Daily Horoscopes 02-06-2017

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Your interactions with others may be profound and intense today. You may feel very emotionally open to others and much attuned to other people’s feelings and needs. However, relationships with others could be a source of some frustration today. In groups or team settings, you may find it difficult to find shared values on which you can stand together with others. Or someone may seem to be going against your feelings regarding something you jointly own or share with them, whether this is a material or emotional matter. You may feel that something needs to change in order for you to preserve relationships or group involvements.

Business partnerships could feel deep and profound today. You might want to express yourself with energy and power today, but you could feel your individual needs clash with what a partnership requires of you. However, if you examine both situations, you may find that the support you get from the partnership could actually be helpful to your self-expression.

In personal relationships, the sharing of your innermost thoughts in open and honest communication is likely to bring you closer to someone and make your relationship stronger and healthier. The same could also apply to your relationships with your family, today.

In romance and personal relationships, you may feel you would like a deep level of closeness, sharing and intimacy with someone. But you may also want to maintain a level of freedom, independence and separateness that clashes with your need to merge with another. Or, in a romantic involvement or relationship, one partner may take the former position while the other takes the latter. The way to get the best from relationships today is to allow room and space within them, but maintain a deep level of closeness when you are together.

If you are single, you may feel a powerful chemistry with someone and pleasantly lose yourself in romance. You may be drawn to someone you meet in a group setting or through a friend. There could be some practical or emotional barriers that may be preventing you from getting close to someone at the moment. But by first developing a relationship on a friendship level, your bond may deepen. If you are in a relationship, you are likely to enjoy mixing in a wider group of people with your partner, even if this means you are not close by each other all the time. But opening yourself up to a wider circle of people may, ultimately, somehow bring you closer together. You and your partner may enjoy a deep, intimate emotional connection. You may open up more to others and discover more about them and this heightened sense of connectedness may be very positive for your relationships.

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Pisces Daily Horoscope

Among friends or in a group of people, you may be able to and see right to the heart of any issues and enjoy an open and honest expression of your feelings, while still preserving harmony between yourself and others. Today may be a very good day for the sharing of ideas in any kind of partnership. You are likely to be able to look at relationship issues with objectivity today.

Career is likely to be your main preoccupation today. Your relationships with others at work might not be easy and you may feel others are an obstacle to your progress. You might want to change things in some way and others could be resistant.

In romance and relationships, you may especially be drawn to someone who is on your intellectual wavelength and talking about how you feel may promote closeness and help a relationship to grow. There could be tension between members of your family today, or between your family and a partner or someone you are romantically interested in. You may feel torn both ways but, of course, the solution could be to find a way to be true to both and to your own feelings. It is possible that secret or hidden feelings could be more openly expressed, and this could make you feel more enthusiastic about romance and may bring you closer to someone. If you are single, you may feel powerfully attracted to someone you meet through a friend or in a group situation. If you are attached, you and your partner may enjoy mixing socially with friends or a group of people.

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Aries Daily Horoscope

Today could be a good day for buying, selling or making financial decisions, as your thinking is likely to be both imaginative and also based on clear practical values. 

You may be a powerful presence at work and you may find it relatively easy to get noticed or make an impact today. Your mind may be flowing with ideas projects that could be very profitable or help to conserve resources. You may also be able to make good practical use of a vast reservoir of personal and professional experience in any tasks you undertake. Your ideas are likely to be practical and you may enjoy a productive working day.

However, you may feel bored with the same old daily routine, especially at work and wish you could do something new, different or more adventurous that might stretch you more. You could find it easy to make changes and reforms, or to dismantle and rebuild something, as most of your co-workers are likely to be receptive to your vision and the change you bring about could help others. But there could be some differences in opinions and feelings about how work should be best done. This could cause tension and irritation between you and your co-workers. It may help to try to avoid letting this build into anger or confrontations. Instead, by looking at the needs and desires on all sides, you may be able to reach an understanding. If there are responsibilities to meet and things to be done, it may help to take a different philosophical approach of some kind to what you are doing do, even if you cannot make practical changes. If you look at the bigger picture, you might realise that the work you do may be more meaningful to other people and the wider world than you think.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope

You may want to express yourself and your ideas or beliefs with power and force. Venturing outside your usual everyday environment to different or unexplored places, or learning new things may help you to feel more confident about expressing yourself. Today you are likely to know your own mind and be able to express yourself very well, either verbally or through a creative medium. But you may also feel receptive to other people who can show you a new way of thinking and perceiving things.

Today, you may feel full of creative energy and ready to express yourself openly with power and force. But you may find this need clashes in some way with the necessity to make money and maintain financial security. In the work you do, it may seem that you are required to compromise your creative values for the sake of commercial success. However, an examination of what is behind both sets of needs may enable you to find an inventive solution to the problem. This could allow you to utilise your originality and creativity to some degree, while still enjoying financial gain.

