Daily Horoscopes 10-12-2016

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

If you are among friends or groups of people today, you may inwardly compare yourself to others somewhat unfavourably. You may feel less confident than others or see yourself as less financially successful, less intellectually strong, or less imaginative. This is of course, unlikely to be true. It is just that you may be in a self-critical mood and are projecting your self-doubt on the others around you. Talking to others may inspire you and make you feel less self-critical and more forgiving of yourself.

Some of your ideas today may actually be very inspired and potentially profitable. You may be intuitive and able to express yourself very well and from a position of strength. Others may not see your self-doubt, but may see you as strong, powerful and self-assured.

There may be tension between yourself and family members today. However, you may be able to resolve these, improve your relationship with them and strengthen family unity. In personal relationships, hidden feelings could be expressed which may bring tension initially, but could eventually bring you closer to the object of your affection.


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Pisces Daily Horoscope

You may feel you are struggling to make the progress you would like to make or gain the recognition you desire in your career. If so, you may be lacking confidence in yourself and your ability to achieve. Or obstacles may be blocking your path. Today, it may be beneficial to let go of your quest for personal achievement and give your power, energy imagination and creativity over to helping others and more charitable or selfless activity. You may find you can succeed more and if you are seeking to serve something greater than your personal self. This may build your confidence and personal success will follow, in time.

Friendships and relationships may also require you to be giving today, but you may find what you share with others inspiring and uplifting.

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Aries Daily Horoscope

Today you may feel a desire to be expansive, think bigger, go further and learn more. But you might feel somewhat blocked and unable to make progress. You might have some really inspired ideas and visions, particularly relating to work projects and career ambitions. But these may not yet be fully formed or clear enough to implement in a practical way.  The key may be to try to narrow down your options and set yourself clear, achievable aims.

Friends or groups you are part of may be able to lend you their strength and energy, give you greater confidence in yourself and this could help you to feel you are moving forward. Even if you clash with friends and associates over differing values, this may help you clarify what it is you value the most and this may what you need to base your choices upon.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope

There may be someone in your life that you hope to get closer to or to share more with. However there may be obstacles which limit the possibility of this. Or you may be holding back because you feel cautious or lacking in confidence. Your feelings may come out into the open today, or be more apparent than you think and it is likely that there could be some kind of emotional reaction that could change your situation. It may help for you to open up and ensure that your feelings are perceived in the way you want them to be and not misunderstood.

A friend or a group of people you are involved with may provide the opportunity for new experience, travel or new learning today. Talking and exchanging ideas with them may be inspiring and uplifting.

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Gemini Daily Horoscope

You may feel unable to make the kind of connection you would like with others today. You may want to pursue a relationship or spend time with someone, but responsibilities, duties or obstacles may seem to get in the way of this. It may be beneficial to talk to someone you feel deeply about and explain how you feel. By doing this, an understanding may be reached that could bring you closer.

At work, you may have inspired ideas and creative visions. These could, perhaps, be best utilised by working together closely with someone else who understands them and to whom you can relate intellectually and creatively.

Friendships and group activity, especially if it is related to travel, learning or the exchange of ideas, may have an enlivening effect on you today. This could either bring out your energy and drive, or help to provide an outlet for it.


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Cancer Daily Horoscope

This could be a somewhat frustrating day at work. You may feel blocked in your efforts to get anything done efficiently by obstacles, delays and hitches that seem to slow you down or limit your progress. This could make you feel critical of yourself, though you could perhaps look upon such problems as a test of your commitment to what you are doing. If you persevere, you should succeed in the end. You may be able to make more progress by joining forces with another person in a working partnership of some kind.

There could be something of a clash of some kind between friendship and romance today. A friend or group of people you associate with may disapprove of your romantic choices, or you may be caught in a clash of loyalties. Or you may hope to get closer to a friend or someone in a group setting, but may not find the atmosphere conducive to closeness or intimacy. The way to get the best out of relationships today may be to be open and direct with someone about how deeply your feelings are. Open and honest communication may open up more for you in relationships.

