give a lot of your energy to helping family members, especially children if you have them, or to helping, supporting and caring for others, perhaps in a private, secret or confidential situation.

You may have an emotional need for pleasure today and may seek to fulfil your own needs by pursuing spare time interests, entertainment or romance.

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Aries Daily Horoscope

Today is an ideal time to complete a journey, anything to do with writing, learning and education, an important communication or a journey. Combining your energy with that of friends or others in a group or team may help you to accomplish this.

Today, you may focus on home, family and the private side of your life and home may be where you are likely to be at your happiest and most emotionally fulfilled.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope

This could be a favourable day to bring any financial matters to a conclusion, especially those involving money you receive from someone else or anything linked with buying, selling or joint ownership. It is also a favourable day for achievement and the earning of money, especially if you are bring a project to fruition today.

Your thinking could be influenced by your emotions today, so you might not be at your most objective. But this is a good day for communication with emotional depth and talking about how you feel.

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Gemini Daily Horoscope

Today would be a favourable time for bringing any relationship matter to a peak or conclusion, especially anything concerning the balance between your own emotional needs and those of others. You may get the opportunity to travel or step outside your everyday environment and experience something new, perhaps with a partner, or through a developing romance.

You may be focused on money, financial matters and material security today. This may also be a particularly good day for earning or acquiring money.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope

You may be yearning for perfection of the kind you envision in your dreams and fantasies. And you might express this high ideal in your work today. The level of perfection you dream of may not be realistically attainable. But aiming for it may help you to achieve a more earthly kind of perfection, even in your practical daily tasks. A powerful working partnership may help you to achieve your best of realise a dream today.

You are likely to be very attuned to your own emotional needs today, as well as to those of others. A close, intimate relationship may make you feel emotionally nourished.


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Leo Daily Horoscope

This may be an ideal day to bring any matters connected with friends and group or team involvements to a conclusion. This could especially apply to how much you feel you can express yourself as an individual within friendships or groups. A romance which may develop among friends or in a group setting, or being with a partner among friend and groups may help you to reach this conclusion.

You may be quite sensitive and attuned to the people around you in your environment today, and could be able to help, support and care for others.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

Today would be a very favourable day to bring any career projects to fruition or to conclude nay professional or public matters, especially those which are connected with bring out your hidden talents or making public anything relating to your home, family and private life. You are likely to have a high energy level which should help you to accomplish this.

You may also feel a need to be with friends or in groups of people today. This would be a favourable time to mix with others, as this is likely to make you feel comfortable and nurtured.

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Libra Daily Horoscope

If you have been travelling, studying or engaging in any activity designed to expand your mind and open you to new experiences, today may be a good time to bring these matters to a conclusion, or to the end of a particular phase. Such activities may have culminated in a creative project or a new romance, either of which could be the start of a new adventure.

You may find emotional fulfilment in career activity and could achieve success and gain recognition for your professional sills or public image today

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Today may be good day to bring any financial matters to a conclusion. This could be especially the case with those concerning the implications of joint financial partnership or any money that may be coming to you from another person or source. There may also be a link with your home or a family member. In personal relationships, if you are hoping to become more intimately involved with someone, this may be the time to openly express any hidden feelings and try to create a deeper union.

Today would be an excellent time to break with the familiarity of your everyday life and explore something different through travel, study or new experiences.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

This may be the ideal day to bring a relationship matter to a conclusion or to exploit its full potential. This could be especially the case if you are seeking to create a balance between expressing yourself as an individual and being a partner to someone. You may find you can speak openly, honestly and directly with your partner today, and this should help to promote mutual understanding and empathy. Your emotional bond with someone may become deeper and more intimate.

You may consider entering into a joint financial or business partnership with someone today, or turn your attention to something you jointly own with another person.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

If you have been in the process of turning an idealistic, imaginative vision into a practical reality in your work, this may be a good day to bring this type of project to fruition. Or if you are engaging in charitable work or something that helps or serves others, it may be beneficial to try to bring this to a conclusion today. Your high energy level may enable you to achieve a great deal very quickly and easily today, and you may find your work profitable or financially rewarding.

You may feel a need to seek out the company of others, or to pursue emotional fulfilment through romance or relationship today.

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