Daily Horoscopes 04-04-2017

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

At work today, differences in opinions and feelings about how work should be best done could cause tension and irritation between you and your co-workers. Others may want to make changes in the nature of your work or the approach to tasks or routines. You may have sympathies with this or could be caught in the middle and feel critical of others’ suggestions. You may have intense feelings that you could struggle to keep hidden. This could possibly hinder your ability to work practically and efficiently.  It may help to try to avoid letting this build into anger or confrontations. Instead, by looking at the needs and desires on all sides, you may be able to reach an understanding. Working with others may be the key to positive financial reward.

Your sensitivity to your environment may also be heightened and you might pick up on powerful feelings and undercurrents around you at work. The best way to approach work today may be to work quietly behind the scenes or somewhere on your own, where you can focus more deeply and get things done without interruption or distraction, if possible. You may get a lot done very quickly. Left to your own devices, your work could have a powerful impact and you may be able to act as a force for change and reform that helps others. Or you may be able to act on your vision to make changes in your routine, approach or even your field of work that may enable you to work and serve in the way that is most authentic for you. Your work may be of a private nature.

If you are single, there may be a connection between romance and work today. If you are attached, you may enjoy buying something beautiful or useful together. You may even find great enjoyment in helping each other with ordinary everyday tasks.

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Pisces Daily Horoscope

You are likely to have a strong attachment to your own ideas and opinions today and may express them quite powerfully and forcefully. The ideas you put forward and the way you communicate them could have a powerful impact on others. One dilemma for you today may be whether to insist on the freedom to express yourself, or whether to compromise this in order to fit in with others. You may have a need to feel part of a group, team or collective, but you may also feel a compulsion to be yourself and not bend to someone else’s will. It could be that you are a more powerful force when you are joined together with others. But, ideally any group you identify with should leave you plenty of scope for your own creativity and self-expression.

Today, you may feel full of creative energy and ready to express yourself openly. But you may find this need clashes in some way with the necessity to make money and maintain financial security. In the work you do, it may seem that you are required to compromise your creative values for the sake of commercial success. However, an examination of what is behind both sets of needs may enable you to find an inventive solution to the problem. This could allow you to utilise your originality and creativity to some degree, while still enjoying financial gain. 

On one hand, you may feel excited about a joint venture which means working closely together with someone else and sharing the proceeds. On the other, you may feel a desire to work independently, have more freedom to do things your own way and have the profits to yourself. The key to choosing may be to consider which gives you the most room for creative self-expression and allows you to be a force for change. Working in a partnership may be inspiring and could offer you the creative freedom you seek. But you may need to use your intuition to choose a partner who might prove to be reliable.

Emotionally, you may strike just the right balance between being able to assert your own ideas and opinions and being receptive to what others say and think. Your ability to express your feelings, your playful manner and your ability to be attuned to others’ feelings may be very positive for romance and relationships. If you are single, today could potentially be a day of romantic beginnings. There could be opportunity for you to make a deep romantic connection with someone you meet via a friend or group situation. If you are attached you and your partner are likely to play together well and to enjoy great closeness.

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Aries Daily Horoscope

Finding a balance between work and home life may be something of a challenge for you today, but you may benefit from trying to accommodate your needs in both these areas. Family relationships are likely to be close and emotionally fulfilling. You may enjoy spending money on something practical for your home. There could be something of a clash today between responsibilities in your home, or what your family need from you and your sense of who you are as a unique individual. There could be a clash of views and those around you may become irritable if they cannot seem to have their own way. Or unexpected feelings could suddenly seem to flare up that cause disruption. This could prompt you to want to escape your domestic environment and seek out other company. It may be difficult for you to balance your family life with romance or relationship today. The key may be to try to unite the family and also look at what changes you can make in your home life, or work routine that might help you manage all the relationships in your life more effectively.

