Daily Horoscopes 05-09-2017

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

You are likely to be very aware of your own emotional needs today. But you might feel hesitant to talk, or open up to others about how you feel or what you need from them. This could be partly because your thinking may be quite coloured by your emotions and you might not know how to explain your feelings, or don’t even fully understand them yourself. Or you might feel you should not ask for your own needs to be met and should instead focus on what others think, say or require of you.

Today, you could be torn between your own individual emotional needs and your desire to be with others. Or what others seem to demand from you might seem to require that you compromise your own feelings too much. Your challenge today may to find a balance between getting what you need and protecting your relationships with others by being unselfish enough to give them what they need. You might feel impatient or irritated in your interactions with others, but should perhaps try to avoid getting into the kind of confrontations where neither will back down. It is important that any compromise leaves you room to express yourself and your own feelings. You may encounter someone who could have a powerful or transforming effect on you, either through attraction, competition or conflict.

In financial and material matters, you are likely to have a strong sense of your own values, but could come into conflict with someone, or need to make a joint decision concerning a shared financial interest. Or you might disagree with a partner over how to use joint resources. This may not be the best time to make financial commitments, take out a loan, or undertake financial negotiations as you may not be realistic about your financial limitations. You may be very giving with what you have, but may need to ensure that others do not take advantage of your generosity, or lead you to put your financial security at risk.

You may find it difficult to achieve what you want to by yourself and could feel tempted to enter into a joint business, or financial agreement that seems to promise support and good returns. However, you might need to examine this clearly to make sure you are clear about what you are entering into. However, you may be able to do some inspired and imaginative work today that could be profitable for both yourself and others, especially by working together or in partnership with others. It could be beneficial to put your energy into working in partnership with someone on a project you both feel enthusiastic about. This type of collaboration might enable you to achieve results more quickly, make a more powerful impact and earn more money.

In romance and relationships, you might need to take care not to be overly assertive or dominant. But you could be intensely attracted to someone, today, and a deep, powerful connection may be possible. There could be misunderstandings or issues over possessiveness. But you might learn how much you value someone today. If you are in a relationship, the one person you may be able to talk to about your needs could be your partner.

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Pisces Daily Horoscope

You could be immersed in daydreams and fantasies today, as if yearning for an ideal or an image of perfection that is, of course, probably unattainable. But you may also be faced with more mundane practical everyday tasks and responsibilities that require your energy and attention. You might wish you could avoid work and the necessities of life, but by putting your efforts into these things, you could learn that you have the power to create a bit of attainable, earthly perfection for yourself in ordinary everyday life.

You may feel eager to spend time with others, but you are also likely to be very self-assertive and want to do things your way and not have to give in or compromise. This could potentially manifest as conflict with others, if you come across as over assertive or dominant. You may also be capable of being very giving, or even selfless in your relationships with others, today. In your interactions with others, you could learn more about yourself, as others might reflect parts of your own nature to you.

You may feel full of imaginative ideas at work, today, but others might argue that some of them are not practical or possible to achieve. This could possibly make you doubt yourself and your ability to be useful, or work effectively. But although it might be hard work to turn your creative visions into reality, this may be what you should aim for today.

In personal relationships, you may put aside your own needs to please others, or feel a desire to lose yourself and merge with another person to enjoy a greater level of closeness. You are likely to use your energy most effectively through a partnership today. If you are single, you might feel a strong desire for romance or relationship today. Your powerful presence could be attractive to others today and, if you can devote your energy to fulfilling others’ needs as well as your own, this may be an excellent time to begin a new romance. If you are attached, you might need to take care not to try to dominate relationships. But if you need to stand up for yourself in a relationship, this could be a good time to do so. If there is harmony in your relationship, you are likely to be a powerful force together.

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Aries Daily Horoscope

Today, you may seek out the company of other people or find yourself in group situations.

One hand, you could find it difficult to express your ideas within the group, or might feel you do not share the values of the majority and are not really connecting with others. You might want to express yourself directly and forcefully, but could feel unable to do so, because of a need to be sensitive to friends or others in a group situation. You may feel an emotional attachment to the group and a need to belong within it, even though needs of the majority clash with your own. You might feel irritated, but it may be beneficial to try to avoid confrontations and try to find a way to be part of the group while still remaining true to yourself. However, if you also allow yourself to remain open and receptive to others’ views, you may find this help you to clarify your own position. Others could tend to mirror your own thoughts to you and this might enable you to see things more objectively.

You are likely to work hard and get a lot of things done quite quickly today, especially practical, everyday tasks, both at home and at work. You might be imaginative today, but imagination could give way to daydreams and fantasies. You may be able to work to turn a personal vision into a practical reality. The key could be to set yourself practical, achievable goals. Physical activity could help you to release tension that is best not frustrated or bottled up and may be good for your health, today.

