Daily Horoscopes 09-12-2016

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

You may be torn between tried and tested ideas and new concepts today. You may feel more comfortable trusting what you know and feel familiar with. But another part of you may feel adventurous and want to rebel against conventional thinking and try out fresh, new ideas. The key may be to carefully examine information and avoid anything you feel confused and uncertain about. Your friends and associates may be able to help you understand new ideas and to ascertain which are the most practically useful to you.

Your friendships may come under scrutiny today and you may feel critical of some of your alliances with others. But it may be beneficial not to jump to conclusions impulsively, as you may not be seeing the whole picture clearly.


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Pisces Daily Horoscope

Today you may be excited by the opportunity to join with someone else in a money making opportunity that seems new and exciting. This may provide a break from the usual pattern of your life, which could be appealing to you, but there may be an element of risk. Your friends or the majority of people you know may be critical of this. Although it may be well worth taking others’ thoughts and opinions into consideration, you will feel you need to make your own decision.

A joint business or financial venture may be beneficial for you and could bring you success, recognition and financial gain. But it may be wise to avoid putting your financial security or professional reputation at risk.

There may be revelations in friendships and relationships that make you see them a different way. As a result of this, you may feel clearer about which of the people in your life that you value the most.

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Aries Daily Horoscope

At work today, you are likely to have strong ideas which you may want to express quite forcefully. You may want to act a force for change and reform, but may find resistance from others.

The key may be to be receptive to what others have to say and try to understand their viewpoint even if it is different from your own. But you should not compromise too much on your own opinions either. You may need to be content with a slow steady plan of growth.

In relationships, if you are single, you may feel a powerful attraction to someone you may meet though your work. You may share deep conversation that could create an exciting bond between you.

If you are attached, you may feel you want your partnership to progress further. But may also feel you need room within it for a degree of independence and freedom. Open and honest communication may be the way to reach a greater understanding that could strengthen your relationship.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope

You may want to escape your everyday responsibilities, do something more interesting and exciting. Your thinking may be powerful and insightful, but your overall vision could be somewhat unrealistic or over-optimistic. Another person you are close to may be able to act as a steadying influence on you and help you to focus your energy and clarify which of your goals are practically achievable.

At work you may have highly imaginative ideas and may expect a lot of yourself and your co-workers. But you may overestimate how much you can accomplish. By working together closely with someone you may achieve more than you could alone.

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Gemini Daily Horoscope

You may seek out the company of people you find exciting to be with today. You may have strong ideas about how you want to express yourself individually which may be at odds with those of your friends or fellow members of a group. You may be tempted to rebel against the group or to act independently. But it may be that merging with others and sharing your deepest insights could enable you to transcend your own limits today.

Relationships with others may have an intense, exciting quality today. If you are single, you may be powerfully attracted to someone who seems unusual and different from yourself. Both you and others are likely to be serious about relationships and bonds formed with others may be close, intimate and significant.

If you are attached, you may feel you can talk to your partner about anything and relationships may be fun but also very meaningful.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope

Balancing your domestic life with your professional responsibilities may be a challenge today. Career activity may be exciting and you could gain attention and recognition or be a force for change and reform in your work today. But, while you may welcome the chance to get out into the outer world and make an impact, your home life may seem more meaningful and uplifting and this may be important to you too.

Both your work colleagues and family may have strong ideas and express them forcefully. You may feel you cannot please either. But talking to them openly and honestly about how you feel may help you to reach a greater understanding.

The key to getting the best from relationships may lie in sharing your deepest thoughts about partnership and confronting any need for change in your daily routines that would enable you to balance work and your personal life more effectively.

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Leo Daily Horoscope

You may have big, adventurous ideas and plans that you would like to implement in your work. Some of these may involve change and reforming things so that work can be done more efficiently. But you may find it difficult to balance your overall vision with small details you want to attend to. You may meet some resistance from co-workers and may feel critical of anyone who does not accept your ideas.  You may need to try to find a compromise that promotes growth and progress that everyone can feel part of.

You may feel blocked in your creative expression today. And you may also feel that your duties and responsibilities prevent you from being able to have fun and enjoy yourself. However, you may be able to talk and exchange ideas with others. This could help you to express yourself and the insights you receive from others may be uplifting and educational.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

Financial matters may loom large in your life today. You may want to break free of a joint financial relationship, which seems to keep you more attached to the past than you would life. You may prefer to pursue a more financially independent future, which allows you to follow your own ideas and express yourself as who you are now. This could be connected with a jointly owned home or property, or a business arrangement of some kind.

You could possibly make money from your powerful creative ideas and expression today, though working in partnership with someone else may prove to be more productive and profitable.

You may be thinking almost obsessively about a possible romance with someone you feel intensely attracted to. Speaking your thoughts may have an impact and could bring you closer to someone. A grand romantic gesture may show someone how much you value them.

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Libra Daily Horoscope

Today, you may be prefer to function as an individual and are not likely to be ready to compromise or bend your will to anyone. This could lead to some tension in relationships with others and you may need to take care not to say anything you would rather have kept private. However, if others can accept your need for space and freedom or join you in pursuit of excitement and adventure, your relationship with them should be fine.

You may think on a grand scale today and have wide-ranging ideas, but you may need others to help you focus and apply your mind in a practical way.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

At work today, you may want to break with the usual methods and routines, change things and apply a more imaginative vision. You may feel firm in your mind about what you want to do, down to the finest detail. You may feel that your new vision is going to enable you to do better financially.

You may be at your most practical when it comes to the financial aspects of any work-related plans. But you may need to ensure that your overall vision is fully formed before trying to implement it and that the changes you make do not disrupt the flow of work too much.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

You may have firm ideas about the image you want to create for yourself today. You are likely to put the emphasis on your individual expression, even if this goes against the feelings and beliefs of your friends or a group of people. It may be beneficial to allow others to give you their insights before making a decision and try to act in harmony with them, while not compromising your own individual needs. Your own creative ideas could be the key to making money today.

If you are single, you may be romantically attracted to a friend, or someone you may meet through a friend or group activity, who seems exciting, different and outspoken.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Both at work and in your home and family life today, hidden information may suddenly come to light which seems to change or disrupt the smooth flow of each. This could potentially lead to tension and you may not be afraid to speak out about how you feel, perhaps quite bluntly.  It may help to try to keep calm and examine the whole situation before impulsively reacting to any individual detail.

Your mind may be at its most powerful and your creative and insight could help you achieve career success and public attention today.


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