Daily Horoscope 22 – 04 – 2018

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Today, you may feel at your most comfortable in your own neighbourhood or familiar everyday environment. But you might want to break free of your usual daily routine, shake things up a little and do something different. You may feel a need to do something more exciting than you do in everyday life. Talking and exchanging ideas with others, or travelling around your local area could bring excitement and the unexpected. Your feelings are likely to be strongly coloured by your emotions today and your actions and behaviour and emotional may be somewhat erratic, or different than usual.

Creating a balance between home life and relationships could be one of your main challenges, today. You may need to find a way to do things differently from how you have in the past. There might be parts of your nature that have been hidden from view which you now want to bring out. You could become aware of hidden facets of your own character by perceiving them in someone else and want to integrate these into your own self-expression.

In your work, you may feel torn between wanting to do things the way they are always done, or which you know works well and implementing an exciting new initiative or vision that you have. However, if you do choose the latter, you could find your plans are not yet clear or fully formed, or that you might have rushed into things. While it may be important not to neglect your imagination and vision, perhaps sticking to routine ways of getting things done efficiently is likely to enable you achieve more more positive results at work. Your ideas and plans could be at odds with those of your co-workers. You may want to break free of your usual work routine, or feel a need for greater flexibility. You might want to take a different approach to your work, while others may seem to prefer to stick to traditional thinking and tried and tested ideas they feel comfortable with. You may not get the credit for any part of your work even if this is a success. Or you might feel others at work want to force change upon you that you see as disruptive. But, deep down, change could be what you require, even if you are not aware of it.

At work, you could have intense feelings that you might struggle to keep hidden. This may possibly hinder your ability to work practically and efficiently. Your sensitivity to your environment could also be heightened and you may pick up on powerful feelings and undercurrents around you at work. The best way to approach work today might be to work quietly behind the scenes or somewhere on your own, if possible, where you can focus more deeply and get things done without interruption or distraction. Left to your own devices, your work could have a powerful impact and you may be able to act as a force for change and reform that helps others. Or you may be able to act on your vision to make changes in your routine, approach or even your field of work that could enable you to work and serve in the way that is most authentic for you.

If you are single, you may feel hesitant to show your feelings for someone. But another person might encourage you to be more open about how you feel. If you are attached, opening up and sharing your feelings with your partner and being receptive and willing to listen to them do the same could be the key to happy relationships.

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Pisces Daily Horoscope

One dilemma for you today could be whether to insist on the freedom to express yourself, or whether to compromise this in order to fit in with others. You may want to be part of a group, team or collective and might feel under pressure to fall in with the majority view. But you might also feel a compulsion to be yourself and not bend to someone else’s will. Your feelings could be at odds with those of others and you might prefer to be yourself and express yourself the way you want to. However, you might need to be part of the group to achieve an objective. Your challenge today could be to avoid outbursts or confrontations and find a solution to this dilemma. It could be that you are a more powerful force when you are joined together with others. But, ideally any group you identify with should leave you plenty of scope for your own creativity and self expression.

Today, you are likely to feel a desire for excitement and a good time. This could be a very enjoyable day, but you may need to take care not to make impulsive financial decisions or to spend money recklessly with money. You might want to express yourself in a new exciting way and may want to spend money on changing your image or showing the world how different, unconventional or creative you are. You may want to be free to have fun and pursue excitement through leisure or spare time activities. But you might also have to work and earn or take care of your finances and protect your resources. Your challenge today could be to express yourself and have a good time, but in a way that is comfortably within your means.

New ideas you have or come into contact with today, especially at work, could change the way you express yourself. You may also have ideas and plans you want to implement that are designed to enable you to get things done more efficiently. But your co-workers might not agree with all your notions. Good communication may help you to come up with a compromise. You are likely to have a hard-working but potentially productive day at work.

You may want to go out and get what you want today, and this could apply to romance. Although, relationships might need to allow enough room for freedom, independence and individual expression, as well as emotional sharing. If you are single, there might be an opportunity for you to make a deep romantic connection with someone you meet via a friend or group situation. You could be attracted to someone who is strikingly unusual in some way, or very different from yourself and who seems exciting. But people and situations may be erratic and changeable today You might also need to guard against a tendency to act impulsively or hastily in romance. You may need to beware a tendency to be possessive with the object of your affection. But today could be a good time to show someone how much you value them.