However, work might also be an ideal outlet for your energy and drive. You may prefer to do things your way at work and, as you are likely to identify with what you do, you might want to get credit for your efforts. The best scenario for you could be to work for yourself, or to work independently under your own initiative. You may not feel much like being a team player today. But if you have to work with others, you might need to take care to avoid being competitive or critical of others who cannot match your pace and productivity. You may be very sensitive to what is going on around you in your work environment and could offer great support and empathy to co-workers. It may be more important to you that your work serves or helps others than benefiting you, personally.

If you are single, you could be drawn to someone you meet through a friend or in a group situation, whose views may seem different to your own. But this might be part of the attraction. However, it may also help to talk to them and find out what common ground you may have.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope

You may feel determined to be yourself and to express who you are. You might choose to do this via a creative medium, which could be an excellent outlet for your energy. You may want to express yourself but could feel you lose the ability to do this in group situations. You might have to give more to a group effort than you get from it. Or you could be driven to express yourself through a hobby or spare-time activity, something playful or through healthy competition. You might certainly prefer to put energy into things you do for your own enjoyment today. If you have children, you could find you have a clash of wills with them today.

Today you may feel a need to pursue your career ambitions and to gain attention and recognition from others or the public. But you might also feel a strong desire to be at home with your family. Or there could be activity at home or tension within the family that you need to attend to. Today’s main challenge is likely to be finding the right balance between your professional or public role and your domestic or private life. Although home life should not be neglected, your work is likely to bring you an opportunity to shine today. This could give you a feeling of power and worth.

At work, you are likely to have strong ideas about how you want to do things.  You may also be aiming to keep some of your ideas hidden or private for now. However, you might need to take care not to reveal more of what you are thinking than you mean to today. It could help to stick to tried and tested ideas and rely on your past experience in order to achieve the best results today.

If you are single, you may seek romance, as you desire nature is likely to be strong. You might need to take care not to seem overly forceful in your pursuit of romance. However, your energy could be attractive to others today. Romantic opportunities could arise among friends or in a group situation. But you may need to take care to ensure you are seeing things clearly and not over-idealising a person or situation.

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Gemini Daily Horoscope

Today, you may feel a desire to go somewhere different in search of new experiences. But your energy might be required to attend to more familiar matters in your usual everyday environment. This could make you feel irritated or restless. However, it may be possible to find a compromise in which you get to do a bit of both. It is probably outside your usual everyday environment that you might feel more able to be yourself.

You are likely to feel a yearning to expand, do things on a bigger scale and explore new territory. But you could be envisioning too wide a range of possibilities and might need to narrow your scope or refine your vision in order to make your plans practical and achievable. While communicating with others today, you may get lost in the bigger picture and lose sight of details. You could get facts and information confused or unclear in your mind. But you are likely to be able to understand the deeper meaning of things intuitively. Ideas you come into contact with may teach you something about yourself.

You could excel at attention to detail today and your curiosity may lead you to gather lots of bits of information. But you might have difficulty seeing the bigger picture, or grasping the larger context in which they make overall sense.

You may work hard and accomplish a lot at home today. You are likely to identify with your home base and want your domestic surroundings to be just how you want them to be. If someone else in the family, or a landlord or neighbour does not approve of this, there could be a potential conflict. In this case, you might need to find a compromise that allows you to be as true to your own desires as possible. If united, your family could be a powerful force and you may achieve more together with them than you could alone. It might be difficult for you to find the right balance between the demands of domestic life and your career, today. You may be required to make sacrifices in relation to your ambitions and public profile in order to attend to important home or family issues.

In your work, you could be noticed for your sensitivity, imagination and vision, but might find it difficult to push yourself into the limelight. You may tend to hide your talent away, or play a supporting or behind-the-scenes role. You could, perhaps, succeed more in charitable or selfless aims that benefit others or a cause greater than your personal self.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope

You are likely to be active in your neighbourhood and local area today. You could be at your most assertive and may strongly identify with your own ideas and opinions and communicate them forcefully. You might, therefore, feel reluctant to give way. This could potentially bring you into conflict with any neighbours or those you encounter every day in your immediate environment who do not agree with you. You may need to ensure you choose your arguments carefully and only be drawn into any which is important or worthwhile. You could find a more powerful voice and be a more formidable force when acting together with others in your neighbourhood than you might by yourself.

Today, you are likely to have strong ideas of your own, but might feel others don’t understand your views, or share your opinions and values. But it may help to listen to others’ concerns as their insights might even change your own perception of things. Also, if any decisions or conclusions are to be reached, they may have to be a compromise that everyone involved feels comfortable with.

