Daily Horoscopes 03-03-2017

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

You may also feel a desire to explore something new and expansive. You may want to travel or might feel eager to learn something new. But you might be still trying to make a decision about what to choose from a wide variety of possibilities. You are likely to be feeling enthusiastic and excited, but there is a possibility your thinking may be a bit undisciplined and erratic. This may not be the best time to make a decision about a long term plan. It may be more beneficial to live in the moment for now and put your grand plan into action when you have a more clear idea what you want to focus on. You may be imaginative and perhaps prone to daydreaming today, but your powerful dreams and fantasies may teach you a lot about your own hidden wishes and desires. This could inspire and empower you to make changes in your life to help you fulfil your emotional needs more effectively.

However, deep down, you may be at your happiest at home, with family or in private, today. You may feel preoccupied with your home and family life. In your home and family life today, you are likely to communicate well with family members and to realise how highly you value them.

You may feel happiest when surrounded by things you value, especially those which hold memories or to which you feel emotionally attached. You are likely to feel protective of what is yours. You could feel a strong attachment to your material possessions, property or something you own this could be because of what these things represent for you emotionally. You may enjoy being around objects that have sentimental value for you or bring back memories. If you find you lose or have to give up something today, you are not likely to find it too upsetting, as you will become aware that its emotional meaning can never be lost. Despite your emotional attachment, you may actually be very charitable or generous with your money or material possessions today, especially if you feel that by giving you can help someone. If something you own has a negative emotional attachment or past connotation, it may feel good to let it go.  This could also be a good day to buy and sell, especially if this is connected with your home and domestic life. You may have a good instinct for the right purchase or deal. You may acquire something you have always dreamed of owning, or fulfil some kind of material goal or dream today.

Today could also be a favourable day for earning. You may be focused on plans related to work and money. You may be keeping some of these private, but your intuition and experience may tell you how to make work projects profitable. You could earn money using your imagination, compassion or by utilising your past experience.

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Pisces Daily Horoscope

Your thinking and ideas may be strongly influenced by your emotions today, and your ideas and opinions are likely to feel very personal to you. Therefore, you may not be at your most rational or objective. But your communication is likely to have emotional depth. This could be an excellent time for communicating and making an impact. This could be a very good day for talking to others about your own feelings on a subject. Talking to others and exchanging ideas and information may have a strong effect on you today.

You are likely to express your personal ideas and opinions, powerfully and forcefully today, especially when you are with friends or in a group situation. You may be able to advance your ideas more effectively when working as part of a group or collective. Talking and exchanging ideas with others may be enjoyable and may give you insights about yourself that change or clarify your perception of who you are.

You are likely to have a very good very emotional understanding of others and be very sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of people in your neighbourhood or local environment. So much so that you almost fall in with their rhythms and take on their colour and shape when you are with them. You may find it easy to be yourself with others and may know just how to show how you feel and what to say.  You may be so attuned to them that you know what they are about to say. You are likely to be warm and sympathetic to others today. In being giving, you may also get some of what you need back from others today, especially in the form of company, conversation and perhaps insights or information that may teach you something about yourself that you were not aware of. Perhaps, in order to see your personal self today, you may need others to reflect it back to you.

You may be looking for something exciting in your work and business. You may get the opportunity to do business with someone or to enter into a joint business or financial arrangement of some kind. But this might not be the most favourable time to make a business deal, or decision. Things may seem exciting but are likely to be subject to change or the unexpected. And, although they may appear enthusiastic and exciting, potential business partners may not be as committed or reliable as they may seem.

You may be in the mood for excitement and adventure and may be likely to spend money on having a good time and entertaining with others. But you may benefit from keeping an eye on your spending, as your enthusiasm and sensual appetites may be large or varied and could lead you to overstretch your budget, if you are not careful.

You may be looking for excitement and intensity in romance and relationships. You may have a desire to share something deep and meaningful with another person. But you may find that feelings and affections can be subject to change and you may not be able to rely on new relationships formed at this time to remain constant or endure.

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Aries Daily Horoscope

You are likely to be very sensitive and compassionate to others in your environment today. If you do engage with others, it may be in a caring, giving role where you can show empathy and focus on others rather than having to think about yourself. You may feel you don’t want to reveal too much of yourself and might not be at your most outwardly expressive today. You may prefer to remain quietly by yourself, reflecting on your thoughts and feelings or working behind the scenes, privately or secretly on something. This could be an imaginative project that could be profitable later on. You may even be able to realise a dream or give concrete form to a vision today.