The past may exert a powerful pull on you today and there may something you need to let go of in order to move on, cleansed and renewed and free to pursue your ambitions and goals.  You are likely to feel compelled to be your true self and not to fall back on old habit patterns and adhere to who you once were, or been conditioned to be in the past. The solution may be to remain loyal to your family and to acknowledge the past and what you have inherited from your origins and history, but to also ensure that you do not have to compromise on the expression of your true, unique self, or bury and hide who you are.

Today you may feel compelled to make changes, especially in your professional life. These are likely to reflect inner changes and your desire to be release your hidden and untapped potential. You may need to take care that something you would prefer to keep private does not erupt and gain unwanted public attention. You may earn money from home, or by utilising a domestic skill or using your past experience.  

If you are single, a hidden or secret attraction may be revealed leading to a romantic development. If you are attached, and your partner are likely to be very attuned to each other’s needs and are likely to be happiest in private, today.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope

You are likely to be in a thoughtful mood today and your thinking is likely to be influenced by your emotions. You may feel a powerful desire to travel either physically to new places, or in the mind. Your mind may feel ready to expand beyond its current parameters and to explore new ideas concepts and new learning. Your beliefs and philosophical ideas may be changing too. You may feel at your most comfortable when blending in with others in a group of like-minded people, today.

You may have imaginative ideas today and be inspired to action and achievement. You may feel determined to express yourself in your own way, today and may do so powerfully and forcefully. You could be very productive today and may be able to turn grand visions into practical reality. However, you may feel very impatient or critical of anyone you do not agree with or who cannot match your mental agility and insight. However, while you may have very high ideals, you may not have as much actual energy as you imagine and you could be unsure of how to focus and direct your energy. The key may be to use today to reflect further on the many ideas that may be flooding through your mind, until you fix on one that you can tackle head on. You may also need to rest and recharge your batteries at this time, too.

Romance and relationships may blossom among friends, in social situations or in a group situation. You may feel able to talk easily to the object of your affection about anything.

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Gemini Daily Horoscope

Today, there may be a clash between yourself and others over the issue of how much freedom you have to be creative and expressive and how much you have to bend to others’ will in order to achieve financial gain. There may also be the issue of whether your own creative expression is reliable at the moment, as you may be in a process of change and this could make your expression somewhat erratic. Perhaps the best approach today is to use your past experience and the wisdom you have acquired through this to make business or financial decisions that are a true reflection of yourself and can help you to be secure the rewards you need.

In your career activity today, you may have an instinct for what will make a powerful impact and what will earn you money or be profitable, especially if you join forces with someone in a professional or business partnership. You may be at your most potent in work and business when you join together and combine your efforts with another person, or a group of people with whom you can come up with good, imaginative ideas. You may feel intensely driven to make money and are likely to put your whole self into your work. You may be noticed for your style, grace and sensitivity and your work may give scope for your imaginative, creative or artistic ability or your caring nature. Your motivation and power to make money may be particularly strong today, and you may also raise money or resources to help others or to serve a larger cause.

There could be differences between yourself and another person today concerning something you jointly own or a dispute about who something rightfully belongs to. You could find your feelings about money or possessions is at odds with that of others and might find yourself having to defend your financial decisions. You may need to ensure that your activity with others does not lead you to become impulsive and overspend or put your financial security at risk. But you may be very giving with what you have.

If you are single, Hidden feelings and attraction may come out into the open and you may feel powerfully attracted to someone you know or meet through work or business. You could make a passionate connection with someone, but their values may differ from your own. You may need to take care not to be coerced into overspending by someone while pursuing a good time in a relationship. If you are attached, you may need to watch out for a temptation to be possessive with your partner. But this is an excellent time to show them how much you value them. This could be an excellent day for opening up to your partner, sharing your feelings and showing your affection. This is likely to bring you closer.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope

You are likely to be feeling quite sensitive and emotionally open today. For this reason, you may find other people seem too forceful, powerful or ruthless for you to feel comfortable around them. This could especially be the case in relationships. Or you may feel as if others want to try to change you. This may, however, not really may not be their intention. You many just perceive them that way because their natural expression contrasts with the comparatively mild and gentle manner you may approach the world with today.