If you are single, today you may have very deep feelings for someone, possibly someone you meet or know through your work. But you might not know how to express how you feel, or may fear getting a negative reaction. You may, therefore, feel like keeping your thoughts hidden or private. It may help to try to share what you can with the object of your affection, wait until you are sure of what you want to say and then choose your moment. The person may be more receptive to you than you think. Your conversations with others could have a playful quality. Talking and exchanging ideas with someone could help romance to blossom. If you are in a relationship, you and your partner may feel your practical responsibilities are limiting your ability to have fun and do things purely for enjoyment together.

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Gemini Daily Horoscope

In your home and family life, and in romance and personal relationships, you may enjoy deep close emotional bonds with others today. You may be in touch with your dreams and fantasies, but these could give rise to imaginative ideas and visions.

You might may feel at your happiest and most comfortable at home, or somewhere private, today. Talking to your family members may be inspiring. However, there could be something of a clash today between responsibilities in your home, or what your family need from you and your sense of who you are as a unique individual. You are likely to feel compelled to be your true self and not to fall back on old habit patterns and adhere to who you once were, or been conditioned to be in the past. The key may be to remain loyal to your family and to acknowledge the past and what you have inherited from your origins and history, but to also ensure that you do not have to compromise on the expression of your true, unique self, or bury and hide who you are.

Today, the weight of domestic responsibilities may also make it difficult for you to find time to have fun and leisure time, or get together with the person you would really like to be with. It may be beneficial to work on finding a balance between home or family responsibilities and other people who are important to you. You may only feel like half a person if you favour one at the expense of the other.

You may have powerful emotions which can be used positively in your work, especially in a business partnership or joint effort of some kind. You may be able to act as an effective force for change. You may choose to keep your business dealings hidden or secret.

Experiences you have had in the past may cast a shadow on your relationships today. You may benefit from confronting fears and worries that have their origin in the past, so you can deal with them, let them go, express yourself more freely and enjoy your relationships more.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope

You may be highly perceptive and able to intuitively see right to the heart of a matter, especially with someone else’s help. You are likely to speak your mind with power, force and emotional depth. Other may be very receptive to your ideas and the way you express them. Insights you receive from others may also make a deep impression on you. You are likely to think in a very imaginative and creative way today and to communicate in a way that others may find appealing. You may not be at your most objective, but you should be able to absorb information and understand it. You may especially enjoy talking and exchanging ideas with friends and groups of people you find interesting.

You may have imaginative ideas today and be inspired to action and achievement. However, while you may have very high ideals, you may not have as much actual energy as you imagine and you could be unsure of how to focus and direct your energy. You may have some differences of opinion with relatives or neighbours, and this could also be an obstruction to your getting things done. The key may be to use today to reflect further on the many ideas that may be flooding through your mind, until you fix on one that you can tackle head on. You may also need to rest and recharge your batteries at this time, too.

At work today, you may find other people stubborn and inflexible in their attitudes. You may feel that there need to be major changes of some kind, but others may seem too narrow-thinking or afraid to try anything new. It may help to talk things through with co-workers. It is possible they could be persuaded to take your advice, especially if you are able to show how your ideas may be more profitable.

If you are single, you are more likely to meet someone you feel attracted to in your everyday local environment. You may feel a deep connection with someone through conversation or communication. A meeting of minds could also bring romance. If you are attached, you may feel a deep level of closeness with your partner and may feel able to share your deepest thoughts with them.

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Leo Daily Horoscope

For you, today is likely to be all about expressing yourself, whether it is through your style and image, what you say and do or through creative activity. However, you might feel you do not have a strong enough sense of who you are to express yourself in the way would like to.

You could find your feelings about money or possessions is at odds with that of others and might find yourself having to defend your financial decisions. You may need to ensure that your activity with others does not lead you to become impulsive and overspend, or put your financial security at risk. But, this could be a good day for buying, selling or anything connected with your personal finances, as you are likely to make good, informed decisions based on clear values.

At work today, you are likely to be at your most inspired. You may use your personal power and talents to get work done and earn money today. You may be trying to make money from a creative outlet or spare time activity. By working hard, you are likely to accomplish a lot and earn well, especially through work which helps to bring about change or reform. Protecting the control you have over your own financial decisions may help you to profit from your work today. You are likely to have creative vision and an intuition for what will make an impact and be profitable. Work could be both emotionally and financially rewarding for you.

If you are single, you may feel attracted to someone but might feel reluctant to open up and show your feelings. This could be because you are not as confident as usual today and may underestimate you own worth.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

Travelling, learning, or opening your mind to new ideas and insights may feel emotionally rewarding today. Your thinking and communication are likely to be intuitive and you may be able to see things from a wide range of perspectives. You may express your feelings with power and force. A creative medium or a spare time activity may provide the opportunity for this.

However, you might tend to hide yourself away today, either at home or in any private place you can find. This could be because you lack confidence or feel unsure of yourself.  You may need to examine how your domestic life is practically managed in order to balance your domestic duties with your own personal needs. Or a family member may have some kind of problem or difficulty. Having your support may be very comforting to your family today.

You could clash, or find you have a difference of views with others, especially authority figures, at work today. You might find that the way you want to do things is at odds with someone else’s objectives. You may need to try to avoid getting into confrontations, but attempt to understand both positions and see if a compromise can be reached, in which you can stay true to yourself and your own emotional needs and professional ambitions.