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Leo Daily Horoscope

Today you may find it difficult to express yourself. Either circumstances may inhibit your ability to be your true self, or you may be holding back because you lack confidence. In love and romance, the truth may be that the more you show of yourself and your feelings, the more you are likely to be well received and to make progress in relationships. This, in turn, may give you more confidence. Your feelings may show anyway, and it may be more beneficial for you to be consciously in charge of how they get to be expressed.

At work today, you may have some inspired ideas and you should enjoy a close and harmonious working relationship with others. However, you may feel overly burdened with duties and responsibilities and unable to pursue pleasure and fun, as you would really like to. Your feelings for someone may be causing you to dream and escape from work, in your mind. You may need to try not to allow relationship issues to distract you from your professional aims today.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

Today you may feel a little weighed down by home and family responsibilities. Although you may feel deeply committed to your home and family, you may feel your domestic duties are limiting your personal expression. You may want to be more than someone’s caretaker.

One way you may be able to express yourself today is either through words or a creative medium of some kind. You may be able to do this best either in a creative partnership with someone, or by talking your ideas over with someone who can act as a sounding board for you. 

You may also function best in work by combining your efforts with others and sharing tasks. By working together with others, you may even be able to exceed your usual professional limits and aspirations.

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Libra Daily Horoscope

Today, there could be difficulties and delays with communications, messages, information and local travel. You may be confronted by ideas and information you find it difficult to understand. Or you may feel trapped by familiar ideas and thought patterns but may not seem to be able to get beyond them. Or you may hesitate to speak up because you lack confidence in your own ideas or intellect. The answer may be to allow yourself to think, learn, absorb information or travel at your own pace and not judge yourself too harshly. Perseverance is likely to pay off. Both at home and at work, you may find ordinary, everyday tasks more inspiring and meaningful than usual today.

In relationship matters, you may feel a desire for a deeper connection with someone, but you may find the object of your affection is keener on keeping things to the level of fun and playfulness. If you feel committed to them, the answer may be to try to be content to function on that level for now, enjoy your relationship and allow things to develop at their own pace.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Today, you may be taking a critical look at your financial situation. You may feel your don’t have as much financial security as you would like. Or you may feel you are having to work harder to make enough money than seems ideal. Or there may be delays in financial matters. If something is not working in this area of your life, this may be a good time to think about how you might conserve resources, and restructure something to create the kind of order, stability and security you desire.

You may be busy with everyday tasks today, both in your home life and at work. You may be able to get things done very quickly, perhaps with the help of family members or co-workers.  You have lots of creative ideas and should be able to communicate and express yourself very well.

There could be tension in the relationships between family members today and you may be required to pay the role of peacemaker. In other relationships, hidden feelings may come to light that cause some tension, but this should not be too difficult to resolve. You may be attracted to someone who seems old fashioned and traditional with whom you can converse easily and be yourself. There could be a link between the past and romance.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

You may lack confidence in yourself today or be self-critical. Though you may express yourself forcefully and with a bold manner that could mask your self-doubt. You may need to try not to be hard on yourself and to recognise your own limitations. This way, you may be able to set yourself realistic achievable goals that will give you a greater chance of success and of building greater confidence.

There could be some tension in your relationships with others at work, whose ideas you may disagree with. But communication may be the key to resolving this. You may have some inspired and potentially profitable ideas and could make money by utilising your imagination, creativity and past experience today.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

You may feel somewhat introspective today. You may feel tired and lacking in energy and you may feel a lack of confidence, perhaps without really knowing why. It may be that you are experiencing self-doubt or fearing that you are not good enough. This feeling will soon pass, but rather than wish it away, it may be more valuable to examine any fear and self-doubt to see what is at the root of it, so this can be addressed. It could be that you are feeling open to so many possibilities that you cannot focus on any one and have lost your sense of direction. Talking to family members, work colleagues or a partner and exchanging ideas and insights may inspire you and encourage you to have more faith in yourself and your potential.

At work you may find your past experience and domestic skills useful. You might favour traditional, tried and trusted ways of getting things done more quickly and could find this approach more productive and profitable, today. You may have creative differences with others where making money and financial decisions are concerned. But it would be beneficial to try to resolve these and to approach financial matters in a unified way.

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