You may be able to express yourself especially well and achieve your personal goals by combining your energy with that of others in a group effort. You may also have just the right balance in terms of when to insist on your own way and when to give in to others or to the majority. You may even make a powerful impression on others.

You may clash or find you have a difference of views with others, especially authority figures at work today. You could find that the way you want to do things is at odds with someone else’s objectives. It may be best to avoid getting into confrontations, but try to understand both positions and see if a compromise can be reached in which you can stay true to yourself and your own emotional needs and professional ambitions. However much you may wish someone to bend to your will, you may have to be prepared to encounter differing views, even if these seem to have previously been hidden from view and emerge unexpectedly. You may also need to consider whether you are expecting too much, or if what you desire is really practically achievable, especially in your career. Having empathy and listening sensitively to all viewpoints, while also not compromising too much on your own needs may be the key to success today.

You may feel a desire to travel, explore different places and seek out new learning and fresh experiences. Your relationships with someone may bring an opportunity to do so and this could be emotionally fulfilling. If you are single, you may be most likely to find romantic opportunity outside your neighbourhood or local area. You may be attracted to someone who seems different from yourself. But you are also likely to feel most comfortable with someone sensitive who seems to understand you. If you are attached, travelling and exploring somewhere or something new with your partner is likely to bring you closer and you may learn a lot about each other through new experiences.

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Leo Daily Horoscope

Today, you may be extremely sensitive to your immediate environment and your feelings may be strongly coloured by what is going on around you. In your environment, there could be an atmosphere of restlessness, irritability and disagreement on all kinds of ideas and beliefs. It may be wise to avoid making decisions today and you may benefit from quiet time alone to reflect and separate what you have absorbed from your own thoughts and feelings. Your imagination may be active and you could have some creative ideas that might prove to be profitable.

You may feel restless today, as if you want to do something different, but cannot decide what. There may be so many options that you feel overwhelmed and unable to choose between them. Or you may know what you would really like to do, but lack the energy, or feel uncertain about how to get started.

Today your sensitivity and empathy may be heightened. You may be strongly attuned to other people’s feelings and needs and could be selfless in your desire to help them, care for them and offer them your support. You may be able to express yourself well verbally and communicate in an emotive way that could sway others’ opinions. You may act as a powerful force for change today, but your efforts are more likely to be used in service of a cause that benefits others rather than for yourself. And what you do today could make a difference.

You may be active in your career today and are likely to be noticed for your energy and sensitivity to others. You may be able to sense the collective or public mood today in your work. Or you may accomplish something that helps others as well as raising your own profile. In business and finance today, you are likely to be able to use your imagination and sensitivity to achieve a great deal, especially by working together closely with someone. A business partnership may have a profound effect on you. You may also profit more and make more of an impact by working jointly with another person today.

Your sensitive and ability to be attuned to others’ feelings and needs today could be very positive for romance and relationship and could lead to great closeness and intimacy.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

You may be able to explore new places or enjoy new experiences in some way today and are likely to be guided by your own strong beliefs. The opportunity for this may come through a friend or a group you are part of.

You may seek out the company of others today and may especially enjoy being among friends or participating in groups of people who share your interests or inspire you in some way. You may enjoy exploring your creativity with others. Others may be drawn to you for your charm, grace and style as well as your friendliness and sensitivity. Your friends and groups of people you may associate with today are likely to have a profound influence on you and may seem to change the way you see and express yourself. You may feel you become someone else when you are with particular people that you could not otherwise be. It could actually be that others are reflecting back to you parts of your own nature that have been, so far, hidden or unexpressed. So being around others could be very beneficial for you today, as your interaction with them could help you to release your own untapped potential.