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Aries Daily Horoscope

If you are in a public setting, today, you may need to take care not act impulsively or rashly and allow something you would prefer to keep private to erupt and gain unwanted public attention. The past could exert a powerful pull on you today and there might something you need to let go of in order to move on, cleansed and renewed and free to pursue your ambitions and goals. You might have a sense of breaking free of old habit patterns or conditioning.

You might feel a restless desire to break free of your domestic routine, get out and about and do something exciting and different. There could be emotional unrest, disruption or rebelliousness in your home or among family members. Or the demands of domestic life may clash with your own need to be free to do what you want to do..You might want to be at home, with your family or in a private place where you can feel calm and tranquil. You could choose to make changes of some kind to your home, especially if this enables you to stamp more of your own individual identity on it.

However, there could also be an opportunity for you to use your energy to make something exciting happen in your career. This may mean being more engaged in the outer, public world. Finding a balance between work and home life could be something of a challenge for you today, but you may benefit from trying to accommodate your needs in both these areas.

In your professional life. you might feel compelled to make changes. These are likely to reflect inner changes and your desire to be release your hidden and untapped potential. You might choose to examine your financial position more closely today. You could be surprised at how driven you are to make money at the moment. But the main underlying desire may be your need to know you are secure. You are likely to want to take time out from working and earning and do something more fun and playful, but might not have as much time for this as you would like. But by attending to financial and material concerns, you are more likely to be able to enjoy the fun side of life. You could make money today through something creative or expressive.

You are likely to feel confident in yourself today, but also down to earth. If you are single, you may find others will find this balance in your character attractive.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope

Today, you may feel comfortable moving around in your local environment and sticking with what you know and tried and tested ideas. But there could also be another part of you that wants to go further and to expand your knowledge. Your challenge today might to find a balance between a healthy desire to expand and a rash, impulsive need to go too far too soon. You may be in a thoughtful mood today and your thinking is likely to be influenced by your emotions. You could feel a powerful desire to travel either physically to new places, or in the mind. Your mind might feel ready to expand beyond its current parameters and to explore new ideas concepts and new learning. Your beliefs and philosophical ideas could be changing too.

You may be very sensitive to your environment today and could tend to pick up on the moods and feelings of others in your surroundings, absorbing them like a sponge. Feelings, thoughts and impressions you pick up from others might become confused with your own and there is a possibility you could become emotionally overwhelmed. It may be helpful to try to avoid being around people who are expressing negative emotions. There could be misunderstandings in your communications with others. Or local travel, conversations and information might bring the unexpected, or have an unusual quality, today. This may not be a good day for making rational decisions, as your thinking may be somewhat erratic and strongly influenced by your own feelings and moods. But you are likely to be highly imaginative today. And your sensitivity could take the form of compassion and empathy. You might choose to put your own feelings and needs aside today to help others. You may even be able to help bring about change of some kind that might help other people or serve a larger cause.

One part of you may want to express yourself with power. But another part of you might want to hide yourself away, or stay private. The key to getting the best out of today could be a happy balance between the two. You may want to spend time in private with those closest to you. Home and family life could be important to you today and might give you a sense of identity. You may want to do something to your home to stamp your own unique identity on it.

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Gemini Daily Horoscope

Today you could feel your life has got out of control or you might have lost sight of your original purpose and begun drifting off course. Imaginative ideas and visions may be flooding into your mind and you could benefit from time alone to develop these until they are fully formed. Talking to others or just spending time among other people and absorbing ideas from them may kick-start your own thinking and enable you to find greater clarity.

You might feel the need to spend time with friends or among a group of people that you can feel part of. But you could find your values clash with those of your friends, or the majority of others in a group. You may want to break way from a group or rebel against it, especially if you feel it restricts your freedom or independence. You could have differences with others over money, property or material possessions today. Or you might feel that being part of a group, while it may bring excitement and adventure, could place too many demands on your resources, or threaten your financial security. You may need to take care not to be reckless and take risks with money or to overspend, especially if influenced by others. This might not be the best day for making financial decisions or purchases, as your values may not be steady and consistent. You could make choices today that you may regret in days to come. The way to get the best out of today may be to join with friends or a group of people, focus on those common values that unite you with others and do something exciting and stimulating together that is within your means.

