Daily Horoscopes 01-12-2016

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Today, you may feel a desire to identify with others and derive emotional security from a sense of belonging in friendships, teams or groups. However, you may also be aware of your need to be in control of your finances and security. You may need to take care to ensure that a friendship or group involvement does not lead you to give up something you have or compromise your emotional or financial security, or one for the sake of the other.

Talking to friends or associates about how you feel is likely to help you clarify any issues and make emotionally intelligent decisions.

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Pisces Daily Horoscope

Today you may want to be apply yourself to your work and career ambitions and feel a yearning to be noticed and recognised for your abilities. But you may need to ensure that you are projecting a true and honest image to others that is not too different from the person you really are. If you try to over stylize or glamorise yourself, this could backfire. You may not be deliberately trying to be deceptive, but may just not be seeing yourself clearly. You are likely to do just as well, if not better by being your true self.

If you can make sure that your ideas and plans are not over-idealistic, but realistic and practically achievable, you could achieve a lot today. This could be especially the case of your work efforts benefit others, or a larger cause, as well as yourself.

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Aries Daily Horoscope

You may think and dream big today. The problem is, your ideas may also be so idealistic that they are not practically achievable, especially since you may be somewhat lacking in energy and vitality. You may want to look at the big picture and turn your mind to big questions that are of profound importance. But this could take your attention away from important small matters and you may need to be careful you do not lose sight of important details.

However, you are likely to be very imaginative and this could be a very favourable day for working on plans that can be refined later. Your thinking could lack objectivity today, but you may be able to articulate your feelings well.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope

You may feel very sensitive to others’ needs and willing to give of yourself and what you have today. But you may need to ensure that others do not take advantage of your kindness and caring nature. This may not be a good day to enter into joint financial agreements.

You may feel there is a deep bond of friendship or something more intimate between yourself and another person. Or the nature of a friendship may seem to be changing and becoming something closer and more significant. But you may need to be careful that you are not seeing this because you want to, rather than because it is real. Communication may be the key to understanding the real feelings and motives of others.

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Gemini Daily Horoscope

You may have very good relationships with others in your professional life today and might feel you have found the right people to help you realise a dream, vision or ambition. But you may need to look carefully to make sure that this really is the case and that you are not just seeing what you want to see in others. Your mind may not be at its most rational and logical today. But your intuition may be reliable.

In personal relationships, you may be drawn to someone you see as mysterious, glamorous and alluring. Or you may feel that a relationship seems perfect. But you may need to ensure that you are not more engaged with your fantasies of how you really want things to be than with the reality of the situation.

Feelings may be more publicly and openly expressed and you may wear your heart on your sleeve. If you communicate as clearly as you can with others, misunderstandings could perhaps be avoided and the true nature of a relationship could be revealed.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope

At work, you may approach tasks, routines and projects with broad vision and lots of ideas. But you could be rather idealistic and may need to take care to ensure that your plans are realistic and practically possible. You may be aiming for an unattainable level of perfection in what you do.

You may enjoy talking and exchanging ideas with work colleagues and have a good rapport with them today. You may also find that attending to small tasks might take your mind off larger problems and worries.

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Leo Daily Horoscope

You may feel deeply drawn to another person today and want to form a romantic, creative or financial relationship with them. Or an existing partnership may seem to grow in closeness. But you may need to be careful that you do not perceive more closeness than there really is, because this is what you want to see.

Communication may be the key to sorting out what is real and imagined. You may be able to express yourself clearly, but may need to make sure you understand others’ motives as clearly as your own.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

In your home and family life today, you may feel you are being asked to sacrifice a lot to please others. But you are likely to be in giving mood and may do this gladly. However, you may need to ensure that you are not allowing yourself to be taken advantage of, or setting up a pattern of expectation that could become problematic later on. Communication may be the key to making your thoughts and feelings clear and avoiding misunderstanding.

You may find yourself looking back, reminiscing and thinking about the past today. This is a good time to understand how habit patterns, conditioning, inherited characteristics and anything that has its roots in the past might be affecting you in the present.


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Libra Daily Horoscope

At work today, there could be a clash between rational thinking and idealism. You may find a co-worker or superior has unrealistic expectations or impractical ideas. Your own thinking may be somewhat coloured by your emotions today, so you may find this irritating. But although you may not be at your most objective, you are likely to be able to resolve problems with a combination of sensitivity to others’ feelings and common-sense communication.

If you are travelling out and about in your local environment today, mysterious problems could occur that hinder the sooth running of journeys and communication. So you may need to be prepared to go with the flow and adapt to whatever happens.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

You may turn your attention to money and financial affairs today. You may be thinking particularly about how you use money to express yourself and derive pleasure form life. You may need to be careful not to be so focused on making an impression, entertaining others or having a good time that you overreach your budget and jeopardise your financial security. The same may apply to any romantic gestures you may feel tempted to make.

You may be able to use your creativity to make money today, especially if this involves verbal expression. Or you may have ideas today which, provided you ensure they are realistic and practically viable, could be profitable.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Today, one part of you may want to strongly express who you are as an individual and be in touch with your unique personal development. But there may be another side of you that may want to fall back on who you used to be and be influenced by old habits, conditioning and characteristics inherited from your family and ancestry.

While the past will always be part of who you are, you may need to let go of some old attachments that may be hindering your development as a unique individual. Talking to others about yourself and how you feel may help you to clarify the balance between the two.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

You may seem to be lost in a world of imagination, fantasy and daydreams today. This may make it difficult for you to think rationally and logically and this may not be the best day to make clear decisions or commitments of any kind. You may be submerged in the more subconscious side of your mind, but this could be a treasure trove of valuable imaginative ideas and vision. It may be beneficial for you to spend time alone to reflect and to allow yourself to dream. You may be able to give shape and form to your ideas at a later date.

You may be you may be very sensitive to others around you today and almost able to tap into their unspoken thoughts. Even though you may not feel clear on your own personal ideas and issues, you could be a good listener, or perhaps offer good advice to others.

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