Despite keeping your feelings and thoughts to yourself, you may feel dynamic and filled with enthusiasm for having a good time. You may be seeking the kind of new and unusual activities that keep life interesting and exhilarating. You may want others to share in your adventures and are likely to find they will, if they can keep up with you and match your pace.

Today, money and financial matters may be your main area of focus. You may make money through activities that utilise your imagination or your sensitivity and caring nature. You may be very tuned into your dreams, fantasies and visions especially those concerning what you would most like to buy and own or your financial and material aspirations. You may find your instinct and intuition are reliable than your rational mind when it comes to making financial judgements. You may be highly perceptive and very sensitive to feelings and undercurrents in your environment today, you may particularly have the ability to analyse a situation but also to use your intuition and instinct to discern which ideas may be the most profitable in work or business.

You are likely to be a powerful presence in your career and to be able to make money easily today, perhaps enough to make a difference to your financial security. You may be noticed for your imagination, sensitivity and caring nature. Your work may involve bringing about change and transformation in accordance with your own most deeply held values. You may also be at your most generous and giving and you may make choices and decisions that benefit others as well as yourself. Or you may even direct your energy into making money to help others.

If you are single, the end of the month may be a time when new, exciting relationships could develop, perhaps suddenly or very quickly. But this may not be the best time to make commitments in romance and relationships, as you may tend to act impulsively and other people and circumstances may be unreliable or subject to change.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope

Being among friends or in a group of people you feel comfortable with and find interesting and inspiring is likely to be enjoyable and to bring out the best in you today. By talking, exchanging ideas with them and absorbing new insights, you may learn more about yourself and may find yourself thinking differently. You may have be able to communicate your ideas with emotional sensitivity today. This may help you to present a persuasive argument. The insights you gather from being part of a collective may somehow teach you more about yourself. You might blend in very easily with others in groups today because you may be especially able to adapt to collective expression and be open to being part of something greater than your individual self. However, in giving yourself away, you may have it reflected back to you by the people you associate with. By working out which groups of people you feel an affinity with. You may be able to learn something about yourself and clarify your sense of who you are.

Emotional contact with friends or groups of people may be very important to you today. Friends and associates are likely to offer you emotional nourishment and may elicit deeper feelings in you than usual. A friendship could become closer, or you may feel a deeper sense of belonging within a team or group. You are likely to be very sensitive to others’ needs, and to be supportive to and protective of your friends and associates. You may even join with a group to provide charitable activity to someone else in need.

Today, you are likely to advance your ideas and beliefs with force and conviction. You may be in a philosophical mood, analysing yourself, information, events and experience and trying to find meaning. You are likely to be highly perceptive today. You may be feeling restless and ready for activity and excitement. You may want to be busy but are likely to be drawn to grand or unusual tasks. You may feel full of energy and have wide ranging selection of things you want to do. But you may need to take care that your energy and enthusiasm does not result in your getting carried away and taking on more than you can realistically manage.

You may be feeling enthusiastic about your future work plans. You are likely to have visions or ideas for projects that are bigger or broader in some way than those you usually work on. You may need to ensure that your idealism does not prompt you to overreach yourself and take on too much and that your goals are practically achievable.

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Gemini Daily Horoscope

You may feel a pleasing sense of connectedness to the rest of the world through your job or public image. You could tend to soak up influences and impressions like a sponge today, in your working environment. Many of these may be reflections of aspects of yourself that you can become conscious of and integrate into your own expression in a way that might make you feel more whole.

You may find it difficult to reach a decision by analysis or rational thinking. This could be especially the case in your career activity. It may be more reliable and profitable to rely on your intuition in professional matters.

You may bring highly imaginative vision to the work you do, or be noticed for your emotional sensitivity, empathy and caring nature. You may get the chance to shine, though perhaps not as an individual, but as a part of something larger than your personal self. You may be selfless, caring and able to help people who are in need through your work today, and this is an ideal time to do charitable work. In your work, you may be able raise awareness of important issues that could help a charitable cause today. You may have the ability to sense and sway the public mood.  Your feelings could tend to show more in public today, so you may need to be aware of this in order to project the kind of image you want to and avoid any of your emotional reaction attracting unwanted attention. You may find yourself daydreaming and fantasizing today. But you may even be able to bring dreams and fantasies out into the open and fulfil them in some way today, especially in your career activity.