This could be a day when you may prefer to handle money, be self-sufficient and make financial decisions in your own way. There could be differences between yourself and another person today concerning something you jointly own or a dispute about who something rightfully belongs to. But you could find you have the opportunity to achieve more by allowing someone else to give you financial support or by entering into joint financial arrangements. Your decision might need to be a compromise between the two. However, you may need to take care to ensure that you do not make rash or impulsive decisions, or jeopardise your own financial security.

In your professional activity, y work could involve something unusual or unconventional, or you might choose to take a different approach in some way. Or your work may enable you to act as a force for change or reform that could help other people’s financial situation as well as earn you money. Your originality and inventiveness might help you to make money. You might feel intensely driven to make money and are likely to put your whole self into your work. Your potential to earn and generate resources for yourself and others could be powerful today. You may be at your most potent in work and business when you join together and combine your efforts with another person, or a group of people with whom you can come up with good, imaginative ideas. However, it might also be a good idea to try to make financial decisions that allow you to be independent and in charge of your own work.

If you are attached, you may need to watch out for a temptation to be possessive with your partner. But this could be an excellent time to show them how much you value them. If you are single, you might feel powerfully attracted to someone you meet through work or business. A passionate connection could be possible, but their values could differ from your own. You might need to take care not to be coerced into overspending by someone while pursuing a good time in a relationship.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope

Today, you could feel a need to express yourself to the world in a new and radically different way that marks you out from others and emphasizes your uniqueness. You might want to appear exciting and unconventional, or even shocking and may seem unusual, even to those who know you. You could grow impatient, frustrated and irritable with anyone or anything that you feel is hampering your progress in life. You might want to show the world what a free spirit you are and could be drawn to public events that promise excitement and new experiences.

However, you may also feel a need to join with friends, or a group of people others and share activity with them, but your need to conserve your financial resources could feel a little inhibiting. You might need to find a compromise. This may mean changing your habits, but you are likely to be able to do this today and still remain a powerful presence in any gathering of people. You could even lead the way in group involvement, today.

You could be torn between your own individual emotional needs and your desire to be with others. Or what others seem to demand from you might seem to require that you compromise your own feelings too much. You are likely to be feeling quite sensitive and emotionally open today. For this reason, you could find other people seem too forceful, powerful or ruthless for you to feel comfortable around them. This could especially be the case in relationships. Or you might feel as if others want to try to change you. This may, however, not really not be their intention. You may just perceive them that way because their natural expression contrasts with the comparatively mild and gentle manner you may approach the world with today. Your challenge today may to find a balance between getting what you need and protecting your relationships with others by being unselfish enough to give them what they need. You might feel impatient or irritated in your interactions with others, but should perhaps try to avoid getting into the kind of confrontations where neither will back down. It is important that any compromise leaves you room to express yourself and your own feelings. However, you may make a powerful impression on others, especially in romance and personal relationships.

At work, you are likely to feel compelled to do things your way. You might want to break with the usual routine and take a different approach or direction. You may also want more independence freedom, flexibility and autonomy in your work. However, you could meet some resistance, especially from those in authority. Or you might be ready for change in your professional life. But this may not be the best time to make rash or impulsive decisions or changes, as how you feel today might not be consistent with how you will feel in a day or two. You could be able to act as a force for change or reform in your work. You may be noticed for your originality and inventiveness, though you might need to take care to avoid trying to appear different just for the sake of it. You might work hard for what you earn today, and could, perhaps, achieve more by working as part of a group or team. Your imagination and sensitivity is likely to help you make progress towards achieving your goals and increase your earning power.

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Leo Daily Horoscope

Today, you may feel a great need to be free and to do something different. You may feel impatient with restraint, duties and responsibilities and might rebel against anything that feels restrictive or routine. You could seek excitement trough travel to unusual places, learning new subjects. You may be able to act as a force for change or reform that helps others, or serves a charitable cause. If you are not owning up to your need for change, you might perceive other people or situations that hint that bring the threat of change as disruptive.