However, it is possible that if you are among friends or in a group situation today, you might find that you and another person in the group might share views or desires that are at odds with those of others. This could be a dilemma for you, because while you may feel strongly committed to your own position and the person who shares it, you may also feel a need to fit in with others, or the majority. The key may be to take care to avoid being swayed by the opinions of others, even if they do represent the majority and to see who you most relate to or are inspired by in a group situation when taking on board others’ viewpoints. It may help to look at both sides of any argument and try to find a compromise, while also protecting and preserving close alliances. By being sensitive to others’ feelings and motivations and pulling together, you may find an unusual or imaginative solution.

There could be a dilemma between being part of a joint business or financial arrangement and having the freedom to be financially independent and make your own decisions.

If you are single, you could experience a powerful attraction to someone you meet via a friend or in a group setting. Or a relationship with a friend may take on a new level of significance or intensity. If you are in a relationship, you and your partner are likely to enjoy socialising together with friends or in groups of people. However, you may find you have differences with each other’s friends or associates in social or group interaction. The key to closeness and intimacy may lie in being yourself and allowing yourselves be playful, have fun and not be too serious.


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Libra Daily Horoscope

Your home and family may demand a lot of your attention today and this could clash with your need to get things done at work. Your challenge may be to find a balance your professional and personal life that accommodates both.

At work today, you may be a force to be reckoned with. You are likely to approach your career activity with powerful ambition, determination and a strong sense of purpose. You may want bring about some kind of change but could meet some opposition, possibly from a hidden or unexpected source. You may have to take on board other people’s arguments and might need to persuade people of the value of changing things in the way you would like to. Your past experience may be a real asset to you in your work today.  You may be particularly noticed for your charm, grace, style creativity.

However, it is possible that, at work, you may feel you are having difficulty expressing yourself or achieving the success and recognition you desire. You might want to make major changes to address this. But you could meet resistance from co-workers or those in authority who are not comfortable with this. There could be some tension in your relationships with others at work today. You may feel that you want or need to do things a certain way while someone else, perhaps an authority figure, requires something from you that you feel uncomfortable with. Or it may feel as if someone is putting pressure on you and disrupting the smooth flow of your work or career path. It may help to try to avoid getting into confrontations where neither side wants to back down. Instead, it may help to examine what both sets of needs might be and see if a compromise can be reached that is sensitive to both. Your desire for change should not be ignored, but you may also need to ensure that you proceed in a fair way. You are more likely to gain attention and recognition for what you do with the help of other people. Working closely in partnership with someone else today is likely to enable you to be more powerful than you could on your own. You may be active in business or in your career today and are likely to be noticed for the energy and sensitivity you bring to a joint effort.

If you are single, there could be a connection between romance and your work. If you are attached, you may want to be seen with your partner and show them off to the world. You may enjoy an atmosphere of emotional openness and closeness in your relationship.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Today you may want to express yourself verbally or creatively in a new or different way. You could grow impatient with anyone who seems to represent established ideas and traditional methods. It may be best to try to avoid confrontations over differing ideas, beliefs or philosophies. 

Today you may feel that there must be more to life than what your current situation offers you. You may feel a restless need to get away from the familiar everyday routine of work and domestic responsibilities and do something more engaging and exciting. You may have a powerful desire to go further, exceed your limits and explore new possibilities. This may, of course, not necessarily be possible. Or you may dream of many new, different possibilities but might feel unsure of which particular goals to focus on or how to realise your vision. This could be particularly the case at work. You may want to think big and look at the overall picture. Your vision may be broad, but you could tend to overlook small or practical details. You may have this pointed out to you by others, and you could feel they are being petty or pedantic. However, the key may be to keep reflecting on the possibilities you envisage until you feel inspired and find direction. Meanwhile, the seemingly ordinary tasks you do today may help you to find meaning in your life. But you may be able to find a way to make your work exciting and engaging, perhaps by taking a different or original approach.

