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Free Mini Reading - September 2018

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It’s here again! Your chance to get a free mini psychic or tarot reading from our readers. Simply post your question below and within a day or so, one of our readers will answer your question.

Please remember, these are only mini readings… so don’t ask dozens of questions and expect a reply to them all. The readers who answer are all available to speak with on the phones should you need anything clarifying.

Please also remember the rules - do not ask for medical or financial advice… we cannot answer those.

Anything else - please ask away! Have a great week 🙂

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166 questions on "Free Mini Reading - September 2018"


Will my ex attempt to make a return?

    Lynne Taylor

    Sorry Paula I only get endings with this. Time to let go and make new plans.


Gene 7/19/1956 left me will he come back to me?

    Lynne Taylor

    Hi Debra. Sorry for your situation. Gene appears to be with someone else right now and I don't see that changing at the moment. Focus your energy on you and making a future for yourself without him. Give yourself time to mourn the loss of the relationship and heal. Good luck.


There is this guy I like at my school and his name is eriq I want to know if he likes me and I also feel like we’re soulmates -jasmine 💓😍

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I feel that the attraction is more on your side and that at the moment he is only really interested in his education.


Will my babyfather finally break up with his girlfriend that forced us to separate and created all these problems for us, as of now She still creating problems for us .

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My cards tell me that there will not be a break up with the current lady in his life or a possible reunion with you I am afraid.


Will I get back with my ex and what's his current head space concerning me.

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My cards say there is a chance that your ex will return. There is a lot of conflict around him at the moment and he feels angry. He does think about you and eventually wants a fresh start with you.


Hi, I'm in love with Kevin dob 11/8/54. My dob is 11/27/56. How does he feel about me? When will he contact me?

    Lynne Taylor

    Thank you for your question Valerie. At this time Kevin is not thinking about romance and relationships. Sorry but I don't see any contact in the near future.


Hi there. Please can you tell me if there will be romance in my life before the year ends. Thank you x

    Lynne Taylor

    Thank you for your question Susanah. I assked whay you need to do in order for love to find you before the end of the year. Simply put, stop focusing your thoughts on it as that is creating an energetic obstacle. Clear your mind of any thoughts on romance. Be happy as you are and it will find you.


Hello. I wanted to know how much longer it will take until Derek returns home to me? I’ve worked hard on this, and try to overcome the feeling of defeat over this but it is difficult with no tangible evidence to go on. I know he will come it’s just when. Thanks ever so much for reading for me and any answer I get back. Blessings and love to all.xx

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My cards tell me he is coming back and quite soon. Around the Scorpio time October/November.


How does nick feel about me?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My cards say he is keen. An eager beaver. He feels there is potential but is afraid it won't go anywhere. His emotional history has created blockages. Be patient and reassure him.


me and the man I was involved with haven't spoken in around 1 month due to a falling out. Will he in anyway try to sort this out or contact me? Xx

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My cards say he will come back to you but at the moment he is not in the right frame of mind. Bear with him.


Will my ex 4.10.87 come back to me?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum and it indicated no in answer to your question.


Are we doing the right thing and will we win ?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum and it answered yes with regard to your question.


Does I.J. wish to break contact, and should I do so? Will she remain with her new friend? Rob

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My pendulum says no, there will be no break in contact a connections will be severed with the new friend.


Should I stay with the job I am currently with or is it time to move on

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My pendulum says yes, stay in your current job for now. Timing isn't right for moving on.


I can't stop thinking about someone called darin will we meet up again he was seeing his ex


When will I be happy? And when will I meet my soul mate

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    There is new romance coming in during the Scorpio time. October/November. The cards tell me that you could meet this person while traveling on on a trip away or the could be traveling when your paths cross. There is also and indication that you will have more than one admirer. There was nothing to suggest a soul mate connection as yet but it doesn't mean there can't be one.


Hello, will Richard and I be together soon, and form a real relationship. Thank you

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My pendulum says yes there will be a proper relationship between you both.


Hello i would like to know if my love and I will recommit? I am living with him right now and we live as a couple but there is no commitment. And I wander if there is someone else. My name is Josie my dob, is 12/17/1974 And my loves dob is 8/6/1971.