That which you share with others could be your main focus today, whether it be financial, material or emotional. You may have a difference of opinion with someone over shared financial resources, or something you jointly own. You could be torn between wanting to accept financial help or support, or entering into a joint financial or business arrangement and feeling a strong desire to be financially self-sufficient and independent. But you may be able to find a compromise that allows you to receive help or to share something while not compromising your own values too much. You might feel you will lose yourself if you enter into a joint or shared agreement. But merging your own situation with another’s could prove to be very creative and profitable.

In romance and relationships today, you might need to guard against feelings or acts of jealousy or possessiveness. But intense attraction and great closeness could be possible. Open honest communication is likely to bring you closer to your partner.

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Leo Daily Horoscope

Today you might feel you need other people and want to please them, but you could also feel a strong desire to assert your own power, be independent and do what you want to do. You may feel irritated by others who seem to stand in the way of your own desires, but may need to try to avoid confrontations and find a compromise. While it is important that you get to assert your individuality when appropriate, it could be by interacting with others today that you can shine and gain a strong sense of self.

Part of you might want to put aside your independence and individuality and experience a deeper level of sharing or merging with another person.  The connection could feel good, but you may not have a clear or full picture of things and this might not be a favourable day to make commitments to others.

You may identify with what you have and could be drawn into disputes with someone over money or the ownership of property or possessions. You are likely to go after what you want today and your desires and appetites could drive you to spend money. You might need to take care not to make rash or impulsive financial decisions or purchases. You are likely to put a great deal of energy into earning money. or showing off what you have in order to gain more of a sense of power and worth. If you use your power effectively and can avoid being overly driven by materialism or the illusion that money is power, you could earn well, make a positive impact and enhance your financial security.

In work and business, you could be torn between operating as an independent individual or working in partnership with another person. This may not be the best time to make business deals, as your judgement might not be at its best and other people could be unreliable.

In romance and personal relationships, someone could have a very powerful effect on you. However, you may feel unable to get as close to them as you would like. However, this could be because you are unwilling to make sacrifices or give up something in order to find greater closeness with them. You may feel you need to maintain some space and freedom to be yourself, as well as someone’s partner. If you are single, you could be powerfully attracted to someone whose ideas are quite different from your own. But it may be wise to consider how practical it might be for you to get on in the long term, unless you can find some areas of agreement and common ground.

If you are in a relationship, you may find your partner’s thinking very different to your own and might find it difficult to reconcile your opposing viewpoints. This could be because you are coming at things via a rational and logical approach, whereas your partner’s position could be more about emotional feelings and reactions and neither of you may want to give way. This is not likely to be a long-term problem, by talking honestly and directly to each other and trying to find empathy with each other, you might be able to develop mutual understanding.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

Today, you could be busy with work and practical matters, but your mind is likely be on what you see as higher, more spiritual matters. Or you might be lost in a world of imagination, dreams and fantasies. To get the best out of today, you may need to try to find a way to bring inspiration and a more imaginative or spiritual approach to your more mundane responsibilities, or to find a way to turn a dream or imaginative vision into a practical reality.

You might need to take care to ensure that you do not over assert yourself and come across as overly forceful or dominant, but you may be able to demonstrate leadership. You are likely to be assertive, approach life with energy and fighting spirit and want to show the world what you can do.  You could accomplish quite a lot, quite quickly and make an impression on others. However, you are likely to be able to put your own personal desires aside in an effort to be co-operative and please others, today.

Today, at work, you may feel torn between wanting to do things the way they are always done, or which you know works well and implementing an exciting new initiative or vision that you have. However, if you do choose the latter, you could find your plans are not yet clear or fully formed, or that you might have rushed into things. You may not get the credit for any part of your work even if this is a success. While it may be important not to neglect your imagination and vision, perhaps sticking to routine ways of getting things done efficiently is likely to enable you achieve more positive results at work.

In relationships, you may feel you have to sacrifice your personal goals in order to help or care for someone. This could make it difficult for you to create relationships in which you feel equal. You might need to ensure that you do not confuse compassion or sympathy with love.

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Libra Daily Horoscope

Today, your main desire could to be to have fun, do something purely for enjoyment and to express yourself and to emphasize your uniqueness, even if this sets you apart or alienates you from friends, or a group you are part of. However, you may also be at your most selfless and could feel a desire to help and serve others. In doing so, you may need to take care not to neglect your own practical everyday matters, no matter how much you might want to escape them. You may feel under pressure to fall in with the majority view when with friends, or in groups of people today. But your feelings could be at odds with theirs and you might prefer to be yourself and express yourself the way you want to.  However, you might also feel a need to be part of the group to achieve an objective. Your challenge today could be to avoid outbursts or confrontations and find a compromise between the two, but this must allow you some room for self-expression.