You may be feeling geared up and ready to gather together with friends or a group of people to pursue fun, pleasure and excitement. Your interactions with others may be profound and intense today. You may feel very emotionally open to others and very attuned to other people’s feelings and needs. You may be feeling enthusiastic and adventurous when it comes to love. If you are single, you may feel a powerful chemistry with someone and pleasantly lose yourself in romance. An exciting romantic opportunity could be found among friends or in group settings. There may be an element of the unexpected. If you are attached, you may prefer to act independently and be unfettered by commitments to your partner. However, if you do choose to spend time with your partner, you may enjoy a deep, intimate emotional connection.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope

The ordinary, familiar daily routine may not appeal much to you today and you are likely to feel an urge to get away and explore somewhere new. You may be feeling restless and wanting to venture out of your home, away from the familiar surroundings and everyday routine into the outer world in search of something lively and exciting that might bring out the adventurer in you. You probably don’t really want to leave your usual surroundings permanently, but just need a temporary break from your everyday world and a change of scene. If you can’t actually physically escape to different surroundings, you may travel mentally, through study or opening yourself to new ideas and concepts that expand your mind or make you feel free.

You may feel excited and enthusiastic about a new career project. You may be planning to do something quite different from anything you have done before. Or you may be planning to broaden your horizons by doing things on a bigger scale, or over a wider area.

Today you may feel an emotional need to be with friends or in the company of others. The best kind of company for you today may be people who are quite different from yourself who are interesting to be with. You may find going somewhere new or doing something different and engaging in philosophical, meaningful conversation with friends or a group of people may help to provide a welcome escape from the familiar pattern of everyday life. Others may offer you the chance to learn something and experience something new that could stimulate your own intellect and give you a broader perspective. You are likely to understand things instinctively and to absorb information well today, which makes this an excellent time for new learning and exploration, especially in the company of others.

Your relationships with others may have more emotional meaning than usual today. Among friends or in a group of people, you may be able to and see right to the heart of any issues and enjoy an open and honest expression of your feelings, while still preserving harmony between yourself and others. Friends, involvements with groups or people you care for and help today may provide you with an opportunity to explore and expand your life in some way.

If you are single, you may feel powerfully attracted to someone you meet through a friend or in a group situation. If you are attached, you and your partner may enjoy mixing socially with friends or a group of people.

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Leo Daily Horoscope

You are likely to be feeling full of grand ideas and a desire for excitement and adventure. You may want to travel or learn something new that will enlarge your perspective and sense of meaning in life. You may be a powerful presence at work and you may find it relatively easy to get noticed or make an impact today. You may also find it easy to make changes and reforms, or to dismantle and rebuild something, as others are likely to be receptive to your vision and the change you bring about may help others.

In your work today, your emotions may be more on display than usual. You may be noticed for your sensitivity and imagination. Someone you know or meet, possibly through your work, may evoke a strong emotional response in you. This is likely to be visible to them, as feelings are likely to come out into the open. If your relationship is more professional, you may be able to work together well and achieve a great deal that will mean a lot to both of you. You may be working closely together with someone on an imaginative career project. You may be at your most perceptive and have powerful insight into what is likely to bring success and recognition and are likely to want to speak up and make your views known. Others you work with are likely to be receptive to this and could help to inspire you too.

You may choose to give something up or let go of your attachment to something you jointly own with another person, and feel positive about doing so. In your work, you are likely to be giving and may engage very deeply with someone in a caring or charitable way. Or you may choose to make a sacrifice of some kind connected with your career, possibly to help or benefit another person.

On the whole, you are likely to feel positive about what you share with or receive from others, whether this be emotional feelings, intimacy or something material like money, or property or material possessions of some kind or something more emotional or intimate. You may attract or be drawn to magnetic people who have a profound or powerful effect on you. If you are single, you may feel attracted to someone like this and may feel different from your usual self when you are with them. In romance and relationships, secrets and hidden feelings and thoughts are likely to be openly expressed, leading to a potential for deeper closeness and intimacy.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

You may want to express yourself and your ideas or beliefs with power and force and make your feelings known, but could feel you lose the ability to do this in group situations. You may have to give more to a group effort than you get from it. Venturing outside your usual everyday environment to different or unexplored places, or learning new things may help you to feel more confident about expressing yourself.

You may be eager to start new enterprises and make money. You may have an exciting opportunity to enter into a business partnership with someone. But you may need to look beyond your enthusiasm and optimism and examine whether you find the other person likely to be reliable or consistent enough to want to make any kind of joint commitment with them. You could also potentially earn well in your own right, at this time.