You could feel a sense of emotional unrest and want to make changes in your life, but you might not be sure quite what it is you are looking for, or which of many possibilities you want to pursue. You may need to bear in mind that your feelings today could be fleeting and might not last. You could be immersed in daydreams and fantasies today, as if yearning for an ideal or an image of perfection that is, of course, probably unattainable. But you may also be faced with more mundane practical everyday tasks and responsibilities that require your energy and attention. You might wish you could avoid work and the necessities of life, but by putting your efforts into these things, you could learn that you have the power to create a bit of attainable, earthly perfection for yourself in ordinary everyday life.

However your sensitivity and empathy could be heightened. You might be strongly attuned to other people’s feelings and needs and may feel selfless in your desire to help them, care for them and offer them your support. You are likely to express yourself well verbally and communicate in an emotive way that could sway others’ opinions, today. You might act as a powerful force for change, but your efforts are more likely to be used in service of a cause that benefits others rather than for yourself. And what you do today could make a difference.

In your career, you are likely to shine, today and could achieve recognition from authority figures or the public. Creative power and authority you didn’t know you had in you may be emerging and you could feel as if you are coming out of the shadows. But you may need to ensure that you do not create a public image that is too different from the more private person you are inside. While you might not want every aspect of your life to be on public view, you may need to ensure that the way you project yourself to the world is true and authentic. You are likely to find it easier and more emotionally satisfying to be yourself in the eyes of the world.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

Today you may feel a need to stretch yourself, flex your personal power and become more than you are. The only thing that could hold you back is self doubt or uncertainty about what you need from life. Exploring new places beyond your familiar territory, meeting different people and opening yourself to fresh experiences could help you to overcome any lack of confidence and to clarify your needs and feelings.

Although you might want to express yourself directly and forcefully, you could feel unable to do so, because of a need to be sensitive to friends or others in a group situation. You may feel an emotional attachment to the group and a need to belong within it,even though needs of the majority clash with your own. You might feel irritated, but it may be beneficial to try to avoid confrontations and try to find a way to be part of the group while still remaining true to yourself.

In your more personal, relationships with others today, you might feel you want to focus on what you share with others and what unites you with them. But in friendships and any groups you are part of, you could find yourself differing with the majority and may want to break away from others or rebel against the collective position. However, you might need to take care not to be different or contrary for the sake of it. In any of the relationships and association in your life, there may need to be both scope for a profound sense of connection and room for you to feel able to be free and independent. Your friends and groups of people you associate with today are likely to have a profound influence on you and might seem to change the way you see and express yourself. You might feel you become someone else when you are with particular people that you could not otherwise be. It may actually be that others are reflecting back to you parts of your own nature that have been, so far, hidden or unexpressed. So being around others might be very beneficial for you today, as your interaction with them could help you to release your own untapped potential.

This might not be the best day for business dealings, or for making decisions about money. This is because your feelings and values could be at odds with those of others. Working together with others as a team may be difficult, as your differences might seem more marked than your common values. But effort to work together with others could be what is likely to pay off most today.

If you are single, you could experience a powerful attraction to someone you meet via a friend or in a group setting. Or a relationship with a friend may take on a new level of significance or intensity. You may feel drawn to someone who is different, exciting and unusual or unconventional. Closeness and intimacy might be possible, but people and situations could be inconsistent, unreliable or subject to change. If you are in a relationship, you may need to take care not to place too much demand on your partner or relationship to live up to your need for intensity or excitement. The key to closeness and intimacy could lie in being yourself and allowing yourself and your partner to be playful. You might enjoy doing something different together, perhaps in the company of friends or a group of people. But if you mix socially as a couple, you could find you both get on well with some of each other’s friends and associates but possibly clash with others.

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Libra Daily Horoscope

Today, you may find your individual values differing from those of your friends or a group today and could find it difficult to feel aligned with others. Yet you might still feel a need to be part of the collective or group in order to feel a sense of belonging. The key may be to try to work out what your common values are and concentrate on these. You could also make new friends or allies today and associating with them might help you to discover more about yourself.

Home and family life may seem to demand a lot of your attention today and this could clash with your need to get things done at work. Your challenge might be to find a balance your professional and personal life that accommodates both.

You may feel a need to pursue your career ambitions and to gain attention and recognition from others or the public. But you might also feel a strong desire to be at home with your family. Or there could be activity at home or tension within the family that you need to attend to. Today’s main challenge is likely to be finding the right balance between your professional or public role and your domestic or private life. Although home life should not be neglected, your work is likely to bring you an opportunity to shine today. This could give you a feeling of power and worth.

