Daily Horoscopes 12-12-2016

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

There could be something of a clash today between responsibilities in your home, or what your family need from you and your sense of who you are as a unique individual. You are likely to feel compelled to be your true self and not to fall back on old habit patterns and adhere to who you once were, or been conditioned to be in the past.

The key may be to remain loyal to your family and to acknowledge the past and what you have inherited from your origins and history, but to also ensure that you do not have to compromise on the expression of your true, unique self, or bury and hide who you are. You are likely to express yourself so well that others will probably be very receptive to this. It may really be yourself you have to convince most.

You are likely to shine in your career today and to achieve positive financial rewards for what you do.  You may be especially noticed for your originality and inventiveness.

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Pisces Daily Horoscope

You may have imaginative ideas today and be inspired to action and achievement. However, while you may have very high ideals, you may not have as much actual energy as you imagine and you could be unsure of how to focus and direct your energy. The key may be to use today to reflect further on the many ideas that may be flooding through your mind, until you fix on one that you can tackle head on. You may also need to rest and recharge your batteries at this time, too.

Your sense of who you are may be expanding as you learn or take in new experiences. You are perhaps beginning to integrate newly emerging parts of your nature into your expression. Some of this new content may radiate from you today and make you appear and express yourself differently.

Your home and family life may be full of surprises and revelations today. Things could be in a state of change, but will soon take a new form.

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Aries Daily Horoscope

You could find your feelings about money or possessions is at odds with that of others and might find yourself having to defend your financial decisions. You may need to ensure that your activity with others does not lead you to become impulsive and overspend or put your financial security at risk. Exchanging ideas and views among friends and in groups could stimulate your thinking and may change how you think or feel about something. You are likely to be able to communicate well verbally, perhaps in an unusual or original way, but with emotional depth. Your ideas and how you express them could make an impact on others. 

You are likely to be feeling spontaneous and in the mood for excitement and adventure today. You may feel you are growing and changing and have new potential in yourself that you want to explore.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope

You may clash or find you have a difference of views with others, especially authority figures at work today. You could find that the way you want to do things is at odds with someone else’s objectives. It may be best to avoid getting into confrontations, but try to understand both positions and see if a compromise can be reached in which you can stay true to yourself and your own emotional needs and professional ambitions. Working together with someone else may provide an unusual, imaginative solution, which could be profitable, or appeal to your own feelings about the financial side of your work.

Romance and personal relationships could be surprising and exciting today. You may feel a strong, sudden attraction to someone. Or a relationship could unexpectedly deepen. It may help to be spontaneous and ready to explore opportunities that might come your way.

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Gemini Daily Horoscope

You may feel restless today, as if you want to do something different, but cannot decide what. There may be so many options that you feel overwhelmed and unable to choose between them. Or you may know what you would really like to do, but lack the energy, or feel uncertain about how to get started. Friends and those close to you might be able to help to enliven your spirit, awaken your energy vitality and sense of adventure and put you back in touch with yourself.

Relationships may be exciting and could bring the unexpected today. Romance could blossom among friends, in group settings or in a different or unusual environment or situation.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope

If you are among friends or in a group situation today, you might find that you and another person might share views or desires that are at odds with those of others. This could be a dilemma for you, because while you may feel strongly committed to your own position and the person who shares it, you may also feel a need to fit in with others, or the majority. It may help to look at both sides of any argument and try to find a compromise, while also protecting and preserving close alliances. By being sensitive to others’ feelings and motivations and pulling together, you may find an unusual or imaginative solution.

Work may be an area in which you can shine and make an impact today. You may be noticed for your originality and inventiveness.

You may feel a need to keep a relationship situation private, or defend your feelings and desires against outside interference. Though, within relationships, you are likely to enjoy great closeness and intimacy.