You are likely to approach life with exuberance. You may be tempted to spend generously on doing something on a grand scale, especially if you are joining in with others to create excitement. You may need to take care to ensure that you don’t overspend impulsively or rashly, as your appetites and vision could possibly be larger your budget.

You are likely to have great empathy with others and to be deeply attuned to other people’s thoughts and feelings. You may know just what to say and could make an impact on others with your wisdom and insight. This could foster closeness, togetherness and a meaningful connection between yourself and others today.

You may want to get away from your familiar daily routine, go somewhere previously unexplored and learn or experience something new today. Your relationship with another person may bring the opportunity to do this. Or a desire to be with another person may be the reason for your wanting to step outside your everyday world.

You may feel there is more emotional exchange between yourself and others today than usual. If you are single, romantic opportunities may arise among friends or in a group situation. You may be attracted to people who are different from yourself who can show you a new way of thinking and perceiving things. You may find yourself drawn to someone who seems to offer or embody something new you have a desire to open yourself up to and explore. You could feel attracted to someone who seems exciting and intense. Romance may be possible but you may need to take care to ensure you are seeing things clearly and not over-idealising a person or situation. People and situations could prove to be subject to change and it may help not to hope for consistency or depth at this time.

If you are in a relationship, you may want to be with your partner as much as possible and you are likely to feel your relationship is growing in significance and meaning. This could be because you are not likely to feel like treading the same ground and repeating the usual habits and routines together. You may enjoy getting away from it all and travelling, or doing something different, exciting or adventurous with your partner. You may feel very sensitive to each other’s dreams and desires and want to do all you can to fulfil these for each other.

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Libra Daily Horoscope

You are likely to be looking for excitement and adventure and may well find it. But what is on offer may be erratic and you may need to take care not to over-extend yourself and allow your appetites to lead you too far down the path of excess.

Work and practical everyday concerns may be your main preoccupation today. You are likely to be intellectually engaged at work, even if you are carrying out relatively mundane, everyday tasks. This is an excellent day for turning a dream or vision and turning it into practical reality in your work. Your efforts may result in a good financial reward for all concerned. You could be noticed for your imagination and empathy you may feel selfless and might even choose to help or support others or work charitably for little or no reward. You may be able to act as an effective force for change. You may choose to keep your business dealings hidden or secret.

Your relationships with others at work are likely to be more intense and emotionally powerful than usual. You may find your relationship with co-workers seems to have more emotional depth. Your powerful emotions may be used positively in your work, especially in a business partnership or joint effort of some kind. By joining with others today, you are likely to get a lot done and work very efficiently. You may work particularly well with someone who helps you to get things done more effectively together and perhaps to shine, in some way. A person you work with may change your outlook on something. You and your co-workers or a particular colleague and may share deep conversation and insights while working together. It is also possible that your relationship with someone you meet through your work could take on a more personal, intimate quality.

In your home and family life, and in romance and personal relationships, you may enjoy deep close emotional bonds with others today. You may receive something from another person which is of practical help to you in your everyday life. You may feel able to share your innermost thoughts and feelings with the object of your affection. This is likely to make for great closeness and intimacy and make your relationship healthier. In your relationships today, it may feel as if a fantasy has become real.

If you are single, you may feel an enthusiastic desire to create a relationship. You could feel a strong attraction to someone you meet through your work. However, although there may be romantic opportunities at this time, situations could be excitable and subject to fluctuation and change and you may not be able to rely on a relationship developing into something consistent. If you are merely looking for romance as an adventure and are able to accept whatever happens, you may find enjoyment at this time. If you are in a partnership, you may feel it is working well and together you can achieve anything. It may help to keep things lively and exciting, as this what a relationship may need in order to thrive.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

You are likely to be dreaming of excitement and adventure, today. But opportunities for this may seem elusive or erratic. It may be because you are not quite sure what you are looking for and lack direction. But you are likely to carry on in pursuit of something interesting with boundless optimism. 

You may feel eager and enthusiastic about new work projects you may have planned. You may be thinking of doing something new and exciting and working on a grander scale than usual. This may well be possible, though a lot of effort may be required and situations may be subject to change. You may also need to ensure that your vision is not too grand or too abstract for you to really be able to turn it into a practical reality. 