At work today, you may want to get a lot done. However, you might need to ensure you do not have an unrealistic expectation of what is possible, as you could be disappointed when you cannot turn your idealistic vision into a practical reality. Or mysterious circumstances may seem to undermine your progress. The most effective way to use today could be to use your vision to plan projects rather than to try to execute them. You may not be likely to get the credit for what you do and might need to be willing to play a behind-the-scenes or background role, today. You could be required to be selfless, just when you were hoping to assert yourself and make an impression. However, you may be able to use your energy and drive constructively to serve a larger cause.

If you are single and looking for romance, the best approach may be to be yourself and see who appreciates you for who you really are. You could attract romantic attention today, especially from someone you associate with in a group setting, or meet though a friend.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Today, you might want to act individually, rather than for or with others. You might feel you need to sacrifice some of your personal expression in order to fit or blend in with a group, but could feel somewhat resentful of this. However, it may be beneficial to try to co-operate with others and to find who you can best co-ordinate your efforts with. You are likely to achieve more by combining your energy with that of others in a group or team than you could alone, today. A group of people could help to provide an outlet for your energy and drive.

Perhaps your principal challenge today might be to find a balance between your need to pursue your career plans and your domestic responsibilities and family life. One part of you may want to hide away at home, or in private and be with your loved ones. But another part of you could be inspired by professional ideas that you want to advance out in the wider world. One possible compromise might be to work from home on something that you hope to gain recognition and attention for later. That way, you can be close to your family if they need your attention, but also pursue those career ambitions you hope to achieve, in order to benefit all of you.

You might want to be at home, with your family or in a private place where you can feel calm and tranquil. But there could also be an opportunity for you to use your energy to make something exciting happen in your career. This may mean being more engaged in the outer, public world. You might need to find a way to satisfy both sets of needs. You may also need to ensure you do not act impulsively or rashly in public, or let slip something you would rather keep private.

Romance could blossom among friends or in group situations, today, perhaps with someone who seems mysterious or glamorous. But you may need to beware over-idealising someone and not seeing things clearly.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Today might not be the best of days for making important decisions, as while you may have a grasp of the overall picture or vision, you could tend to overlook small, but important details. Your thinking may also be strongly influenced by your emotions today and you might not be at your most rational or objective. However, you are likely to speak your mind and communicate with enthusiasm and conviction. This could help you get your point across to others.

You may feel comfortable moving around in your local environment today and sticking with what you know and tried and tested ideas. But there could also be another part of you that wants to go further and to expand your knowledge. Your challenge today might to find a balance between a healthy desire to expand and a rash, impulsive need to go too far too soon.

Today, it could seem a challenge to balance your domestic life with your career activity. You might have to give up a chance to be active in the outer world to take care of the needs of your family.

At work, you are likely to feel fired up and ready to use your energy and drive to get work done, get noticed and achieve your ambitions. You could feel driven to succeed in your career ambitions and to make an impression.  In your work, you might want to lead and do things your way and are not likely to feel willing to bend to anyone else’s will. However, your efforts to achieve, get noticed or gain recognition may be undermined, perhaps by hidden factors. You may need to watch out for possible clashes with authority figures. It could be beneficial if you are able to work on your own or under your own initiative as much as possible. If you can remain conscious of other people’s interests, avoid coming into conflict with these and work together with them, you might be able to achieve a great deal and make a positive impact today.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

You might feel a desire to convey your experience and view of the world to others. You are likely to assert and defend your own beliefs and may need to watch out for a possible tendency to impose your beliefs, philosophy or overall view of the world onto others. You might need to ensure that in looking at the bigger picture you do not lose sight of small, but important details, today. This could lead to confusion in communications with others. You may put energy into learning and expanding your mind. Or you could feel an urge to take in more of the world by travelling. If you are travelling over long or short distances, you may need to allow for flexibility, as journeys may be subject to delays and mysterious problems.

Work and financial matters are likely to be your main area of focus today. You could have very strong, clear ideas about what you want to do at work to maximise profits and financial gain. You may prefer to handle money, be self-sufficient and make financial decisions in your own way.

You may also feel decisive with regard to your personal finances. But others, some of whom might have a stake in any decision you make, could have different ideas. The key could be to talk to everyone involved and get their input before making any decisions and try to accommodate their values while also remaining true to your own.

You could find you have the opportunity to achieve more by allowing someone else to give you financial support or by entering into joint financial arrangements. Your decision might need to be a compromise However, you may need to take care to ensure that you do not make rash or impulsive decisions, or jeopardise your own financial security. It might also be a good idea to try to make financial decisions that allow you to be independent and in charge of your own work.

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