Daily Horoscopes 06-11-2016

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Although you may be very strong and assertive today, you are not likely to be out for yourself. Your sensitivity may combine with action today and you may feel driven to help others or achieve something in service of a cause larger than your personal self. If you feel someone is in trouble, you may fight for them and defend them. You may need to watch out for the possibility of not seeing things as clearly or objectively as you might. This could lead to confusion or misunderstanding that could make you feel angry, hurt or defensive. Later in the day, after possibly spending much of the day in selfless action you may feel that you need some nurturing and comfort yourself and may seek the company of someone who can offer you support and make you feel good about yourself.

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Pisces Daily Horoscope

The company of other people is likely to make you feel energised and contented today. You may feel at your best among friends or a group or tea of people, especially if you can lead it or be a strong force within it. By combining your effort collectively with that of others, you can achieve a lot more than you could by yourself. But you may do best to choose a group whose aims are likely to be personal to you can personally relate to. Otherwise your will may clash with that of others and there could be irritable exchanges. Later in the day, you may feel more like putting your personal needs aside to be charitable and to focus your sensitivity on others’ needs. Or you may seek time alone to reflect on the day or put your energy into an imaginative task of some kind.

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Aries Daily Horoscope

Career may be where you choose to focus your energy today. You are likely to be feeling driven to succeed in your work goals and ambitions and will want to initiate, lead and work fast. But you may need to watch out that you don’t act rashly, impulsively, or be overly forceful or unduly competitive with others in pursuit of your goals. If you trip yourself up or have an emotional outburst it is likely to be noticed and gain you attention you might prefer not to attract. You certainly have the will and the strength to succeed today. Later on in the day, you may feel like winding down in the company of friends or getting together with others in a group of people you care about and whose company makes you feel good.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope

You are likely to feel very restless today. Wherever you are or however far you get, your eye may be enthusiastically on what might be around the next corner or how much further you can go. You are likely to push yourself to full capacity in your desire to be achieve more and be bigger, better, stronger and faster. You may have a desire to escape your familiar environment and seek out somewhere new where there is a faster pace of life. Today, you may focus your energy on your career and your need to achieve and be noticed. You may be able to sense the public mood well and, if you can avoid being overly forceful, you may sway other people’s feelings your way.

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Gemini Daily Horoscope

Today, your relationships with others are likely to be more highly charged than most days. Other people may arouse stronger emotions in you than usual and in some cases, this could make you either quick to become angry and defensive, while in others it may bring more intense passion and intimate closeness. If you are single, you may feel a powerful attraction to someone or the nature of your feelings for someone could change and grow deeper. If you are in a relationship, you and your partner could have a clash of wills, but if you can put aside your individual concerns and focus on what you share, you may feel especially close. A change of scene, an openness to new ideas and concepts or a new type of experience or adventure is likely to do you good today.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope

Relationships with others may be your main focus today. If you are single, your desire for relating is likely to be strong and you are likely to may enthusiastically seek out the company of others. But you may be more interested in what relationships can give you in terms of emotional fulfilment and you may look to others to provide you with a sense of power. If you are in a relationship you may feel a need to be with your partner today. But whatever your status, you may need to take care to ensure that others don’t feel their needs are being overlooked, or that they are being cast merely in a supporting role. If you can temper your own personal desires with empathy, you may experience a deep level of sharing with someone today. All the above may also be true of business partnerships and financial relationships too.

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Leo Daily Horoscope

You are likely to throw yourself into your work and everyday practical tasks with energy and vigour today and feel a desire to get things done quickly. However, you may need to take care not to go too fast for yourself and make careless errors or rash decisions. You may also need to beware a tendency to be impatient and irritable with so workers who cannot match your speed and level of energy today. It is important that you develop good relationships with others today in order to feel emotionally comfortable. After the work is done, if you are in a relationship, you may enjoy relaxing in the company of your partner. If you are single, after downing tools for the day, you may go in search of company and romance.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

Pleasure, fun and creative expression are likely to be what you desire most today.  You will want to be yourself, and express what makes you a unique individual. A creative medium would be an excellent vehicle for this. Or you may just like to make some kind of personal statement that says ‘This is who I am’. Today would be an excellent time for anything that gives you enjoyment or entertainment and brings out your playful side. If you have children, you may especially enjoy their company and they may bring out your own inner child. If you are single, your search for pleasure could include romance. If you are attached, you may want to have fun with your partner. But, whatever your status, today you may be looking for someone’s interest in you to make you feel powerful or emotionally fulfilled, perhaps more than being ready to give this in return. In any work or practical tasks today, you are likely to put feeling into what you do and may be more ready to serve those you have a less emotional relationship with.

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Libra Daily Horoscope

Home may be where you want to be today. Either that, or among your family or in a familiar place that you have an emotional attachment to you. But you are likely to want things to be done on your terms today and if the wants or needs of other family members clash with your own, you may become irritable or angry with them. If you are performing household tasks, you may work fast to get things done quickly. But you may need to take care not to rush things too much and make careless errors or trip yourself up. If you have children, their company may help to lighten you mood and bring you pleasure. If you are single, after the domestic responsibilities of the day have been met, you may want to venture out in search of romance. If you are in a relationship, later in the day, you may enjoy leaving hearth and home doing something more purely for pleasure and enjoyment with your partner.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Your thinking is likely to be sharp and quick today, but is also likely to be strongly coloured by your moods and emotions. This may not be so good for objective or logical thinking, and you may become irritable with anyone who disagrees with you or puts forward an argument different from your own. But your ideas and communication are likely to have emotional depth. You could be prone to speaking before thinking or making rash, impulsive decisions. But this could be a good day for making decisions which have an emotional dimension to them. You can learn new things quickly today. You are likely to speak forcefully but passionately and, if you can avoid confrontation, you may be able to win others over to your way of thinking. You may need to take care not to be rash and hasty when making journeys today. Later in the day, you may benefit from spending time at home or in private to reflect on the day and assimilate all you have taken in.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Money and material concerns may be what motivates you today. You may feel driven to make or spend money, perhaps to affirm your own power. If you have financial decisions to make, it may be best to reply on your instincts and consider all the feelings involved. You may feel emotional about possessions today. You may feel reluctant to share or let go of what you have, or acquiring more possessions may be comforting and make you feel more emotionally content or secure. You may need to watch out for a possible tendency to be hasty and make rash or impulsive decisions when spending or making financial commitments. Later in the day, your focus may switch from material and financial matters to intellectual stimulation and you may enjoy reading, learning, exchanging ideas and good conversation.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Today, you are likely to know what you want and go all out to get it for yourself and, in doing so, show the world how powerful and authoritative you are. You may be at your most decisive, assertive and direct today in your thoughts, actions and words. Your actions are likely to be strongly influenced by your emotions and you will not be in the mood to compromise, back down or be swayed. You may become irritated or angry with anyone who stands in the way of your getting what you want. You may direct some of this energy into making money or acquiring possessions that you want for yourself. But you may need to beware a tendency to rash, impulsive financial decisions.

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