You may be highly perceptive and able to intuitively see right to the heart of a matter, especially with someone else’s help. You may feel a strong urge to express yourself, your feelings and your creative ideas today. You are likely to speak your mind with power, force and emotional depth. One way you could choose to do this is through a creative medium. You are likely to project your true nature very openly today and others will see and get to know who you are very clearly. You may feel a desire to be with others or someone in particular with whom you can really be yourself and express your true feelings. You are likely to enjoy leisure time activities or entertainment in the company of others. Or if you are engaging in any creative activities, you may be helped in this by others, or another person in particular. You may be able to generate ideas, communicate them and express yourself especially well in partnership with someone.

Today is likely to be good for relationships with others. If you have children, you may get great fun and pleasure from spending time with them today. They may bring out the playful child in you. In romance and relationships, you are likely to find the object of your affection receptive to you and accepting of who you are. If you are single, you are more likely to meet someone you feel attracted to in your everyday local environment. You may be seeking pleasure, but also looking for more than just a passing romance or fun encounter. You may feel a deep connection with someone through conversation with someone who really seems to understand you. A meeting of minds may lead to romance. If you are in a relationship, you may feel close to your partner and you are likely to have an enjoyable time together. You may feel you can talk to the object of your affection about anything, and share your deepest thoughts with them. You could reach a level of mutual understanding and closeness that shows your relationship to be growing in significance and meaning.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

You may feel you need to retreat from the outside word and seek comfort and privacy, today. You may prefer to stay at home, even if you are busy with household tasks. Your family members may be helpful to you in a practical way.

Or if you are at work, you may seek out a quiet space where you can keep yourself to yourself. Or there may be something of a family atmosphere in your work environment, or between yourself and your co-workers. Feelings of kinship between you is likely to be conducive to getting things done efficiently and enjoying a good rapport. Your relationship with co-workers could be more emotional than usual and may bring out the caring side of your nature. Or you may only feel like engaging with others if you can help them in some way. There may be an element of privacy or your work may involve something traditional or old-fashioned. You may be a little introspective today and may be considering whether you are emotionally satisfied by your work and serving the world in the way you want to. You may use your personal power and talents to get work done and earn money today. You may accomplish a lot and earn well, especially through work which helps to bring about change or reform. Protecting the control you have over your own financial decisions may help you to profit from your work today.

Today, you could become conscious of how conditioning from the past or a habit pattern may have been getting in the way of your applying yourself practically and functioning efficiently.  And you might be able to let go of this. If you are considering a new diet, a health and fitness programme or any lifestyle change designed to promote better health, this is a favourable day for breaking with old habits and adopting a new regime. 

You may be looking for fun, pleasure excitement and something unusual or adventurous that you can do in the company of friends or a group of people. You may also want to express yourself in a

Larger-than-life way. If you are single, you may be seeking romance. You could discover romantic opportunities through a friend or in a group setting. But you may need to be prepared for things to be spontaneous and subject to change. There may be more fun and excitement to be found in romance than commitment and lasting affections.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Your thoughts are likely to be strongly coloured by your personal feelings and emotions today. This could make it somewhat difficult for you to be totally objective. But your thinking is likely to have emotional depth. You are likely to express your feelings well, with power and force, especially in the way you speak your mind. You may be at your most eloquent and witty and able to speak with authority.  This could be a favourable day for any important conversations you need to have, as you are likely to give a good account of yourself. What you may lack in objectivity, you may make up for in emotional conviction. You are also likely to be imaginative and creative in the way you express yourself. A creative medium or a spare time activity may provide the opportunity for this.

You may be able to use your ideas and sensitivity to bring about change and help others. If you have to make a decision or an important communication of any kind, your gut instinct could be a reliable guide. If your thinking has been influenced by past conditioning, you are likely to be able to let go of that and express your true, unique self-more effectively. Your conversations with others may be more meaningful and may teach you something you didn’t know about yourself.

You may be doing some unusual, lively and exciting things at home and with your family. Or these could be changes or unexpected occurrences in the home and family life that might require you to be spontaneous and adaptable. This could be connected with work or public engagements. You may find it a challenge to balance your work or professional and public life with your home, family or private life. You may feel you want to give energy to both and feel excited by what each offers. However, you may need to take care not to over-extend yourself and do justice to neither.

In romance and relationships, you may feel a magnetic attraction to someone you meet in a learning situation, on a local journey or through your communications. You may be drawn to someone intelligent and humorous who you can really talk to and be yourself with. You may find someone mysterious and glamorous and this could be part of the attraction. Or you may be attracted to their sensitivity and caring nature. You may find it easy to communicate how you feel to the object of your affection and this may help you to make a deep, intense romantic connection with them.


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