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My pendulum says no, you won't reconnect with your love. Also, it tells me that he doesn't have anyone else at the moment.


I have been talking to a man online named Ben for sometime and he supposedly has had several bad things happen over the months. I was wondering if this is something I should continue investing in or move on from as I feel I've had lots of "bad luck" since meeting him. He asks me to remain positive and says things will change soon. Can you tell me what you see please?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum and it indicated no in relation to your question. It also indicated that things will not change and that you maybe investing in something that is going nowhere. Time to move on and find something more rewarding.


Hi my name is Dorcas , born 10th February 1995 and I am dating Williams born on 5th September 1989. Do we have a future together?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum and it indicated yes, you do have a future together.


will my ex come back to me

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum and it indicated yes, your ex will return.

Anaja Rose

When Will I See Jaz In Person ? If Denise Could Answer Thanks

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum and it indicated yes, you will see Jaz in November.


Will my relationship with my ex Lee workout if we get back together

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum and it indicated no, you will not get back together I am afraid.


Will I move house, if so, when will this happen? Thank you.

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum and it indicated yes, you will move house. It also gave me the early months of 2019 as a possible time for moving.


I've gone through a lot of ups & downs with my fiance of 10yrs. Things are so bad, we can't communicate without arguring. I met someone else & there's mutual attraction but nothing serious now. Do you see things work out with my fiance (July 10, 2023) or things moving forward with the new guy (July 6, 2023). Thank you.

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My cards say that things will work out with your fiance. Keep the other connection to a friendship only.


What does my 2019 starting to look like... Career, Home, Education, Finances, Family?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    2019 has emotional new beginnings. Improvements around work. There could also be a change of location for you as well. It is a year of changes and all of them are positive.


Hi. Is my ex MR P making an attempt to cone back to me? Mirium


How will it take for my boyfriend to finally open up to me and tell me how he really feels? I know he loves me I feel it I just want to hear it from him. Thank you!

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My pendulum says yes, he will open up to you and sooner than you think.


Will I eventually get over my ex? I feel as though he has roots on me .

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    You will get over your ex. You need to let go of your past and focus on your future. Love yourself first and true happiness will follow naturally.


(relationship)hi my name is fatima date birth 27/november 1994 i would like to ask if Ashley 11 january 2023 is hiding his feeling from me and if he will ever open up?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My cards tell me that he may open up but it could take some time. I feel he may be a little shy. Be patient.


If I put in for apartment do you see me moving in and if so when? thanks you.

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I see you will get an apartment but it may not be until late January to early February that it happens.


Do you feel me and my ex T Sagg will have commouncaion soon if so when? me 12121980

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    You will hear from him. I feel there could be a face to face meeting around early October.


Not long broke up with ex but we kept in touch. Not heard from him for 2 weeks now - has he met someone else.?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My cards indicate that he may have met or at least have an interest in someone else.


Shall I call him?


Me 03/03/1987~My ex~15/05/1972. Will we ever be a family again and will he love me loyally for an eternity? Will he ever return from abroad? :(


Hi, will I find someone special soon..or will I find love again with my ex partner


Will my child's father ever commit to me?


Will I get married to Stevie as I feel that he is my soulmate?

Michelle White

Hi can you tell me if the gorgeous guy I walked past who was working on a building site who flashed me a smile is anyway connected to my future, I don't know him but he felt familiar to me thanks love and light 😇♥️😇

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My pendulum says no but he could look similar to the person coming. Possibly a past life recognition.


Please can you tell me if there is a relationship in my near future. I seem to meet time wasters and Am giving up Thanks Jayne xx

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    Yes, either an Earth sign or a Fire sign around the Capricorn time, December/January. This could lead to commitment and marriage.


When will johnathan and i commit...we have both confessed our love


Hello I'm Hamerah 08/13/1999 and I want to know if my crush Cameron dunwell wall have feelings for me? 11/13/1999


Am h .10 09 74. Will I get marrieed to Alex 31.03.79? Or chris 10 07 69?

tracey leverton

Will mickey howley and his partner jacky vinter break up soon and will he get in a relationship with me so we can be happy

    Lynne Taylor

    The simple answer is no! Rather than pin hopes of happness on someone's relationship breaking up turn your focus to meeting new, unattached people.