If you are single, you may feel a magnetic attraction to someone with whom you feel you can be yourself and a deep, intense romantic connection may be likely.

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Libra Daily Horoscope

You may feel restless today, as if you want to do something different, but cannot decide what. There may be so many options that you feel overwhelmed and unable to choose between them. Or you may know what you would really like to do, but lack the energy, or feel uncertain about how to get started. Your mind may be very coloured by your feelings and your sensitivity to your environment. You may feel as if your immediate environment is uncomfortable or even threatening. Or you may not feel very receptive to other people’s ideas, perhaps finding them dull and unimaginative.

Today, you may be at your happiest at home, with family or in private. You may be imaginative and perhaps prone to daydreaming today, but your powerful dreams and fantasies may teach you a lot about your own hidden wishes and desires. This could inspire and empower you to make changes in your life to help you fulfil your emotional needs more effectively.

The ideals that you aspire to could also have a positive influence on your work today. The kind of perfection you visualise may not be completely attainable, but by using your imagination and vision and aiming for your ideals, you could achieve a lot in your career today. Especially if you pool your ideas with those of another person in a shared project or working partnership which brings a deep meeting of minds.

Personal relationships could be very deep and meaningful today. You may develop such a close, easy natural connection with someone that you feel able to share your innermost thoughts and dreams with them. This is likely to promote great closeness and intimacy.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

You are likely to express your ideas and opinions powerfully and forcefully today, especially when you are with friends or in a group situation. You may be able to advance your ideas more effectively when working as part of a group or collective. Being among friends, or others in a group you are part of, may bring you a strong sense of connectedness and also open you to new learning and experiences, today.  However, if you are among friends or in a group situation today, you might find that you and another person might share views or desires that are at odds with those of others. This could be a dilemma for you, because while you may feel strongly committed to your own position and the person who shares it, you may also feel a need to fit in with others, or the majority. It may help to look at both sides of any argument and try to find a compromise, while also protecting and preserving close alliances. By being sensitive to others’ feelings and motivations and pulling together, you may find an unusual or imaginative solution.

By talking and exchanging ideas with others, you could learn a lot. Today would be an excellent day for talking to someone about an important issue, making joint decisions and reaching a deeper understanding. This may bring you closer to someone and your relationship with them could grow and become more significant.

What you have and what you can acquire may be particularly important to you today. If you are among friends or in a group, you may find yourself at odds with them over opinions about money, buying and selling, possessions or property. You may feel that others are a drain on your resources or place limits on your financial security in some way. But, in order to find the right solutions and security for yourself, you may need to work out a way to work together or compromise with others.

You may feel a need to keep a relationship situation private, or defend your feelings and desires against outside interference.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

You are likely to be a powerful presence in your career and to be able to make money easily today, perhaps enough to make a significant difference to your financial security. Your clear, imaginative thinking and intuitive sense of the public mood, is likely to help you to achieve your goals. You may have imaginative ideas, about how to get things done and make work to run more smoothly or efficiently. And you may be able to capture the imagination of your co-workers and introduce your ideas in a gentle way that they are likely to be receptive to. You may be noticed for your imagination, sensitivity and caring nature. Your work could involve bringing about change and transformation in accordance with your own most deeply held values.

There could possibly be some tension in your relationships with others at work today. You may feel that you want or need to do things a certain way while someone else, perhaps an authority figure, requires something from you that you feel uncomfortable with. Or it may feel as if someone is putting pressure on you and disrupting the smooth flow of your work or career path. It may help to try to avoid getting into confrontations where neither side wants to back down. Instead, it may help to examine what both sets of needs might be and see if a compromise can be reached that is sensitive to both.

In your professional activity today, you may desire attention or reassurance from others or the public. But, whatever you do, you might find you cannot make the impression you would really like to. This could be frustrating. You may need to make changes of some kind, perhaps to your image that could enable you to make more of a powerful impact.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Today, you are likely to advance your ideas and beliefs with force and conviction. You may be in a philosophical mood, analysing yourself, information, events and experience and trying to find meaning. You are likely to be highly perceptive today and your experiences could be interesting and may teach you more about yourself.

You may want to escape your usual daily surroundings and routine, go somewhere new, or do different. You may be especially drawn to activities that seem fun and pleasurable, or anything that captures your imagination and gives scope for your creativity. However, while you may desire a change of scene, today might not be the most favourable time for travelling or making a journey. You could find yourself subject to delays or problems if you go too far outside your familiar environment. It may be easier to travel in the mind and your imagination is likely to be very active today. You might feel there is too wide a gap between your dreams or fantasies and reality. But this could be a favourable to work at giving practical or solid form to your own dreams and visions.

Today, you may feel a restless need to get away from the familiar everyday routine of work and domestic responsibilities and do something more engaging and exciting. This may, of course, not necessarily be possible. But you may be able to find a way to make your work exciting and engaging, perhaps by taking a different or original approach, or by working more closely with someone you don’t normally associate with may bring out something different in you.

Your conversation with others may be philosophical and meaningful today and you may feel you can really be and express yourself with someone. This could be positive for romance and relationships.

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