Daily Horoscopes 08-02-2017

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

You are likely to have a lot of energy and drive to put into whatever you do today, not to mention self-belief. But you may get easily distracted and lose your concentration and may need to be careful not to overstretch yourself, rush tasks or make errors of judgement.

You may feel at your most imaginative and philosophical today. You may feel impatient with small talk and the usual ideas and patterns of thinking you adhere to. You may want to open your mind to broader concepts and visions, especially at work. This could bring you into conflict with those who might see your approach as impractical or undisciplined. However, in order to open your mind to something expansive, you do not necessarily need to leave behind all practical or tried and trusted ideas. You may even feel happiest engaged in ordinary day to day to tasks that make you feel useful and efficient. Others may help to keep you rooted in practicality, while you may be able to inspire others to look at things in a different way. Using your instincts and intuition and being sensitive to co-workers and others in your environment are key to achieving the best results. Your imagination and vision may bring you an idea that could be financially rewarding.

The day may be more centred around work than play. However, in romance and relationships, you may have a strong sense of what you find most beautiful or attractive and, if you are single, this is likely to help you attract your ideal type of partner. You could find yourself attracted to someone through your work or in the course of your ordinary daily routine. If you are attached, you may become aware of how much you value your partner.

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Pisces Daily Horoscope

Whatever you do today, you are likely to want to do it your way. Expressing your true self in your own unique way may be of paramount importance to you.  You may feel torn between your need to be part of a group, friendship or business partnership and being free to express yourself in your own individual way. If you are working with others in a group or team situation, you may find your values and creative vision differs from that of others. But rather than allow this to polarise you, it may help to consider how you can blend in while still remaining true to yourself.  You need to discover how your unique talents and distinctness might enhance or benefit the whole group and promote shared goals. You may find you can be at your most powerful and effective and make more of an impact by joining with others.

Today you are also likely to feel a desire for fun, pleasure and romance. If you are single, you may feel an intense, passionate attraction to someone you meet through a friend or group activity and a profound connection may be possible. If you are attached, your willingness to put your own needs aside may make it possible for your relationship to deepen or become closer and more intimate.

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Aries Daily Horoscope

Today may be all about finding a balance between home or family commitments, work or professional ambitions and personal relationships. One hand, you may want to be at home, but you may be come restless when you are there and want to go out and flex your power and ability, chase your dreams and do something different and adventurous.  Today may also bring an opportunity for you to achieve a personal goal that you care passionately about. In your career and public life, you are likely to be a powerful presence.  Your work may involve change and reform. Or what you do today may be part of a personal process of change in your career path.

You may want to be with your partner or search for a partner if you are currently single. It may be important not to neglect a relationship which is meaningful and growing stronger. But if you are out with a partner, you may feel you want to retreat from all the commitment of relating and escape to the comfort of home.

Perhaps the lesson of today is to try to avoid idealising your image of all these things and look for what there is in the reality of all these situations that inspires you and makes you feel most alive. If you can find and focus on that, today could be a very productive and fulfilling one that offers a little of the best of everything.


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Taurus Daily Horoscope

Your mind is likely to be more powerful and more active than usual today. You may have a strong capacity to learn and understand new and broader concepts, especially in connection with your work. Your feelings may colour your thinking and communication today and, as this could be a day of heightened emotions, you could possibly tend to exaggerate problems in your mind. You may also need to take care that you do not act too quickly or get too distracted by your feelings, as this could lead to misunderstandings and confusion in your communications.  You may enjoy being with friends of in groups of people, with whom you can talk and exchange ideas. Talking things over with others and getting their take on it may also help you to see things more objectively. You could develop a more clear understanding of something that has previously felt confusing or uncertain.

Taking on tasks and putting your attention into a work project may be a good way to focus your energy positively. Doing a job well could also give you confidence and make you feel more positive and optimistic.


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Gemini Daily Horoscope

Today, you may find yourself preoccupied with be making money. You may be looking for a lucrative deal or opportunity and the bigger the better. But you may need to take care to ensure that your plans are practical and realistic. You may feel you have to work hard for material rewards today and you may find others jealous or resentful of your success, or vice versa. Your enthusiasm, intuition, imagination and inspired creative vision are all likely to be valuable resources for you today and may help you to achieve financial success.

You may be torn between pooling your resources or entering into a joint financial arrangement with others and maintaining separateness, independence and individual control over your own financial decisions. The important thing is that you do not. You may want to protect what you own and to have the freedom to express yourself in your own way, but your challenge may be to join with others with whom you can express yourself according to shared values and rewards and prosper without threatening your own security or compromising your own values and beliefs. If you are looking for financial backing for a creative or business project, today may be a good day to seek the interest or support of others.

If you are single, you may be attracted to someone you know or meet through your work, but may need to take care to consider how wise it may be to mix business with pleasure. If you are attached, you may enjoy being out in public with your partner.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope

Your challenge today may be to strike a happy balance between the sense of meaning you get from your home and family life and your desire to further your personal aims and ambitions, especially in your career. In both these areas of your life, you may get the chance to do something exciting and different and to explore or broaden your horizons.

You may wear your heart on your sleeve today. Your emotions will be a prominent part of your personality today and others are likely to respond to the openness and sensitivity with which you meet the world.  You may be quite emotionally intense and others are likely to see you as a powerful presence.

Romance and relationships may be intense and passionate today. If your emotions seem to be heightened or exaggerated, this may be because something could unconsciously remind you a difficult event from the past and old feelings and memories may be triggered. But perhaps by becoming conscious of this, you will be able to finally put it behind you and move on.