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Leo Daily Horoscope

There could be tension in your relationships with others at work today. You may feel that you want or need to do things a certain way while someone else, perhaps an authority figure, requires something from you that you feel uncomfortable with. Or it may feel as if someone is putting pressure on you and disrupting the smooth flow of your work or career path. It may help to try to avoid getting into confrontations where neither side wants to back down. Instead, it may help to examine what both sets of needs might be and see if a compromise can be reached that is sensitive to both.

You may want to have fun, do something exciting and express yourself creatively in a different and unusual way today. The best opportunity for this may be through leisure or spare time activity. You may find the company of friends or a group of people enlivens you and makes you feel more able to be free, daring and adventurous.

Romance and relationships could also be a pleasing source of excitement and the unexpected today. The more ready you are to incorporate something different, unusual and surprising into your relationship activity, the more you are likely to enjoy yourself.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

Today, you may feel a restless need to get away from the familiar everyday routine of work and domestic responsibilities and do something more engaging and exciting. This may, of course, not necessarily be possible. But you may be able to find a way to make your work exciting and engaging, perhaps by taking a different or original approach, or by working more closely with someone you don’t normally associate with may bring out something different in you.

This could be a classic case of the lesson that, sometimes, you may not need to look outside your current environment to find what you need. It may be right there in front of you.

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Libra Daily Horoscope

You may want to express yourself with energy and power today, but you may feel your individual needs clash with what a partnership or relationship requires of you. However, if you examine both situations, you may find that the support you get from the partnership could actually be helpful to your self-expression.

In relationships, you may feel you would like a deep level of closeness, sharing and intimacy with someone. But you may also want to maintain a level of freedom, independence and separateness that clashes with your need to merge with another. Or, in a romantic involvement or relationship, one partner may take the former position while the other takes the latter.

The way to get the best from relationships today is to allow room and space within them, but maintain a deep level of closeness when you are together. It may also be important to ensure that in a relationship you are growing together and moving in a joint direction with your partner rather than growing separately and possibly apart.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

There could be tension between members of your family today, or between your family and a partner or someone you are romantically interested in. You may feel torn both ways but, of course, the solution could be to find a way to be true to both and to your own feelings. It is possible that secret or hidden feelings may emerge today which could surprise you and others. But these revelations might give a clearer picture and could change the dynamics of relationships in both these areas of your life. This might help to bring people together in greater harmony.

At work today, you are likely to be able to make any changes you want to your working environment, practices or routine that allow you the freedom you need, However, you should still being able to be productive enough and earn enough money. You may make money from an unusual work project or by utilising your originality and inventiveness.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

At work today, differences in opinions and feelings about how work should be best done could cause tension and irritation between you and your co-workers. It may help to try to avoid letting this build into anger or confrontations. Instead, by looking at the needs and desires on all sides, you may be able to reach an understanding. You are likely to be able to use your inventiveness and powers of lateral thinking to come up with an original or unusual solution. And you may express yourself well today ad be able to help others see alternatives sympathetically.

Your personal relationships should be very positive today. You are likely to be radiating intelligence, attractiveness and charisma that, if you are single, could be very attractive to others and help romance to blossom. If you are attached, you may find you can talk freely to your partner about anything and vice versa, while retaining the closeness you both need. You should also be able to easily balance your ability to be committed in relationship with your desire for freedom and independence.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Today, you may feel full of creative energy and ready to express yourself openly with power and force. But you may find this need clashes in some way with the necessity to make money and maintain financial security. In the work you do, it may seem that you are required to compromise your creative values for the sake of commercial success. However, an examination of what is behind both sets of needs may enable you to find an inventive solution to the problem. This could allow you to utilise your originality and creativity to some degree, while still enjoying financial gain.

There could be unusual, unexpected situations or revealed secrets in your home and family life today, perhaps involving children if you have any. It may feel better that this is out in the open and revealed truth may bring people closer. Or you might feel a need to break away from your familiar domestic surroundings, to define yourself in broader terms or pursue a personal dream, vision or fantasy. Such a break could be good for you, provided you do not become lost, or too detached from your everyday life.

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