Daily Horoscopes 09-12-2017

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Today, you may feel happiest when you are among friends, or a group of people you can identify with or feel part of. But there could be particular person among them with whom your bond may seem more deep and profound. You might feel torn between being part of a group and becoming more deeply involved in a one-to-one relationship. This could apply either in romance, or in business and finance.

Today, you may find it difficult to achieve what you want to by yourself and could feel tempted to enter into a joint business, or financial agreement that seems to promise support and good returns. However, you might need to examine this clearly to make sure you are clear about what you are entering into and the implications for your personal financial security. This may not be the best date to make a financial commitment.

In your work, you are likely to feel fired up and ready to use your energy and drive to succeed in your career ambitions and to make an impression. You might want to lead and do things your way and are not likely to feel willing to bend to anyone else’s will. You may need to watch out for possible clashes with authority figures. It could be beneficial if you are able to work on your own or under your own initiative as much as possible. If you can remain conscious of other people’s interests, avoid coming into conflict with these and work together with them, you might be able to achieve a great deal and make a positive impact today.

Friendship could seem to clash with romance and relationships today. Either a friend might disapprove of your choice of partner. Or you and your partner could find it difficult to fit in easily to each other’s social circle. There could be misunderstandings or issues over possessiveness. But you might learn how much you value someone today. You may feel happier being with the object of your affection in a more private, intimate setting.

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Pisces Daily Horoscope

Today, you are likely to be very giving, or even selfless in your relationships with others. In your interactions with others, you could learn more about yourself, as others might reflect parts of your own nature to you.

You might feel a desire to convey your experience and view of the world to others. You are likely to assert and defend your own beliefs and may need to watch out for a possible tendency to impose your beliefs, philosophy or overall view of the world onto others.  You may put energy into learning and expanding your mind. Or you could feel an urge to take in more of the world by travelling.

Work is likely to provide you with emotional fulfilment today and you could gain attention and recognition for what you do. But you may not get as much support from co-workers or authority figures as you would like. You might have to work hard to win others’ approval for your imaginative and creative abilities.

In romance and relationships, feelings may come out into the open that could bring you closer to the object of your affection. You may put aside your own needs to please others, or feel a desire to lose yourself and merge with another person to enjoy a greater level of greater closeness.

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Aries Daily Horoscope

You might be imaginative today, but imagination could give way to daydreams and fantasies. You may be able to work to turn a vision into a practical reality. The key could be to set yourself practical, achievable goals.

Today you are likely to have a strong sense of your own values, but could come into conflict with someone, or need to make a joint decision concerning a shared financial interest. Or you might disagree with a partner over how to use joint resources. This may not be a good time to take out a loan, or undertake financial negotiations.

At work today, you might want to introduce new ideas, think and work on a bigger and broader scale and take a more adventurous approach. But your co-workers may feel uncertain about this and it could be difficult to gain their support. They might prefer to stick with more traditional, conventional, tried and tested ways of doing things. If you can work with them to try to promote greater mutual understanding and co-operation, a compromise could be possible. It could be beneficial to put your energy into working in partnership with someone on a project you both feel enthusiastic about. Working together with someone else might enable you to achieve results more quickly, make a more powerful impact and earn more money. You may be very sensitive to others in your work environment today and could offer great support and empathy. But, in order to get things done, you might need to take care to avoid getting overly distracted by other people’s problems.

If you are single, you may encounter someone who could have a powerful or transforming effect on you, either through attraction, competition or conflict. You might need to take care not to be overly assertive or dominant in romance or relationships. But you could be intensely attracted to someone, today, and a deep, powerful connection may be possible. You may find romance with someone you know or meet through your work, or outside your neighbourhood and local area. If you are in a relationship, your partner might prefer you both to remain within your usual and known environment rather than to travel further afield in search of new adventure.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope

You may feel eager to spend time with others, but you are also likely to be very self-assertive and want to do things your way and not have to give in or compromise. This could potentially manifest as conflict with others, if you come across as over assertive or dominant. You may want to express yourself but could feel you lose the ability to do this in group situations. You might have to give more to a group effort than you get from it.

However, your relationships and interaction with others could have a profound effect on you today and might even change or influence the way you choose to express yourself. Other people are likely to inspire you with their grace, style and depth of emotion and this could influence you. You may feel you can be a new person when you are with a particular person who makes you feel differently about yourself. You are likely to use your energy most effectively when joining together with someone else, today.

Romantic opportunities could arise among friends or in a group situation. But you may need to take care to ensure you are seeing things clearly and not over-idealising a person or situation.