There may be a playful side to your nature today, which is most likely to find expression in spare time activities or through romance and relationships. If you are single, you may feel a strong desire to seek romance today. You may be attracted to someone from outside your neighbourhood, with whom you can have fun and be yourself. If you are attached, you may like to go somewhere different and do something enjoyable or adventurous with your partner that brings out the playful side of your nature. You may need to feel in charge of things. But you may find your partner receptive to this, provided you are both happy with the direction in which your relationship is going.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Today, if you are among friends or groups of people, you could find yourself in disagreement with the majority and might want to break away from the collective position. You may feel more confident and sure of your own position and might prefer to express yourself more individually. However, among a group, there may be one other person whose viewpoint makes a profound impression on you and which could even sway you a third way.

Home and family life and financial issues may be one of your main areas of focus today. There may be a link between the two. You may be able to help a family member financially, or you may be buying or selling a home or spending money on making changes to your home. You may enjoy close harmonious relationships with family members and you are likely to together well as a unit.

There could be a conflict between your desire to have what you want and your need to share with others. Or there may be a difference of opinion about something you jointly own with another person. You or someone else may want to change something about a joint financial arrangement. You may needs to try to ascertain what your shared values are and find a decision based on those.

At work today, you are likely to feel very determined to do things your way, but are likely to be able to take this approach without appearing too forceful. Working in partnership with someone else may help you to see things from other people’s viewpoints and to remain co-operative with others. You may get the opportunity to enter into a joint financial or business arrangement with someone today, or you may need to attend to or make decisions about an existing joint financial matter. Joint business arrangements may be beneficial for you today.

You may want to express yourself with energy and power today, but you may feel your individual needs clash with what a partnership or relationship requires of you. However, if you examine both situations, you may find that the support you get from the partnership could actually be helpful to your self-expression. In relationships, you may feel you would like a deep level of closeness, sharing and intimacy with someone. But you may also want to maintain a level of freedom, independence and separateness that clashes with your need to merge with another. Or, in a romantic involvement or relationship, one partner may take the former position while the other takes the latter. The way to get the best from relationships today is to allow room and space within them, but maintain a deep level of closeness when you are together.

Romance and relationships may have a deep, intense quality today. If you are single, you may feel powerfully attracted to someone who may have a profound effect on you and may change you and your life. How this works out might depend on how receptive you are to change. You may feel attracted to someone you meet through your work. If you are in a relationship, feelings could be unpredictable and erratic today. You may need to watch out for feelings of jealousy or possessiveness. But, essentially, you and your partner are likely to be sensitive to each other’s needs and to enjoy a deep level of closeness.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

You may feel a restless desire to escape your usual daily environment and routine. But you may not really need to get away. The real issue may be that you are bored with your life as it is, and this is what might need to be addressed. If you cannot physically travel or explore, you may be able to journey in your mind through study or new learning. Or you may meet someone who has a different nationality, background or belief system who can show you a way to look at life from a new perspective.

Sudden or unexpected feelings may come out into the open or hidden truths may be revealed that change the nature of things between yourself and others, or a particular other person. This could be a possible source of tension in your career. In romance and relationships could also be subject to excitement or disruption. However, you may need to focus on what unites you with others on today, as you and the others who have significance in your life are likely to go further and find more emotional fulfilment by working and being together in partnership.

Your emotions are likely to be very powerful and intense today and this could affect your relationships with others. You may need to be careful not to say something rashly or hastily, perhaps in an emotional outburst that, once said, could deeply wound someone or change things in a negative way.  You may enjoy talking and exchanging ideas with others you are likely to speak with grace, sensitivity and empathy and this may be attractive to others and make you popular. You may feel a keen desire to please others today and to put your own personal needs aside in the name of sharing. At best, you may strike just the right balance between being able to assert yourself with others and feeling able to co-operate and compromise in order to please them. This is likely to be very positive for romance and relationships.

If you are single, you could feel powerfully attracted to someone who may make you feel different or offer you change. This could be positive if you feel receptive to change. If you are in a relationship, you may experience a clash of wills or a power struggle with your partner. But your feelings for each other are likely to be deep and passionate.

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