At work today, you are likely to be a force to be reckoned with. You may approach your career activity with powerful ambition, determination and a strong sense of purpose. You might want to break with routine or tradition and make changes in your approach or direction at work. But you could meet resistance from co-workers, or possibly from a hidden or unexpected source. Your relationships with others at work, especially authority figures, may be somewhat difficult and erratic. You may see others as standing in the way of your doing something exciting and making an impact in your work. You may have to take on board other people’s arguments and might need to persuade people of the value of changing things in the way you would like to. Or you might want to break away from a job you see as boring or restrictive. But you may need to take care not to act impulsively. People and situations could be unpredictable and changeable today.

Relationships with others could be quite intense today. Your differences with others could seem just as apparent as what you share or have in common with them. You might need to take care to ensure that any problems or differences between yourself and others issues do not erupt in public, or get more noticed by others than you intended. You are likely to feel a need for space, freedom and independence in relationships and may want to break free of any relationship that seems restrictive. But you might need to take care not to act impulsively, as the way you feel today may not be consistent with how you feel in a day or two. If you are single, you could be attracted to someone exciting who you may meet through your work, or at a public event If you are single, you may find it easier to bond with someone among friends or in a group setting. If you are in a relationship, you might feel particularly close to your partner. However, if you mix socially as a couple, you could find you both get on well with some of each other’s friends and associates but might possibly clash with others.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Today, you may want to leave behind your everyday environment, routine and escape any mundane task and responsibilities in favour of excitement and the new. You may feel a desire to go somewhere different in search of fresh experiences today. You could have a powerful desire to go further, exceed your limits and explore new possibilities. But your energy might be required to attend to more familiar matters in your usual everyday environment. This could make you feel irritated or restless. However, you might not need to abandon everything you normally do. You could be able to make your regular daily routine more exciting and stimulating by making some adjustments to it. Or you may be able to strike a balance between what you have to do and what you want to do. it may be possible to find a compromise in which you get to do a bit of both. It is probably outside your usual everyday environment that you might feel more able to be yourself.

You might want to think big and look at the overall picture. Your vision is likely to be broad, but you could tend to overlook small or practical details. You may have this pointed out to you by others, and you could feel they are being petty or pedantic. You could grow impatient with anyone who seems to represent established ideas and traditional methods. It may be best to try to avoid confrontations over differing ideas, beliefs or philosophies.

In your work and career activity, you may feel bored or impatient with the usual routine of work and might want to make changes or do something different. You may want to break away from work altogether and do something you see as more exciting. Or you may want to work on a bigger or broader scale and could have grand plans. You may want to shine and do things your way. But your feelings and motivations might differ from those of co-workers or authority figures. You could meet some resistance from co-workers, who may feel you are over-ambitious or might be overlooking important details in your plan. This could place something of a strain on some of your professional relationships. If you try to find a way to co-operate and compromise with others while staying as true as possible to yourself you may be able to improve relations in your career environment. Your challenge today could be to work out how to make your work more interesting and exciting and to feel you are growing and developing professionally, while also getting things done efficiently and remaining secure in your job.

If you are in a personal relationship, you may feel that any differences between you and your partner show more publicly than you would like. You might need to take care to avoid emotional displays in public. If you are single, you could feel drawn to someone you meet through your work, or someone who might be able to help you advance in your career.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Today, you are likely to pursue whatever brings you fun, excitement and pleasure. Hobbies and spare time activities, especially something that is new and different to you. You may be drawn to unusual or unconventional activities, or creative endeavours that allow you to emphasize your uniqueness.

There could be a conflict between your desire to have what you want and your need to share with others. Or there may be a difference of opinion about something you jointly own with anther person. You could be torn between wanting to accept financial help or support, or entering into a joint financial or business arrangement and feeling a strong desire to be financially self-sufficient and independent. But you may be able to find a compromise that allows you to receive help or to share something while not compromising your own values too much. You might feel you will lose yourself if you enter into a joint or shared agreement. You or someone else might want to change something about a joint financial arrangement. You may need to try to ascertain what your shared values are and find a decision based on these.