Hi will my ex come forward, fasail 16/06/2023 and if yes when do you see that happening?

ashwaria khan

My dob 21/06/2023 when will I meet my soul mate? And get married?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My pendulum says that you could meet your marriage partner in 2019.


Doe my ex girlfriend Angela think about me some time?


I recently found great interest in this guy name Roderick 06/14/1990.. when we are together everything seems great but when we're not my mind seems to wonder in the wrong direction about him.. can you tell me if there is something major he is keeping from me? Is the interest in one another mutual?

    Lynne Taylor

    Thank you for your question. Being interested in someone is not the same as being in love with them which can clarify why you mind wonders. I dont' see him keeping anything from you that you should know. Right now it looks like your interest in him is diffferent to his in you. If you have more questions do give one of us a call.


I can sense when D is about to text me and I've had dreams about him a few times. One of them, I confirmed that we were both dreaming of the same thing the same night. Are we spiritually connected?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    Very definitely connected spiritually. Communication on the astral plane...awesome.


Hi, I wanted to know do u see me having a serious relationship and if so when?


will my husband always be faithful to me


will my husband always be faithful to me now that I’m pregnant


Do I have a real future with Paul or not?


When will things change for the better

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    You will begin to see small positive changes in December which get better as you move into 2019


I have romantic feelings for two women. One is a neighbor of mine, born on January 17th 1981 and the other is a former friend who I had a falling out with born on October 1st, 1988. I was born on February 5th, 1980. Will either of these two women give me a chance at a romantic relationship in the near future?


Will me and the wife get back together as normal or is it all over and need to move on?


Will i ever find true love.

dawn 2034

When will me and my ex partner get back together


Mark really upset me. I've blocked him and don't want any contact with him. Is this the right thing to do


Hello please i gb like to make me fertily to get pregnant can you please tell me when the go start fertily if you can tell me if i gone have boy or girl my date of birh is 20 .2 1995 thnak you

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I am not allowed to answer questions of this nature. Company protocol and policies prevent me.


Will i find a life partner soon?


Will Amanda and I get back together soon?


Does Brandon love me I’m starting to give up on him with us. My dob is 09/30/89 his birthday is 11/7/87

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    Brandon likes you a lot but doesn't love you at the moment, but that will change down the line.


If so, When will my husband come back home to live/or face what’s going on


Will I find happiness?


What are Sean's true feelings for me ?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    Sean likes you a lot but there is no "love" there at the moment.

Janet Anforth

Hi does he regret leaving the family home? X


Is my girlfriend cheating on me with a woman or man


What are Sam's intentions with me?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My pendulum very his intentions are honourable and he will commit.


Whom is going to be in my future love wise?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I see that the Aquarius time is promising for you. A lot of things going on with regard to love. Travel and adventure as well.


Do you see any positive changes with the relationship between me and my ex? (Baby’s father)


09/01/2023 is he the one whom im going to marry?


Is anyone of my loved ones anything to say to me?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    Your loved ones in spirit love you and are guiding you on your life journey. Look out for the signs that they give you.


I’ve just started a relationship with an old friend will it go anywhere?


Hello, am I going to meet the man for me soon?😔. Thank you. Jane.

diana 5681

When will my ex vando lucas 09/10/87 going to come back to me diana silva 25/10/90


Will i see my kids again when will we reunite

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My pendulum says yes, you will reunite and sometime this year.


Hello. I would like to know what is to come for my relationship with my boyfriend and me from now until the end of the year? Stephanie October 11, 2022 and Josue (ho-sway) March 23, 2023 Thanks so much.

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My pendulum says that your relationship is going to improve.


What should I do now

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My guides tell me that if you are in doubt, do nothing yet. The timing will be revealed and answers given.

Main image for Free Mini Reading – September 2018


will my next relationship be with someone i already know?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My pendulum says no, it won't be with someone you know already.


Should I move out now and rent house that i looked at or wait? Thank you

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My pendulum says no. Wait, something better is coming in for you.


Will a child be in my life soon ?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    Unfortunately, company protocol and policies prevent me from answering your question.


Will I get the house that I want and if so how long will I have to wait.

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