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Leo Daily Horoscope

At work today, you may feel a powerful desire to exceed your limits or use your personal power, if you ensure that you keep your ambitions within practical, achievable limits and don’t try to overreach yourself, you could achieve a great deal today and make a powerful impact.

You may be feeling particularly sensitive today and this could be something of a mixed blessing. One hand, you will be very tuned in to what is going on in your environment and your intuition may be very good. But on the other hand, you are also likely to feel too strong a reaction to what is going on around you. If others seem harsh or critical, you may feel quite touchy and upset or easily irritated or angered. You may even be the person who is harsh or critical yourself, perhaps in an exaggerated reaction to someone or something.

You are likely to be very attuned to other people’s feelings today and your sensitivity and empathy could enable you to offer them valuable support. Romance and relationships may be deep, profound and bring great closeness, sharing and intimacy.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

Today you may feel a desire to express yourself as an individual and be free to make your own decisions, especially when it comes to creativity or financial matters. Being among a group of people you feel an affinity with may be the key to success for you today. You may sometimes feel you have more differences from others than things in common with them. But having to join together with other individuals or groups to develop shared or collective values could provide the kind of struggle that may bring out the best in you. If you are involved in creative work of any kind or seeking to make money, working in a group or team is likely to bring the best results.

If you are single, you are likely to be at your most attractive and romance could blossom. You may be powerfully attracted to someone you meet through a friend or in a group situation, who seems exciting and enthusiastic. Or you might get closer to a friend or acquaintance and things could take a more intense, passionate turn. If you are in a relationship, you and your partner may find that socialising with friends or in groups together energises your relationship. Though, you may feel more harmoniously in tune with your partner than with anyone else today.

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Libra Daily Horoscope

In your career activity, you may reveal hidden depths and could achieve a great deal and shine today, especially with the help of others who may give you more confidence in yourself. Your work may involve bringing about change or reform. Or what you do may reflect a process of personal change for you. You may feel as if your talents have been hidden and you need to come out of the shadows and show the world how powerful and effective you can be. You certainly won’t want your efforts to be overlooked, but may need to be careful that you do not come on too strong or end up clashing with others, especially those in authority. You are likely to think big and aim high today. But watch out that you don’t overstretch yourself and take on too much or aim for unrealistic heights.

Balancing your work commitments with your home life, family obligations may feel like a difficult task today. The answer may be to approach home and family affairs in a workmanlike way and to do what you can to make yourself feel at home or create a family atmosphere at work. There could be tension or change in your home and family life, perhaps as a result of hidden thoughts and feelings suddenly coming out into the open. But this may clear the air and lead to greater understanding. The same could apply to romance and relationships.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

You may have strong ideas that are personal to you today, which you are likely to communicate powerfully and forcefully. You are likely to feel a desire to be listened to and to share your thoughts with others. You may feel somewhat frustrated and irritable if others are not receptive to your ideas. You may feel passionately strong about things and are likely to express yourself powerfully and forcefully. But take care to ensure that you don’t seem aggressive in your expression as this may prevent you from successfully getting your point across. But the key may be to make sure you have things clearly formed in your mind before you present your ideas. You may tend to favour rational thought and logical or scientific ideas over the more philosophical approach of others, whose thinking you may feel is too vague and undisciplined.

You may find yourself travelling and moving around more than usual in the course of your day and this could provide you with valuable time to think creatively. If you are single, you may be romantically attracted to someone outside your neighbourhood or local area who seems exciting and who seems to energise you.


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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Your views may differ with those of someone else, concerning a joint financial or business matter. Or you may be reluctant to accept financial help or support from another person or group of people, preferring to remain financially independent and free to make your own decisions. However, it may be worth exploring the possibility of a shared arrangement, as others may be able to help you make the most of your own power and creativity and benefit financially, without you having to compromise your creativity or relinquish your power over making decisions.

If you are engaged in any kind of group activity today, you may be able to achieve a lot. But you may need to be careful that you do not over-estimate your own power and effectiveness and trying to achieve too much or aim too high.  If you try to make sure everyone gets what they want can feel passionate and loyal in the pursuit of joint goals, you will get the best results out of today.

This applies to friendships, family relationships and partnerships too. You may feel more connected to others than usual today. If you are single, you may feel a spark with someone you meet through a friend or a person you encounter in a group setting. You have a lot to give others today and can receive a lot in return. And combining your efforts with those of others could definitely bring about the best results. Romance and relationships may evoke the past in some way, or may have a transforming effect on you.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

You may feel powerfully in touch with your own unique self today and may want to express yourself powerfully and forcefully in a way that is likely to make an impact, especially on other people and the public. But you may meet resistance from others, especially in personal relationships and in your career. You may find it difficult to both be yourself and give what others seem to require of you. Balancing your personal needs, goals and career ambitions with the needs of others and your commitment to partners may be a challenge today.  You may feel determined to go all out for yourself and seek the limelight or the big reward. You will want to be noticed and may make sure you are not overlooked. But the key to your success may be to avoid being too forceful and to make sure others feel included in your plans. Talking to people and remaining receptive to what they think and say will help you create the best impression.

Passions may run high in your relationships with others today. In romance and relationships, you may require excitement and intensity and may want to break with usual, everyday pattern of things and experience something new. If you are single, you may be attracted to someone who answers this need. You might feel a connection with someone you know or meet through your work. If you are attached, you may need to take care not to put pressure on your relationship to live up to your desire for excitement and differentness. Being sensitive to your partner’s needs as well as your own is the key to finding mutual fulfilment. Good communication between yourself and your partner may be the key to greater harmony.

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