Wherever you are today, you might wish you could be somewhere more interesting, exploring new, more inspiring things. This could especially be the case at work. You may feel that the tasks of the day do not stretch you enough, or make you feel enthusiastic or fully involved. Your challenge today could be to find a way to express yourself more through your work, so that you can feel more whole. In the work you do, you are likely to be at your most creative and expressive. But you may have creative differences or disagreements with associates or business partners over the financial side of business. There could be differences between the way you want to do things and the feelings of fellow workers or business partners. You may need to try to develop common values you can agree on. If this is not possible, you may consider making changes in your working arrangements with others. This might not be the best time for business deals as people and situations could prove to be unpredictable and changeable. But this may be a good day for putting effort into working together with others on a creative project that is designed to make all of you money. Merging your own situation with another’s could prove to be very creative and profitable.

Romance and relationships may prove to be deep and intimate, but could bring the unexpected. People and situations might be erratic and unpredictable. You might need to guard against feelings or acts of jealousy or possessiveness. But intense attraction and great closeness could be possible. If you are single, you could be intensely attracted to someone who seems exciting and different. You may feel powerfully attracted to someone who is likely to have a profound effect on you and could change you and your life. How this works out might depend on how receptive you are to change. You may want to keep things playful and non-serious and might want to avoid any relationship that seems to compromise your individual freedom of expression. If you are attached, feelings could be unpredictable and erratic today. You and your partner could seem to differ in terms of what you need from a relationship. One of you may want emotional depth, closeness and commitment, while the other might want fun, excitement and a degree of independence. If this is the case, you may need to work to find a compromise that suits you both. You may need to watch out for feelings of jealousy or possessiveness. But, essentially, you and your partner are likely to be sensitive to each other’s needs and to enjoy a deep level of closeness.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Today your emotions are likely to be very powerful and intense today and this might affect your relationships with others. You may need to be careful not to say something rashly or hastily, perhaps in an emotional outburst, that, once said, could deeply wound someone or change things in a negative way. You might feel you need other people and want to please them, but you could also feel a strong desire to assert your own power, be independent and do what you want to do. You may feel irritated by others who seem to stand in the way of your own desires, but may need to try to avoid confrontations and find a compromise. While it is important that you get to assert your individuality when appropriate, it could be by interacting with others today that you can shine and gain a strong sense of self.

You may feel a desire to get out of the house, break free of what you might see as a restrictive domestic routine and do something you find more exciting with other people. Or home and family life could bring the unexpected. There may be changes or disruption in your home or among family members. Or you might feel compelled to make changes to your home, which could reflect a desire to leave the past behind. However, you may need to take care not to be overly impulsive in making changes, as how you feel today could be different from how you might feel in a couple of days time.

There could also be changes of some kind in your working relationships, financial relationships, business partnerships or links to anyone with whom you jointly own money, possessions or property. This may take the form of a decision to separate or merge to a greater extent.

Romance and relationships could be exciting but may also be unpredictable, today. If you are single, you could feel powerfully attracted to someone who might make you feel different or offer you change, of some kind. This could be positive if you feel receptive to change. A relationship could be the catalyst for putting difficult memories or past experiences behind you and moving on. You might be drawn to someone exciting who seems to awaken something in you that has been hidden or buried for some time. Or hidden feelings may come to light which radically change your relationship with someone. You may alter your approach in looking for a partner. If you have been in the habit of seeking casual fun relationships, you might feel a desire to pursue something more serious. Conversely if, in the past, you have been overly intense in relating to others, you could decide to keep things lighter. But people and situations might be changeable.

If you are in a relationship, you may experience a clash of wills or a power struggle with your partner. But your feelings for each other are likely to be deep and passionate. You may want to get out and about and do something different with your partner, but you might need to take care not to put too much pressure on your relationship to satisfy your need for excitement. If you need to make changes in a relationship, today could be a time when this could be possible. But you might need to take care not to initiate more change than is necessary, based on feelings which could be fleeting and may not last. If you are in a relationship that has been stifling your individuality, you may feel you need to address this and make more room for you to express yourself. You may initially feel you need to maintain some space and freedom to be yourself, as well as someone’s partner. Or if the relationship has been more of a casual one, you and your partner might progress to a new level of closeness and commitment.

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