If you are single, you might feel a strong desire for romance or relationship today. Your powerful presence could be attractive to others today and, if you can devote your energy to fulfilling others’ needs as well as your own, this may be an excellent time to begin a new romance. If you are attached, you might need to take care not to try to dominate relationships. But if you need to stand up for yourself in a relationship, this could be a good time to do so. If there is harmony in your relationship, you are likely to be a powerful force together.

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Gemini Daily Horoscope

You are likely to work hard and get a lot of things done quite quickly today, especially practical, everyday tasks, both at home and at work. Physical activity could help you to release tension that is best not frustrated or bottled up and may be good for your health, today.

There could be tension in family relationships today and you may be required to be a mediator or to bring people together and restore harmony.

Work might also be an ideal outlet for your energy and drive. You may prefer to do things your way at work, as you are likely to identify strongly with what you do. The best scenario for you could be to work for yourself, or to work independently under your own initiative. You may not feel much like being a team player today. But if you have to work with others, you might need to take care to avoid being competitive or critical of others who cannot match your pace and productivity as you might want to get credit for your efforts. You could be noticed for your sensitivity, imagination and vision, but might find it difficult to push yourself into the limelight. You may tend to hide your talent away, or play a supporting or behind-the-scenes role. You could, perhaps, succeed more in charitable or selfless aims that benefit others or a cause greater than your personal self.

If you are in a relationship, you might feel a need to enjoy quiet time alone, at home or in private with your partner today. But you could find it a challenge to balance your home and family life with your personal relationships. There may be tension between a family member and your partner. Or the needs of your family might place demands on your time that make it difficult for you to get together with your partner.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope

Today, you may feel determined to be yourself and to express who you are. You might choose to do this via a creative medium, which could be an excellent outlet for your energy. Or you could be driven to express yourself through a hobby or spare-time activity, something playful or through healthy competition. You might certainly prefer to put energy into things you do for your own enjoyment today.

You are likely to feel a yearning to expand, do things on a bigger scale and explore new territory. But you could be envisioning too wide a range of possibilities and might need to narrow your scope or refine your vision in order to make your plans practical and achievable. While communicating with others today, you may get lost in the bigger picture and lose sight of details. You could get facts and information confused or unclear in your mind. But you are likely to be able to understand the deeper meaning of things intuitively. If you have children, you could find you have a clash of wills with them today.

At work today, you could find your relationship with co-workers difficult. They may not seem to understand or appreciate your imaginative and creative ideas, or might not seem to be on your intellectual wavelength. You could find their conversation difficult to relate to, or feel they are being tactless or indiscreet. It may be more beneficial to try to work alone, under your own initiative and to proceed with your own creative approach.

If you are single, you may seek romance, as you desire nature is likely to be strong. You might need to take care not to seem overly forceful in your pursuit of romance. However, your energy could be attractive to others today. You could be attracted to someone you know or meet through your work, with whom you enjoy talking and find interesting and inspiring. If you are attached, you might find that communication is the key to closeness in your relationship. You and your partner may even enjoy talking about ordinary, practical matters.

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Leo Daily Horoscope

Today, you might want to put aside your independence and individuality and experience a deeper level of sharing or merging with another person. This could be a financial partnership or a close personal relationship. The connection could feel good, but you may not have a clear or full picture of things and this might not be a favourable day to make financial or emotional commitments.

At home, you may work hard and accomplish a lot, today. You are likely to identify with your home base and want your domestic surroundings to be just how you want them to be. If someone else in the family, or a landlord or neighbour does not approve of this, there could be a potential conflict. In this case, you might need to find a compromise that allows you to be as true to your own desires as possible. If united, your family could be a powerful force and you may achieve more together with them than you could alone.

In your work, it could be a challenge to bring together your desire to be creative and express yourself with your need to earn money. If you concentrate on having free rein creatively, you might find people do not appreciate or value your expression as much as you hope and may not want to pay you as much as you need, or feel your work is worth. However, if you concentrate purely on commercial gain, you could feel you are being asked to compromise your creativity, or are not allowed to be yourself. But, with some effort, a compromise could be possible which allows for enough of both. 

If you are single, you could be more likely to find romantic opportunities while engaging in a hobby or spare time activity, or in places you go to pursue entertainment, leisure and pleasure. You may be worried about whether you will be appreciated for being yourself. But if you try to affect a style or expression and present yourself as anything other than your own true self, you might not attract the right partner for yourself.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

You are likely to be active in your neighbourhood and local area today. You could be at your most assertive and may strongly identify with your own ideas and opinions and communicate them forcefully. You might, therefore, feel reluctant to give way. This could potentially bring you into conflict with any neighbours or those you encounter every day in your immediate environment who do not agree with you. You may need to ensure you choose your arguments carefully and only be drawn into any which is important or worthwhile. You could find a more powerful voice and be a more formidable force when acting together with others in your neighbourhood than you might by yourself.

Today, you may enjoy being at home with your family. But you could find that they demand so much of your attention that you have to put your own needs aside to please them. Although time spent with your family might be emotionally rewarding, you may need to ensure that what you need is not totally overlooked.

In romance and relationships, feelings or attractions that have been kept hidden or private might be more openly expressed and this may possibly bring you closer to someone. There could be a link between the past and relationship today. You are likely to put your own desires aside in an effort to be co-operative and please others, today. In relationships, you may feel you have to sacrifice your own emotional needs in order to help or care for someone. This could make it difficult for you to create relationships in which you feel equal. You might need to ensure that you do not confuse compassion or sympathy with love. You may need to take care not to let others take advantage of your giving nature.

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Libra Daily Horoscope

You are likely to be at your most imaginative today and may feel inspired to come up with creative ideas. However, you could find it difficult to understand others or to talk about your feelings, except perhaps through a creative medium. You might be able to use your emotional sensitivity and creativity to help others or in service of a larger cause.

Today, you may identify with what you have and could be drawn into disputes with someone over money or the ownership of property or possessions. You are likely to go after what you want today and your desires and appetites could drive you to spend money. You might need to take care not to make rash or impulsive financial decisions or purchases. You are likely to show off what you have in order to gain more of a sense of power and worth. If you use your power effectively and can avoid being overly driven by materialism or the illusion that money is power, you could earn well, make a positive impact and enhance your financial security.

At work today, you may want to get a lot done. You are likely to put a great deal of energy into earning money. You could accomplish a great deal very quickly in work and business as well as achieving material success. However, you might need to ensure you do not have an unrealistic expectation of what is possible, as you could be disappointed when you cannot turn your idealistic vision into a practical reality. Or mysterious circumstances may seem to undermine your progress. The most effective way to use today could be to use your vision to plan projects rather than to try to execute them.

Romance and relationships may seem have an air of glamour or mystery, but you might need to ensure you are not being overly idealistic or not seeing things clearly, as this could lead to confusion or deception.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Today, you are likely to be assertive, approach life with energy and fighting spirit and want to show the world what you can do.  You could accomplish quite a lot, quite quickly and make an impression on others, today. You might feel you need to sacrifice some of your personal expression in order to fit or blend in with others, especially friends, or groups of people and could feel somewhat resentful of this. However, you might also need to take care to ensure that you do not over assert yourself and come across as overly forceful or dominant, but you may be able to demonstrate leadership.

You might feel quite protective of what you own today. Your ideas about money could clash with those of friends, or fellow members of a group. This may not be the best day for making financial decisions, especially if you are likely to be swayed by the majority of others around you. You might need to take care not to allow others to take advantage of your giving or generous nature.

If you are single, you could be attracted to someone you meet through a friend, or in a group situation. Romance could blossom among friends or in group situations, today, perhaps with someone who seems mysterious or glamorous. But you may need to beware over-idealising someone and not seeing things clearly. If you are attached, you might need to beware a temptation to be possessive of your partner. But this may be an excellent time to show them how much you value them.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Today, it could seem a challenge to balance your domestic life with your career activity. You might have to give up a chance to be active in the outer world to take care of the needs of your family.

In your work, you are likely to be highly imaginative and creative and might be noticed for your charm, grace and style. However, in professional relationships, there could be differences between what others, or the public seem to want from you and what you feel you want to offer. Your efforts to achieve, get noticed or gain recognition may be undermined, perhaps by hidden factors. You may not be likely to get the credit for what you do and might need to be willing to play a behind-the-scenes or background role, today. You could be required to be selfless, just when you were hoping to assert yourself and make an impression. However, you may be able to use your energy and drive constructively to serve a larger cause.

Your emotions might be especially visible or noticeable to others, today. You may need to take care that your feelings about someone are not expressed more publicly than you intend. Being open and honest about your own feelings is likely to be positive in romance and relationships.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Today, you are likely to be strongly attuned to others in your immediate environment and could tend to absorb their feelings. You may be able to offer them your help and support, but might need to guard against becoming emotionally overwhelmed by them. You might need to ensure that in looking at the bigger picture you do not lose sight of small, but important details, today. This could lead to confusion in communications with others.

While you might prefer to act individually, rather than for or with others, it may be beneficial to try to co-operate with others and to find who you can best co-ordinate your efforts with. You are likely to achieve more by combining your energy with that of others in a group or team than you could alone, today. A group of people could help to provide an outlet for your energy and drive.

You might want to venture outside familiar territory, today, and explore new things and meet new people. If you are travelling over long or short distances, journeys may be subject to delays and confusion. You could encounter people who seem inspiring, mysterious or glamorous. But you may need to take care to ensure that you are seeing them as they really are and not projecting your wishes or fantasies onto them, especially if you are single and are romantically interested in them.

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